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A high intensity discharge (HID) lamp is a lighting source energized by an electric current to create a metallic vapor and the current through the lamp causes high intensity illumination. High intensity discharge lamps require the application of a starting voltage or ignition voltage that is substantially higher than the operating voltage of the lamp. HID lamps generally include a discharge device comprising a discharge vessel containing a pair of internal spaced discharge electrodes, and a small quantity of vaporizable and ionizable material referred to as the fill material. Typically, the fill material is a sodium mercury amalgam, and it may also contain other materials such as metal halides. In operation, some of the fill material is vaporized and the voltage applied across the discharge electrodes maintain an electrical discharge through the vaporized material, which is partially ionized. The high temperature vaporized and partially ionized material emits visible light. HID lamps are also referred to as high luminance discharge lamps or high-pressure discharge lamps and since they are not only excellent in light emission efficiency relative to consumption power but also generate less amount of heat for an identical amount of light and have higher safety compared with halogen lamps. In recent years, HID lamps, and in particular, metal halide arc lamps, have been replacing halogen lamps as high-output point light sources in various applications. High intensity discharge lamps are typically used in applications where the lamp is spaced a substantial distance from the surface to be lighted, such as, a sports arena, a traffic highway interchange, a warehouse, shopping malls, atriums, or other similar applications. This type of lamp is also finding application in stage and television lighting, liquid-crystal video projector light sources, sports lighting for HDTV broadcasting, lighting in museums and art galleries by utilizing its excellent high efficacy and excellent color rendering properties.

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  • ABS Lighting
    Manufactures a complete line of controlled beam floodlights, specification grade fixtures, underpass, sign and roadway fixtures, indoor indirect lighting, HID luminaires, modified or custom designed fixtures to fulfill the requirements of unique installations. USA.
  • Amglo Kemlite Laboratories
    Manufactures and markets lamps and related lamp components to customers with special requirements, products include xenon lamps, arc lamps, halogen lamps, high intensity discharge lamps, aircraft lamps, airport lamps, magnetics/trigger transformers, machine vision, and power suppliy assemblies. USA.
  • Brightstar Technology Co., Ltd.
    Develops and manufactures high intensity discharge ligting products, including 35W HID car roof-top spotlight, 24W HID bulb & ballast, 10W HID helmet light, HID bike light, 21W/24W HID dive light (darkbuster), 21W/24W HID flashlight (dipper), 35w xenon HID conversion kit, multi-function bike light / lamp, emergency car roof-top search light, and lithium-ion battery for HID. China.
  • Haiyan Bingsheng Bulb Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures decorative bulbs, lighting bulbs, art bulbs, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, energy saving lamps, spherical bulbs, candle bulbs, indicator bulbs, black bulbs, whorl bulbs, skull bulbs, tailed bulbs, night bulbs, tubular bulbs, flicker flame bulbs, flashboard bulbs, rainbow bulbs, hand-painted art bulbs, reflector lamp, FIMO bulbs, pineapple bulbs, out-painted solicon-glue bulb, oliver bulb, high pressure sodium / mercury HID lamps. China.
  • Kingway Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Specializes in manufacturing bulbs and lamps. Main products include fluorescent lamps, wall lamps, desk lamps, ballasts & transformers, bladder accumulators, energy saving lamps, HID bulbs and lamps (high pressure sodium, low pressure sodium, metal halide, mercury vapor), floor lamps and flood lights. China.
  • Shenzhen Autic Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of HID xenon coversion kit, car HID lamps, car roof light, spot lights, LED under car kit, LED fog lamp, shining wire, car alarm system, color crystal lamp, halogen bulb with xenon gas, sturdy muffler, automotive LED light bulb, reflector warning triangles, and safety waistcoat. China.

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