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Power transformers are widely used for voltage conversion. Power transformers provide rated voltage and current to electric and electronic devices while isolating those devices from the AC current mains. Power transformers convert an alternating current power supply of the type available in homes, offices, hotels, and the like via an ordinary wall outlet to a direct current power supply compatible with electronic devices, such as telephones, answering machines, computers, and radios. Power transformers process far greater influxes of electric current and voltages than distribution type transformers. Power transformers are normally designed to conform to unique substation requirements. To provide the regulated power supply, the transformer includes a power converting circuit within the housing having a male connector positioned thereon. The male connector is for a connection to a female connector of a main power supply wall outlet.

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  • Acutran
    Manufacturer of dry-type transformers and reactors, including transformers to 1500 KVA, high-voltage transformers to 25 KV, zig-zag grounding transformers, single-phase grounding transformers and systems, plate transformers and reactors, filament transformers, K-rated and rectifier-duty transformers, constant-voltage transformers, motor-starting autotransformers and reactors, inductors and chokes, military standard transformers, and transformer rewinds. USA.
  • DeltaStar, Inc.
    Manufacturer of medium-power transformers, mobile transformers and mobile substations, the industrial transformers are used for secondary load centers, unit substations, distribution services, power substations, and hazardous locations, mobile transformers can be used for a number of different purposes, which include serving as temporary substations during emergencies or as a safeguard against power outages resulting from malfunctioning transformers. USA.
  • Grand Transformers Incorporated
    Designes and manufactures custom inductive components used in electrical equipment, communications products, computer peripherals, medical instruments, industrial controls, and power conversion products. Products include 90 KVA 3-phase scott-T transformer in a NEMA 4X enclosure, reactors and chokes, input / output line inductors, DC link chokes, filters, custom unregulated power supplies, custom enclosures and cabinets, and custom terminal block assembly. USA.
  • MCI Transformer Corporation
    Specializes in magnetic component manufacturing of catalog and custom transformers. Provides a wide range of transformers from power transformers, class 2 transformers, UL 60601-1 medical certified transformers, current, toroid, and AC & DC switch mode with configurations of horizontal and vertical pc board or chassis mount. USA.
  • MGM Transformer Company
    Manufacturer of transformers including 600V class general purpose transformers, 600V class special purpose transformers, dry type substation transformers, dry type drives isolation transformers, liquid filled substation transformers, liquid filled drives isolation transformers, and enclosed non ventilated transformers. USA.
  • Morite Winding Company Ltd.
    Manufactures power transformers, custom transformers, safety isolating transformers, PCB mounted mains transformers, ferrite core transformers and inductors, auto transformers, toroids, inductors, voice coils, formerless coils, lens coils, specialised windings, DC power supplies, plug-in adaptors, phase converters, special chokes and customer transformers. UK.
  • OCREV srl
    Manufactures oil-filled transformers (ratings from 25 kVA to 40 MVA, cast resin transformers (ratings from 5 kVA to 12 MVA), silicone liquid DC 561or MIDEL filled transformers, dry-type transformers class H, autotransformers, explosionproof transformers (for special installation e.g. mines, refineries), special units for conversion plants (e.g. railways, cycloconverter, pulse converter), special units for high current (e.g. furnaces, electrolysis plants), and limiting reactor. Italy.
  • Powertran Corporation
    Manufacturer of standard and custom transformers including single ohase and three phase transformers, control transformers, isolation transformers, motor drive isolation transformers, constant voltage transformers, energy efficient transformers, harmonic mitigation transformers, auxiliary power supplies, and enclosed circuit protection. USA.
  • Sun Transformer Company
    Manufactures transformers with ferrite or nickel cores for use in digital telecommunications and switching power supplies, encapsulated magnetics for use in hostile environmental conditions, printed circuit mount power transformers, large power transformers, isolation transformers, inductive components, auto transformers, inductors, and chokes. USA.
  • Transformers Italtras
    Produces encapsuled, low profile, open transformers with ENEC mark, toroidal transformers with cURus mark (UL+ CSA), transformers in ferrite for electronic use, inductors, tree-phase transformers, AC/ AC, AC/ DC adapters. Italy.
  • AYA Instruments
    Designs and manufactures an extensive line of precision electronic instrumentation products and electrical transducers including current transformers, metering voltage transformers, portable power line monitors, transconductors and current generators, hand-held and panel-mounted power line analyzers, electrical transducers with analog output, transducers that provide both analog and digital outputs signals, signal conditioners, and power line analyzers. USA.
  • CET Technology
    Manufacturer of low profile modem couplers, pocket/laptop modem couplers, audio transformers, general purpose low cost toroidal inductors, filter inductors, high current filter inductors, miniture hight current RF chokes, drum core inductors, common mode filter chokes, switching mode power supply transformers, linear power transformers, linear wallmount and desktop power supplies, switching power supplies, and DC/DC Converters. USA.
  • ICE Components, Inc.
    Manufacturer of SMT high current iInductors, open SMT power inductors, shielded SMT power inductors, common mode / EMI chokes, current sense transformers, gate drive transformers, leaded inductors, SMPS transformers telecom transformers, modem transformers, ferrite antennas, and high volatge power transformers. USA.
  • Inglot Electronics Corporation
    Manufactures miniature toroids, high and low frequency power chokes and linear transformers used in power conversion equipment, power transformers 100mVA to 3.5KVA, audio transformers 50mw to 500 Watts, current sense transformer, common-mode chokes, differential-mode chokes, low power pulse transformers, feedback isolation transformers, data line isolators, high power switch-mode transformers, buck and boost converters and gate drivers. USA.
  • JARD Corporation
    Supplier of class II transformers, inherently limited transformers, non-inherently limited transformers, foot mount transformers, multi mount transformers, power transformers, fan relays, potential relays, fan centers, definite purpose contactors, jump start, and watt motors. USA.
  • Justin, Inc.
    Manufactures low voltage transformer assemblies and custom power supplies for the landscape, architectural, LED sign, decorative and track lighting markets. Products include general purpose step down transformers, class 2 AC transformers, low voltage landscape lighting transformer, in-ground transformers, plug-in timer, photocell kits, lamp saver, and voltage controller. USA.

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