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Light guides (light pipes, light conduits or light tubes) are used to transmit light from a light source to a remote location with relatively low transmission losses. Light guides are utilized to expose photocurable materials to high intensity visible light to change the materials from a paste-like putty to a substance having the hardness of ceramic or glass in a few seconds. A light source can be used to illuminate one or more light guides such that light is transmitted through the light guides via total internal reflection. Light guides may provide side lighting, in which light is emitted from the sides of the guides, and end lighting, in which light is emitted from the end of the guides. A light guide typically includes at least one surface adapted to receive light from a light source and an optically smooth surface for reflecting light propagating through the light guide. Light entering the light guide within an acceptable angular range is contained by total internal reflection as it travels along the length of the light guide. Optically transmissive materials, such as glass or polymers may be used as a light guide to propagate light. Light guides are commonly manufactured using optical lighting film (OLF). A typical OLF is made of a relatively thin sheet of transparent material having a linear array of prisms embossed or otherwise formed at one side of the sheet. Light guides can also be used to effectively distribute decorative or functional light over relatively large areas. Functional lighting refers to lighting that is used for the purpose of illuminating an object or area to make the object or area more conspicuous. Decorative lighting refers to lighting that is used for aesthetic purposes. Often, light guides are used for both functional and decorative purposes.

Listings on Lighting products : Light guides

  • Chiu Technical Corporation
    Private label manufacturer of fiberoptic illumination systems including high intensity halogen illuminators, low profile 150W halogen illuminator, modular halogen and computer control illuminator, power supplies, short arc DC systems, ring lights, streamlined eight point adjustable ring lights, and specialty light guides. USA.
  • Fiberoptic Systems, Inc.
    Offers custom and standard fiber optic bundles and patchcords for the medical, semiconductor, military, entertainment, spectroscopy, microscopy, and machine vision markets. Products include single light guides, bifurcated light guides, gooseneck light guides, ringlights, light line converters (spot to line), illuminators, borosilicate optical fiber, fiber optic faceplates, medical handpieces, multi-branch light guides, patch cords, LED/fiber coupling. USA.
  • Fiberoptics Technology, Inc.
    Offers a broad range of fiber optic lighting products for medical, industrial, military, machine vision optics, photoelectric control, and commercial lighting applications. Products include photo electric control cables, fiber optic medical light guides, fiber optic light sources, fiber optic headlamps, fiber optic light lines, fiber optic lght guides, fiber optic goosenecks, fiber optic backlights, fiber optic fiberscopes, fiber optic ring lights, fiber optic tapers, fiber optic optical rod, fiber optic raw fiber, fiber optic light probe kit, fiber optic star ceilings, fiber optic modified products, fiber optic custom products, and fiber optic accessories. USA.
  • Nanoptics, Inc.
    Manufacturer of fluorescent plastic optical fiber for use in aiming devices for archery and other weapon systems. Offers a full range of fiber optic products including image and light guides, fluorescent fibers, POF materials for sensing applications and other types of fused POF elements. Also fabricates wavelength shifting and fused fiberoptic bundles as well as other devices on a custom basis. USA.
  • Rofin Australia Pty Ltd.
    Specializes in the research and development of forensic light source for detecting fingerprints, document fraud, body fluids and other trace evidence, also manufactures a range of liquid and polymer light guides for the transmission of light in a wide variety of industries and applications, including lighting, dentistry, UV curing, signage, endoscopy and solar power. Other products include automatic plastic bottle sorters, and components required for the design, equipment, training and forensic protocols for the construction of forensic laboratories.
  • Ventrex, Inc.
    Specializing in medical device contract manufacturing and assembly, clean room medical injection molding and the design and fabrication of specialty assembly equipment for medical device manufacturers. Offers a line of solvent and ultraviolet curing adhesive dispensers and liquid filled UV light guides used for bonding plastic and metal components together. USA.
  • Volpi USA
    Manufacturer of liquid light guide, holder for liquid light guide, excitation filters, lamp socket, cold light illumination and fiber optic line converters, surveillance systems, quick disconnect imaging optics, backlights, lightlines, ringlights, advanced coaxial illumination systems, coaxial illumination systems, power supplies, focusing lenses, and micro borescope.

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