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Low voltage lighting systems have been used for decorations of buildings, outdoor lightings, and illumination of steps, etc. Low voltage lighting systems typically include electrical loads that use a lower voltage than the standard house current circuit that provides 120 volts AC. Such low voltage lights commonly require a 12 volt AC input. A low voltage lighting system power box includes a variety of electrical components, e.g., 120 VAC/12 VAC step down transformer, relay, one or more switches, and a photoelectric element, depending on the complexity of the system. The transformer is used to convert power at 120 volts AC to power at 12 volts AC. Low voltage lighting systems are designed to be flexible in the number and positioning of lamp loads with respect to distance along power distribution wires.

Listings on Lighting products : Low voltage lighting

  • AAMSCO Lighting
    Offering a complete line of light bulbs for all world-wide voltages including museum-quality antique reproduction light bulbs, energy efficient fluorescent tubes with kelvin temperatures ranging from 2700K through 6500K degrees kelvin, antique bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, special fluorescent lamps, graphic arts lamps, microscope lamps, optical lamps, diagnostic lamps, surgical lamps, dental lamps, germicidal lamps, and infra-red heat lamps. USA.
  • Justin, Inc.
    Manufacturer of low voltage transformer assemblies and custom power supplies for the landscape, architectural, LED sign, decorative and track lighting markets. Products include general purpose step down transformers, class two transformers and power supplies, low voltage landscape lighting transformers, in-ground transformers, plug-in timers, photocells kits, lamp saver voltage controllers and low voltage dimmers. USA.
  • Mica Lighting Company
    Manufacturer and supplier of fiber optic lighting products for theaters, LED (light emitting diodes) lighting products incorporating fiber optics, custom end-light animated fiber optic displays, side beam solid core fiber optic cable, fiber optic landscape lamps, glass & display case lighting, low voltage lighting products, tape light, starlit panels, and light strands. USA.
  • NiteLites
    Supplies low voltage outdoor landscape lighting products and specializes in both residential and commercial installations. Types of lighting applications include landscape lighting, garden lighting, patio and porch lighting, path lighting, gateway and driveway lighting, lighting for pools and Jacuzzis, pond and waterfall lighting, deck lighting, lighting for statues and other structures, and lighting for improved security and safety. USA.
  • Unique Lighting Systems
    Specializes in outdoor low voltage lighting products, including solid brass fixtures, uplights, down lights, path/area lights, niche lights, in ground lights, in-ground well lights ranging from to F100 to the F250, multi-matic transformers, I-force inverted transformers, aquatic pool and spa transformers, subterranean direct burial transformers, satellite hub, equalizer hub, lens retainer clips, lug nuts, glare shields, switching devices and accessories. USA.

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