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There are many types of lighting fixtures which include recessed fixtures, surface mounted fixtures, track-light fixtures and the like. Lighting fixtures generally can be grouped into two different categories, an indirect lighting fixture and a direct lighting fixture. Direct lighting fixtures are designed to emit light directly at a particular object or area. Indirect lighting fixtures is a fixture that is designed to be placed at an obscure location and emit light at that obscure location. Indirect lighting is widely recognized as the best type of lighting as it provides even illumination without the glare of direct illumination from the light source.  Generally in conjunction with houses and buildings, indirect lighting fixtures may be mounted adjacent a ceiling with light to be emitted at the ceiling. Recessed lighting fixtures are commonly used in commercial, residential, and public access buildings. Typical ceiling mounted recessed lighting fixtures generally include a frame with means for securing the frame to structural supports for a ceiling. The frame of the lighting fixture generally includes holes or brackets through which fasteners are used to position and attach the fixture to the supports. Linear flourescent lighting fixtures are characterized by elongated fixture housings of a characteristic cross-sectional shape, usually fabricated of steel or extruded aluminum. Such fixtures are designed to be suspended from ceilings or wall mounted and to produce ambient lighting within an architectural space in the form of indirect lighting, direct lighting, or a combination of direct and indirect lighting. Wall fixtures may includes sconces adapted for creating various lighting effects, such as indirect or accent lighting, direct lighting, for achieving a degree of softness of a lighting environment, for directing illumination in a vertical and/or horizontal direction, for incorporating a particular type of lamp. Lighting fixtures that are mounted at corners not only are used to emit light but are also to be used to achieve an attractive external appearance. In other words, such lighting fixtures can be used as a decorator type of item for the house or building. Specialized lighting fixtures for such applications as theatrical lighting, museums, galleries, exhibits, etc. frequently involve the use of directed beam spotlight fixtures, typically mounted on a track. Such specialized lighting fixtures employ accessory elements, such as color filters, conditioners, and beam spreading lenses.

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  • 3Brothers Co.
    Manufacturer of indoor and outdoor lighting systems. Products include garden, trees and bollerd light fixture, industrial type fixture, bed head units for hospitals, down light fixture, fluorescent luminaries, decorative lighting, spot light fixture, and electric panels. Egypt.
  • A.L.P. Lighting Components, Inc.
    Manufacturer of unwired fluorescent fixture assemblies including perforated metals, fluorescent lampholders, incandescent lampholders, HID lampholders, pull chain canopy switches, miniature rocker switches, cordsets, emergency fluorescent power packs, adapters, gasketed enclosures, lenses and diffusers, optical lighting systems, high bay kits, wraparound fixtures, wraps and snaps. USA.
  • American Power Products, Inc.
    Design, development, manufacturing and distribution of fluorescent and halogen lighting fixtures and products for the residential, commercial and government lighting markets. Products include electronic compact fluorescent lamps, night/utility light, promotional fluorescent shoplight, electronic fluorescent shoplight, florescent electronic and magnetic ballasts, strip and under cabinet lights, plastic trouble lights, work lights, plastic trouble light, and extension cords. USA.
  • Amerillum Corporation
    Manufacturer of fluorescent lighting fixtures and retrofit conversion kits, including lamp center veil, lamp full uplite, surface mount luminaires, lamp reflector radial system square luminaire, wall mount uplite luminaire, compact fluorescent lamp, trim profile task light, shallow optimum design reflector, crown bat wing reflector, and ballast cover retrofit kits. USA.
  • Bartco Lighting, Inc.
    Manufactures specification grade, standard anodized and powder coat finishes, low profile linear fluorescent, compact fluorescent and incandescent fixtures for architectural and display applications in retail, hospitality, commercial, institutional and residential installations. USA.
  • Brodwax Lighting Corporation
    Manufactures fluorescent lighting fixtures, including large decorative surface mount, small decorative surface mount, linkable under cabinet display / cove lighting, xenon under cabinet display / cove lighting, puck lights, verona sconce, lisa mellina wall sconce, wall fixtures for bath room, open channel strip lights, compact fluorescent "PL" fixtures, decorative vanity wall strip, vaporproof security lighting, fluorescent bulbs, crystal chandeliers, and light box displays. USA.
  • Chimera Lighting
    Designer and manufacturer of products for film, video, and still photography. Products include film and video lightbanks, strobe lightbanks, lanterns, F2 overhead lightbanks, gary bernstein reflector panel, lighting kits, panels and window patterns, quick release speed rings, speed rings, soft fabric egg crate grids, honeycomb grids, barn doors, bobinnette scrims, replacement poles, grip heads and stand adapters. USA.
  • Luxury Lighting Inc.
    Design, fabrication, and distribution of custom and specialty lighting products featuring fiber optic, LED and electroluminescent technologies for improved aesthetics, energy savings, safety improvements and various other purposes. Products include EPF array backlighting panels, downlight, halogen illuminators, T5 thin inline fixtures, stand-alone DMX playback device, linear light guides, LED curtains, transformers, halo-style backlit architectural letters, and fiber optic step fixtures. USA.
  • Tiki Torches
    Manufacturer of corrosion-resistant exterior architectural lighting, landscape lighting, and tiki torches fixtures; including copper and brass walkway lighting (path lights), brass and bronze directional lighting (bullet lights) for both 120 volts and 12 volts, and copper & brass gas tiki torches. USA.

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