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Ballasts are typically used to limit the current through or stabilize the operating of various light fixtures, such as high intensity discharge (HID) lamps. In electronic ballasts, protection circuits are implemented in order to protect the lamp from damage due to excessive voltage, current, and heat. When a fault condition occurs, the electronic ballast is shut down or shifted to a different mode of operation. Ballast circuits also control operation of a lamp using a preheating mode and an operating mode. Ballasts have been used for many years as part of lighting systems employing gas discharge lamps, and in particular fluorescent lamps. Gas discharge lamps such as fluorescent lamps require ballast in order to properly start and maintain lamp ignition to produce adequate light from the lamp. Fluorescent lamps pose a load control problem to the power supply lines that provide lamp power because the lamp load is non-linear. Current through the lamp is zero until an applied voltage reaches a starting value, at which point the lamp begins to conduct. As the lamp begins to conduct, the ballast ensures that the current drawn by the lamp does not increase rapidly, thereby preventing damage and other operational problems. Ballasts for gas discharge lamps provide high ignition voltages for starting the lamps. The ignition voltages supplied by preheat type ballasts are typically on the order of several hundred volts, while those provided by instant-start type ballasts may exceed 1000 volts. Lamps have specific ballasting requirements, such as operating current at the nominal lamp voltage and maximum starting current, which affect the ballast design. Ballast may be of electromagnetic, electronic or solid state types. In generally, an electronic ballast for a discharge lamp comprises a half-bridge inverter, a current transformer, and a load circuit including a discharge lamp.

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  • AC Electronics
    Designing and manufacturingelectronic ballasts including T4 compact fluorescent ballast (extreme temperature), T5 PL-L extreme temperature ballast, T8 freezer extreme temperature ballast, T4 compact fluorescent ballast (regular temperature), T5 PL-L regular temperature ballast, T8 regular temperature ballast, 2D electronic ballast, HID metal halide ballast, and circleline lamp ballast. USA.
  • Advance Transformer Ballast
    Manufacturer of ballasts and drivers for fluorescent, HID, and LED lamps, including High frequency electronic fluorescent ballasts, magnetic fluorescent ballasts, electronic HID ballasts, magnetic HID ballasts (for mercury, metal halide, and high and low pressure sodium lamps), and LED drivers for transportation, traffic, signage and general illumination. USA.
  • BAST Lighting Company Ltd.
    Specializes in designing, manufacturing and supplying electronic ballasts, electronic transformers and inverters, weatherproof battens, fluorescent luminaires, CFL surface downlights, intelligent emergency lighting, emergency lighting sets, fluorescent tubes and fittings, exit signs for T5, T8 and other applications. Hong Kong, China.
  • DJL Electric Devices (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
    Produces electronic ballast, HID magnetic ballast at four taps of different voltages for metal halide, high pressure sodium and mercury vapor lamps and indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures for uses in the lighting fixture manufacturing business, showroom business, contractors and builders, parking lot and street lighting business, home center business and all kinds of fluorescent and halogen lamp application. China.
  • eUrasia Power
    Manufactures open-frame power supplies, medical power supplies, plastic desktop adapter power supplies, wall-mount power supplies, U-channel power supplies, fully enclosed power supplies, electronic ballasts, DIN-Rail power supplies, 1U and ATX power supplies, industrial PC power supplies, DC input power supplies, hot-swap N+1 RAID power supplies, modular rack-mount power supplies, telecom power supplies and rectifier power supplies. USA.
  • Foshan Gedi Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Specializes in manufacturing and selling the electronic transformer, electronic ballast of metal halide lamp and electronic ballast for T5, T8, and PLC lamps. China.
  • Han Young Electric Co., Ltd.
    Produces power-saving compact lamps, general lighting lamps including discharge lamps, lighting apparatuses, ballasts, and special lamps used in scientific research, medical science, and cosmetic fields from transformers for operating various kinds of home appliances. Korea.
  • Howard Industries, Inc.
    Producer of electronic and magnetic fluorescent ballasts and HID ballasts, other products include distribution and power products for utilities and commercial/industrial customers, computer and network solutions for business and personal use, medical technology products for hospitals and clinics. USA.
  • Huafeng Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures T5 fluorescent lamp inductive ballast, fluorescent lamp inductive ballast, B2 inductive ballast, fluorescent eletronic ballast, HID inductance ballasts, EI transformer, high frequency transformer, ringed transformer, electrical appliance box, exchange-power electronic controller, and T6 electronic ballasts. China.
  • Huilong Lighting Electrical Appliance
    Manufacturer of electronic fixture, reflecting column light, quarts spot light, waterproof spot light, neon light, energy-saving light, electronic ballast, horizontal inserted lamps, fog-proof lamps, punching ceiling lamps, electronic transformers, outer-embedded column light. China.
  • IceCap Inc.
    Manufactures ballasts (for all VHO, HO, CFL and standard fluorescent lamps), metal halide / high pressure sodium lamp ballasts, canopy fan, waterproof endcap, endcap standoffs, metal halide lamp, single lamp reflector, LED flat moonlight, LED flex moonlight, 70 & 150 watt metal halide pendant, metal halide PAR lamp, and LED mogul mount. USA.
  • IEPC Corp.
    Develops and manufactures microprocessor-controlled, intelligent ballast system for industrial, private label, and commercial lighting applications; intelligent high intensity discharge ballast for metal halide (MH), high pressure sodium (HPS), pulse start (PS), and mercury vapor (MV) lamps; indoor/outdoor high intensity discharge ballast suitable for 400W-430W metal halide (MH), high pressure sodium (HPS), and mercury vapor (Hg vapor), bulbs. USA.
  • Intellicon Electronics
    Designing and manufacturing UV-C and fluorescent light ballast and lighting controls (both DALI and non-dali), lumatronics fluorescent lighting ballasts, networking of motors, ballasts, and machines via serial interfaces (RS-485, RS-232C, and USB), Ethernet (all speeds), and RFID, GSM/GPRS, Cypress wireless USB and DSSS. USA.
  • Interballast Inc.
    Designs, manufactures and distributes a full line of electronic ballasts for the transit industry. Products include DC ballasts for transit vehicles, DC ballasts for transit passenger information systems, DC ballasts for UV germicidal lamps, and AC flashing ballasts for fluorescent illuminated signs. Canada.
  • PowerSelect Inc.
    Manufacturer of electronic ballasts and transformers for the lighting industry. Products include electronic metal halide ballasts, electronic low voltage halogen transformers, and electronic compact fluorescent ballasts. USA.
  • Robertson Worldwide
    Manufactures a broad line of electronic and magnetic ballasts for applications including aquariums, water and air purification, vending, gaming, medical equipment and appliances. Products include linear fluorescent ballasts, compact fluorescent ballasts, circular ballasts, UV/germicidal ballasts, dimming ballasts, high intensity discharge ballasts, and voltage transformers. USA.
  • Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc.
    Manufactures both electronic and magnetic ballasts for fluorescent and HID lighting as well as a full offering of dimming ballasts and controls for all lighting applications. Products include electronic fluorescent ballasts, compact fluorescent ballasts, HID ballasts, fluorescent dimming ballasts and controls, magnetic fluorescent ballasts, and sign ballasts. USA.

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