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Transistors are tiny electrical devices which can be used for amplification, switching, signal modulation, voltage stabilization and many other functions. Integrated circuit technology relies on transistors to formulate functional circuits. Transistors use an electric current or field voltage to amplify another electric current or field voltage, creating electronic pulses that can represent the ones and zeros of binary computing. Transistors are roughly classified into two types: a bipolar transistor that operates with actions of carriers of both an electron and a hole; and a unipolar transistor that operates with an action of a carrier of either an electron or a hole. A semiconductor transistor generally comprises a channel region and first and second source/drain (S/D) regions formed in a semiconductor layer. A typical transistor device comprises a transistor gate over El semiconductor substrate. The transistor gate comprises a conductive material, such as, for example, conductively doped polysilicon, and can further comprise metal silicide and/or metal over the conductively doped silicon. There are numerous applications for transistor devices in semiconductor constructions. For instance, transistor devices can be incorporated into logic, memory, processor and other integrated circuit devices. Thin film transistors (TFTs) are generally used as pixel drive elements. A TFT has an active layer comprised of a thin semiconductor film formed on an insulator substrate. Optical transistor technology could be utilized for optic fiber communication, optical switching and routing, and wavelength conversion.

Listings on Electronic components : Transistors

  • Advanced Power Technology, Inc.
    Designs, manufactures, and markets worldwide, high power, high voltage, high performance power semiconductors for both switching and RF applications. Product offering includes MOSFETs, IGBTs, diodes, and power modules for switching applications and bipolar, VDMOS, and LDMOS transistors for RF applications. USA.
  • Crystalonics
    Manufacturer of a broad line of small signal transistors, JFETs (junction field effect transistors), dual and quad transistors, power transistors, current regulator diodes, dual emitter chopper (3N) transistors, power transistors, surface mount transistors, current regulator diodes, varactor diodes, varactor diodes (tuning and hyper-abrupt), and thick and thin film hybrids in traditional and surface mount packaging for Industrial, military, and space applications. USA.
  • Integra Technologies, Inc.
    Manufactures VDMOS silicon MOSFET power transistors, UHF silicon bipolar and MOSFET high power transistors, silicon bipolar and MOSFET power transistors for avionics applications, L-band silicon bipolar transistors, S-band silicon bipolar power transistors, UHF, L and S-band silicon bipolar pallets, power levels and pulse formats, RF and microwave amplifier devices. USA.
  • M-Pulse Microwave Inc.
    Manufacturer of RF and microwave semiconductor products including silicon bipolar MMIC cascadable amplifiers, silicon bipolar high fT, high gain transistors, silicon germanium high fT, low noise transistors, schottky diodes, schottky zero bias diodes, tunnel diodes, step recovery diodes, sampling phase detectors, MIS capacitors, and surface mount devices. USA.
  • Orfid Corporation
    Develops the vertical organic field effect transistor, a potentially disruptive technology that can provide one thousand times the current of competing organic transistors at significantly lower operating voltages, to replace the conventional silicon semiconductor transistor technology currently used to manufacture products such as flat panel displays and radio frequency identification tags (RFIDs). USA.
  • Semicoa
    Specializes in the design and manufacture of silicon photodiodes and small signal and power transistors for high-reliability, military/aerospace and industrial commercial markets. Products include silicon photodiodes and photodetectors, back-illuminated photodiode arrays specifically designed for x-ray detection systems, QPL small signal and power transistors, transistor lead finishes, PNP transistors, and transistor chips. USA.
  • Shenzhen Yongerjia Industry Co., Ltd.
    Produces bi-polar transistor, field effect transistor, digital transistor, SMD transistors, voltage regulators, SCR transistors, switching transistors for energy saving lamps and ballast, automotive rectifiers, bridge rectifiers, ceramic resonators, crystal oscillators, DIP plastic-sealed diodes, switching diodes, small signal schottky diodes, fast recovery rectifiers, transient voltage suppressor, and light emitting diodes products. China.
  • Transysel Ectronics
    Manufactures mosfets, low current SCR, metal packaged SCR, disk SCR, module SCR, general purpose transistor, darlington transistor, switching transistor, high power transistor, power transistor, zeners diodes, switching diodes, diode modules, high power diode, standard recovery rectifier, fast recovery rectifier, wafer & plastic schottky, metal schottky, and module schottky. USA.
  • Yangzhou Positioning Tech. Co., Ltd.
    Manufaturer of disc thyristors, disc diodes, stud thyristors and diodes modules, low-frequency and power transistor chip, disc ceramic housing package, stud ceramic package, molybdenum products, stud glass to metal package, bulbs, energy-saving lamps, electronic ballasts, polyester / polypropylene capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, formed foil for capacitor. China.

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