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Emergency lighting equipment is mandated by building codes everywhere for commercial and other types of buildings. Emergency lighting equipment is a type of appliance that continues to provide illumination during failures of normal power (commercial mains electricity) distribution with the purpose of maintaining minimal visibility in homes, work places, and shelter passageways to thereby enable a short period of time to conclude work or facilitate evacuation guidance. Emergency lighting is installed in public buildings and other public premises to secure at least minimum lighting in the case of a disturbance or a power failure in the supply network. Emergency lighting is used to illuminate specific premises according to regulations to allow safe exit from the premises. Emergency lighting units employ lamps which are oriented to illuminate passages to exits and are powered by direct current obtained either from internal batteries or from a decent conduit connected to a central battery bank. During normal operation, power is provided from power mains to operate the lamp and to charge a backup power source (e.g., a battery). When power from the mains is interrupted, the backup power source provides power to the lamp for a limited time. Such evacuation guidance devices include exit indicator lights over safety doors and various hallway direction signs, their installation allowing identification of evacuation passageways and safety door locations in the dark. The most common type of emergency lighting is the exit sign. Exit signs are typically placed above doorways or in egress paths to indicate in a time of emergency the most efficient manner of exiting a building. Another common form of emergency lighting is generally referred to as an emergency lighting unit and typically operates two spaced lamps which are often referred to as frog eyes. Emergency lighting units operate only in the event of emergency and are intended to supply an acceptable degree of ambient illumination under emergency conditions.

Listings on Lighting products : Emergency lighting

  • Carpenter Emergency Lighting
    Manufactures LED exit signs, vandal proof emergency signs, fluorescent exit signs, self-luminous exit signs, LED retrofits, explosion proof signs, portable lighting signs, emergency lighting, incandescent exit signs, fluorescent replacement bulbs, emergency ballasts, surge smasher, industry grade outlet strips, slim line outlet strips, special application outlet strips. USA.
  • Clevertronics Pty Ltd.
    Manufacturer and distributor specialising in exit and emergency lighting products, commercial fluorescent lighting, emergency luminaires, explosion protected lighting, integral emergency lift car battens, replacement batteries and circuit boards, monitoring systems for exit and emergency lighting and lighting control systems. Australia.
  • Code 3, Inc.
    Manufactures a wide variety of emergency warning lighting, sound-based warning systems, lightbars, warning beacons, police sirens, emergency vehicle safety accessories and controls, the latest in LED lighting as well as a variety of other specialty emergency lighting products designed and manufactured to meet the demands of police, fire, EMS, wrecker and any other emergency response vehicle. USA.
  • Federal Signal Corporation
    Manufacturer of safety, signaling and communications equipment, fire rescue products, street sweeping and vacuum loader vehicles, refuse truck bodies, high-performance water blasting equipment, parking control equipment, carbide and super-hard tipped cutting tools, precision metal stamping punches, strobe, halogen, and LED lightbars, flashers, switch controls, and high visibility beacons, as well as audible warning devices such as sirens, speakers, back-up alarms, and components for plastic injection molds. USA.
  • IOTA Engineering
    Developer and manufacturer of fluorescent emergency lighting, AC/DC power conversion products, DC inverter ballasts, fluorescent emergency battery packs for linear, compact, T5 and specialty applications, DLS power converters/chargers, ITS transfer switches, IDP distribution panels, ILC load centers, DC inverter ballasts for high and low wattage fluorescent applications, and heavy duty solid state voltage regulators. USA.
  • Lithonia Lighting
    Manufacturer of lighting equipment for commercial, industrial, outdoor and residential applications. Products include energy-efficient decorative lighting, compact fluorescent, HID, incandescent and low voltage downlighting, commercial track and display lighting, exit signs, emergency lighting units and power systems, H.I.D. products, control systems for architectural dimming and lighting energy management, reloc wiring systems, and fluorescent lights. USA.
  • Mule Lighting
    Manufacturer of reliable emergency and innovative LED lighting products, including emergency and exit, compact fluorescent, commercial and industrial lighting, battery products, and an array of solid state LED lamps for a wide range of applications, from exit fixtures and emergency lighting units to decorative, accent and general purpose lighting. USA.
  • Oxley Inc.
    Manufactures EMI/RFI suppression components, EMI filter arrays and connectors, tubular capacitors, mica capacitors, LED display products, fibre optics components, pins, connectors, plugs and sockets, electronic data tagging systems, batch data capture and mobile computing systems, radiofrequency identification tagging systems, electrochemical sensors and instruments, integration of night vision compatible cockpit lighting systems, night vision compatible components, NVG friendly external lighting systems, night vision compatible vehicle lighting systems, and emergency egress lighting.
  • SIMKAR Corporation
    Manufacturer of linear and compact fluorescent, exit and emergency ballasts, remote heads, fixed optics emergency light, heavy duty emergency ligt, decorative lights, dock lights, HID and vandal resistant lighting fixtures for commercial, industrial and residential applications. USA.
  • The Bodine Company
    Designs and manufactures emergency and specialty lighting solutions for a variety of applications including fluorescent, HID metal halide, LED and generator-supplied lighting, products designed to operate most single or bi-pin tubular lamps, as well as 2-pin or 4-pin compact fluorescent lamps, including U-shaped, HO, VHO, circline, energy-saving, twin-tube, double twin-tube (quad), triple twin-tube, long compact and 2D lamps. USA.

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