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A fluorescent lamp uses fluorescence, which is obtained by exciting a fluorescent substance layer formed on an inner wall of a glass tube with an ultraviolet ray, as a light source. A fluorescent lamp is broadly divided into a hot-cathode type and a cold-cathode type by constituent of the electrodes. In the cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL), the electrodes consist of materials that radiate many electrons due to high voltages applied. In a typical cold-cathode fluorescent lamp, a phosphor particle film is formed on an inner surface of a translucent glass bulb having electrodes arranged at both end portions thereof. In this glass bulb, a mixture of an ionizing gas including mercury and one or two or more kinds of rare gas/gasses are filled. Cold cathode fluorescent lamp has the advantages over the hot cathode fluorescent lamp especially in its much smaller diameter tube, its longer life, and its lower power consumption. Conventional fluorescent lamps require heated electrodes at both ends of the lamp for operation, necessitating a pair of terminals at each end so that a current can heat the filaments constituting the lamp electrodes. Standard fluorescent tubes which are used in the lighting of commercial or domestic premises consist of a tubular bulb where the fluorescent material coating is applied substantially over the entire length of the tubular bulb. The fluorescent material chosen normally emits a white or off white color so that such a tube can efficiently illuminate a room. Fluorescent lamps comprise a tubular bulb with a fluorescent material coated on the interior surface. The bulb typically contains an inert gas such as Neon, Argon, Krypton or Xenon and electrodes. When the electrodes are energized, a flow of electric current passes through the inert gas. Fluorescent lamps typically include a glass envelope that is coated with a layer of phosphors to convert the ultraviolet radiation (UV) generated within the lamp into visible light. The light output of fluorescent lamps is critically dependent upon mercury vapor pressure (vapor density) within the lamp envelope. The mercury vapor pressure is controlled by the temperature of excess liquid mercury which condenses in the coldest part of the lamp envelope, the so-called "cold spot". Standard T8 lamps utilizing only argon as the inert fill gas have a low lumen efficacy, expressed as lumens per watt of positive column power. These same low-wattage T8 lamps yield reduced positive column power through addition of krypton to the fill gas. The addition of krypton reduces energy consumption in fluorescent lamps because krypton, having a higher atomic weight than argon, results in a lower wattage gradient in the positive column with lower heat conduction losses per unit length of discharge in the lamp.

Listings on Lighting products : Fluorescent lamps

  • Aristo Grid Lamp Products
    Designer and manufacturer of fluorescent, neon, cold and hot cathode lamps in 7mm to 15mm diameter tubing. Spectral responses range from 350nm to 720nm. Products include transluminators, microscope ring lights, cold light heads, aircraft navigation, frontal and substage illuminators, and custom lighting products. USA.
  • Baodi Electric Appliances Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of high power energy-saving lamp, lotus flower energy-saving lamp, spiral energy-saving lamp, insert tube energy-saving lamp, fluorescent bulb, lighting box ballast, transformer, and T5 fluorescent energy-saving lamp. China.
  • Bioizer Technologies, Inc.
    Manufactures compact fluorescent lights and lighting products using photocatalytic oxidation, a technology used to create industrial and residential light fixtures and lenses, self ballasted lamps, and bulbs that offer increased energy efficiency and brighter, whiter light combined with TiO photocatalytic oxidation for the elimination of airborne contaminants on contact. USA.
  • EncapSulite International Inc.
    Development and production of waterproof fluorescent fixtures, safety coated fluorescent lamps, safety coated promolux lamps, safety coated incandescents HID and HPS lamps, UV blocking safety products, low temperature fluorescent jacketed lamps, semiconductor UV clear and gold lLighting, graphic arts and darkroom safelights, X-ray medical safe lights, clear and UV blocking safety tubeguards, colored stick lights and designer lighting products. USA.
  • Jright Illuminating Source Co., Ltd.
    Specializing in manufacturing and operation of lighting sources. Custom products include CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp), EEFL (external electrode fluorescent lamp), CCFL PC kits, T2 lamp, T5 lamp, neon light as well as suitable Inverters. Lamps can be in different colors. Diameter 1.8-6.0 CCFL can be made in specially required length and shape. Diameter 2.6-8.0 EEFL can be offered in different length. China.
  • LCD Lighting, Inc.
    Manufacturer of specialty fluorescent lamps, offers T-2, T-3, T-4, T-5, T-6, T-7, T-8, T-9, T-10 and T-12 lamps, in any length, or shape from straight to U, L, circular, and serpentine. Cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL), hot cathode fluorescent lamps (HCFL), a complete backlight assembly, standard or custom connectors, wiring harnesses and other accessories are also available. USA.
  • Light Craft Manufacturing, Inc.
    Offers a complete selection of standard fixtures and mounting brackets for virtually any display design, including 300 watt halogen and 20 watt low voltage fixtures, as well as incandescent, fluorescent, back-light/header fixtures, recessed lighting, track lighting, and low voltage mini-track lighting system. USA.
  • Light Sources, Inc.
    Specializes in the design and manufacture of low pressure quartz germicidal lamps, ozone generation, specialty fluorescent and unique application gas-discharge lamps. Products include ultraviolet lamps, specialty illumination lamps, hot cathode lamps, cold cathode lamps, reflector lamps, aperture lamps, and lamps made of specially blended colors. Offers lamps in diameters of 2mm though 38mm in straight or bent configurations in lengths from a four inch 2mm diameter lamp to a eight foot long T-12. USA.
  • Neworld Electronics Corp.
    Manufacturer of fluorescent light fixture, magnetic ballast, ultraviolet germ-killing fluorescent tubes, energy saving lamp, T shape high pressure sodium lamp, halogen lamp, high efficient fluorescent tube, round incandescent bulb, general color bulbs, electronic ballast, wall switches and sockets, battery for mobile phone, and emergency lighting. China.
  • OSRAM GmbH
    Manufacturer of incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, high Intensity discharge (HID) lamps, fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps/energy saving lamps, induction lamps, infra-red lamps, UV lamps, lamps for torches, indication/signal lamps, road traffic signal lamps, rail traffic signal lamps, LED modules, headlamps, lamps for auxiliary lights, lamps for two-wheeled vehicles, mobile lights, metal halide lamps, VIP lamps for video projection, XBO xenon short arc lamps, HBO mercury short arc lamps, HXP mercury short arc lamps, current controlled halogen lamps, low voltage halogen lamps, mains voltage/high voltage halogen lamps, lighting system components, luminaires, and torches (flashlights). Germany.
  • Shat-R-Shield, Inc.
    Offers a variety of plastic-coated shatterproof fluorescent lamps, Teflon coated shatterproof incandescent lamps, shatter-resistant globes, shatter-resistant HID lamps, shatterproof compact fluorescent lamps and tube guards. Fluorescent lamp types include standard, high output, very high output, U-shaped, reduced mercury, black light and gold lamps. USA.
  • Shining Electronic Lighting Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of T4 under cabinet light, electronic ballast, energy saving lamps, global tube energy saving lamp, T5 cabinet lights, fluorescent fixture, T8 fluorescent wall lights, waterproof fluorescent fitting, aluminum cover transformer, plastic cover transformer, low-voltage halogen downlight JC kits, halogen low-voltage downlights, high bay fitting, recessed H.I.D. downlight, cold cathode fluorescent lamp, and mini track light. China.
  • Xinyuan Appliance Illumination Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of energy saving lamps, T12 straight fluorescent lamps, T9 straight fluorescent lamps, T6 straight fluorescent lamps, circular fluorescent lamps, bacteria-killing tubes, black light blue tubes, colorful fluorescent lamps, semi-spiral energy saving lamps, grille lamp, emergency sign lamp, insect-killing lamp, fluorescent tube fixtures, solarium fluorescent lamps, and reptile growth lamp. China.

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