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A heat lamp is an electric heater consisting of a high-power incandescent lamp that emits infrared radiation. Heat lamps have a wide range of applications. Heat lamps are used on farms to keep young poultry or young pigs warm. Lights used for poultry are often called brooding lamps. Heat lamp assemblies arecombined with forced air systems for drying coated and printed materials. Infrared quartz tube heat lamps are evry efficient for drying the inks and coatings commonly used for printing, particularly high-quality, glossy printing work which involves relatively large amounts of ink and coatings and is done on paper which is generally not as absorbent as, for example, newsprint. Typical quartz tube heat lamp assemblies include reflectors which partially surround the quartz tubes and tube housings which include the electrical connections. In processing of integrated circuit devices, a long arc gas-discharge lamp is used for rapidly heating a semiconductor wafer. A heating lamp assembly for use with semiconductor reactors has a reflector assembly constructed of tubes joined together by heat conductive spacers to provide for water cooling of the reflector assembly.

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  • Research, Inc.
    Design, development and manufacture of electric infrared heating components and integrated heating systems. Products include high intensity quartz halogen lamps, customizable area heater, water cooled infrared heater, water cooler kit, radiant infrared heater, infrared dryers, conduction dryers, custom drying and curing solutions. USA.
  • Shenying Electrical & Lighting Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of far infrared halogen heating lamp, frosted infrared halogen heating lamp, carbon fiber heating lamps, electronic transformer, linear halogen lamp, reflector lamp, gold coated heating tube, lacquer coated heating tube, photocopy lamp, and halogen tungsten lamp. China.
  • Solar Products Inc.
    Supplier of custom medium-wave infrared electric panel heaters to OEM manufacturers worldwide. Manufactures quartz tubes, furnaces, infrared/convection combination heaters, insertion heaters, and several other infrared heating products for OEM applications. The company also produces specialty quartz products such as quartz plates. USA.
  • Yaming Lighting Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of infrared & waterproof light lamps, GLS lamps, tubular fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, pulse start metal halide lamps, double ended metal halide lamps, inner igniter high pressure sodium lamps, high pressure mercury lamps, fluorescent batten fixtures and fluorescent louver fixtures for T8 and T5, outdoor fixtures, ballast for HID lamps, transformer, and inverters. China.

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