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A vacuum tube is an electron tube that controls the flow of electrons in a vacuum. It is generally used to amplify a signal by controlling the movement of electrons in an evacuated space. The electronic era began with the invention of the vacuum tube which were everywhere to be found in the early generations of electronic devices, such as radios, televisions, magnetron, klystron, photomultiplier, x-ray tube and cathode ray tube. Vacuum tube technology was essentially replaced with the invention of the transistor and the subsequent development of low-cost batch fabrication techniques for solid state integrated circuits. However, vacuum tubes have been still used as audio components due to their superior audio characteristics over transistor electronics. Various amplifiers utilizing a vacuum tube are proposed for applications of electric and electronics music instruments, audio instruments, etc.

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  • Burle Industries, Inc.
    Manufacturer and supplier of specialized electron tubes and electro-optic products, including electron multiplier detectors, microchannel plates, electron generator arrays, time-of-flight detectors, high voltage power supplies, photomultipliers, ion guides/ drift tubes, image tubes, photomultiplier tubes, motion- sensing light control switches, and closed circuit video systems. USA.
  • ebeam, Inc.
    Provides consulting services, design, prototyping and testing on a broad range of vacuum electron devices including klystrons, traveling wave tubes, cathode ray tubes, streak tubes and X-ray tubes. Also specializes in thermionic cathodes, electron gun design, microwave windows and phosphor screening. USA.
  • JJ Electronic
    Manufactures preamplifying vacuum tubes, power tubes, rectifying tubes, electrolytic capacitors rated at 385 and 500 volts, radial snap-in capacitors at nominal voltages 400V and 450V, electrolytic axial capacitors rated at 500 Volts, capacitors for parallel power factor correction in fluorescent light fittings, capacitors for starting and running of AC asynchronous motors with auxiliary phase or three-phase motors operating on a single phase, high-end stereo single- ended pure class A, power amplifier, integrated stereo tube preamplifier with phono stage for MM&MC high output cartridges, Integrated tube stereo amplifier, and all tube stereo preamplifier. Slovak.
  • Superior X-ray Tube Company
    Manufactures a wide variety of x-ray tubes ranging from 50 microns to 2.8 mm focal spots, and kV ranges from 10kV to 130 kV with a standard tungsten target material. Applications include medical, dental, thickness gauging, food inspection, bone densitometry, non-destructive testing (NDT), and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy. USA.
  • Thales Electron Devices SA
    Manufacturer of electron tubes and devices for professional applications. Products include CCD cameras, surface radars crossed field amplifiers, diacrode, gyrotrons, klystrons, LDMOS ampsium, magnetrons, switching devices, tetrodes, thyratrons, telecoms earth stations, defense airborne radars, TWTs amplifiers, triggered spark gaps, triodes, X-ray digital detectors, X-ray image intensifiers, X-ray imaging units, and X-ray linear detectors. France.

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