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  • AM Transformers
    Manufacturer and distributor of ac/dc adapters, ac/ac adaptors, dc/dc converters, chassis mounting transformers, PCB transformers, inductors and chokes, high power transformers, custom designed transformers, toroidal transformers, communication and modem transformers, audio transformers, single and three phase transformers, encapsulated transformers. UK.
  • Atech Technology Co., Ltd.
    Specializes in the designing and manufacturimg of communication transformers including xDSL transformers, analog modem transformers, lan/hub/routers transformer, telecom transformers, cable and RF transformers, ISDN transformers, and VDSL module. Other products include splitter and filter, battery chargers, power plugs, and GPS receivers. Taiwan, China.
  • Coilcraft, Inc.
    Manufacturer and supplier of xDSL interface transformers, ADSL transformers, CO driver transformers, power over Ethernet transformers, inductors for low pass filters, broadband conical inductors, wideband RF transformers, common mode chokes for tip and ring, backlight power inductors, miniature SMD Transformers, base/gate driver transformers, power factor controller magnetics, flyback transformers, and current sensors. USA.
  • Dongan Electric Manufacturing Company
    Manufactures signaling transformers (designed to operate a wide variety of low voltage devices including complete signaling systems, AC horns and bells, and low voltage relays and controls), motor drive isolation transformers, K-factor transformers, buck boost transformers, dry type three phase transformers, dry type single phase transformers, transformer lighting disconnects, industrial control transformers, and ignition transformers. USA.
  • Dynage
    Manufacturer of battery chargers, high voltage power supplies & transformers, power electronics units for renewable energy systems, dc power supplies, wall plug-in and desktop adapters, low power transformers, telecom transformers, ADSL transformers, LAN transformers, flame scanner products, industrial and process control products. USA.
  • Edwards Signaling & Security Systems
    Supplier of signaling transformers, hazardous location visual signals, flashing beacons, explosionproof strobes, audible signals, electronic signals, fire alarm panels, initiating devices, notification appliances, stand alone detectors, message centers and lamp annunciators, clocks and timers, hospital signals, outdoor warning systems, public address and intercom, telephone signals, contact devices and accessories. USA.
  • HALO Electronics, Inc.
    Manufactures communication magnetics including signal transformers, filters, CMR chokes and low power DC/DC converters. Offers a complete line of local area networking (LAN) products including Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Token Ring, ATM and Fiber Channel over copper. Also offers a broad range of WAN products for T1/E1/PRI ISDN, T3/E3/DS3, DSL, as well as 56 and 64Kbps for DDS, DSU and OCU applications. USA.
  • Top Magnetics Corporation
    Manufacturer of surface mount inductor, high current power inductor, surface mount power inductor, RF and signal chip inductor, through hole inductor, torodial inductor, radial power inductor, EMI suppression chip bead, high current chip bead, SMPS transformer, gate drive transformer, common mode choke, current sense transformer, electronic ballast magnetics, CCFL inverter transformer, EL driver transformer, EL backlighting inductor, modem transformer, printed circuit mount transformer, and chassis mount transformer. USA.
  • Wabash Transformer Inc.
    Offers a full range of custom and standard power transformer products, including class 2 Transformers, VDE, CSA, CE, UL 506 approved transformer, PCB transformers, power transformers, toroid transformers, auto transformers, multipurpose, standard and custom transformers. USA.

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