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A current transformer is designed to monitor current flow in a circuit, such as to detect excessive power consumption and provide a warning signal or disconnect power supply, by utilizing the strength of the magnetic field around the conductor to form an induced current that can then be applied across a resistance to form a proportional voltage. Current transformers are currently used to measure either common-mode current or differential-mode current which is flowing in an electrical circuit conducting substantial electrical power. A current transformer is used when it is desired to introduce electrical signals from a commercial power line into an analog IC (integrated circuit). Current transformers are typically used in three-phase machines to measure the current in each of the three-phase neutral leads of the main stator coils. Conventional AC current transformers fall into two categories; magnetic core current transformers and air coupled current transformers.

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  • Continental Control Systems, LLC.
    Specializes in designing and manufacturing AC power and energy meters, including split core current transformers, solid core current transformers, bus bar current transformers, networked multi-functioned digital power meter and monitor, AC power measurement for lonworks networks, and RMS AC watt-hour transducer with pulse output (solid state relay closure) proportional to kWH consumed. USA.
  • CR Magnetics, Inc.
    Manufacturer of instrumentation grade current transformers, split-core current transformer, veritcal mounting PCB current transformers, wire lead current transformers, high ratio current transformers, true RMS AC current transducer, split core current transducers, true RMS AC current transducer, loop-powered AC voltage transmitter, DC hall effect current transducer, digital voltage transducer, current sensing relay, ground fault sensor, current switch, remote current indicator with preset turn-on point, and remote electrical current indicators. USA.
  • E.O. Schweitzer Mfg. Co., LLC
    Produces split-core current transformers, voltage sensors, voltage indicator, manual reset fault counter, current reset fault Indicators, standard remote display, single-phase bolt display, three phase remote display, modular ground-fault detector, electric field reset fault indicators, field-programmable timed reset fault indicators, field test fault indicators with beacon bolt displays, tests and resets fault-powered fault indactors with tamperproof bolt displays. USA.
  • Electrohms Private Limited
    Designer and producer of components for current sensing and custom telecom and industrial applications. Products include current transformer for metering and energy management, protection and control, current transformers for circuit breaker applications, telecom transformers custom-designed to work with the latest chip-sets and specific application requirements, voltage transformers for protection and electronic control applications, low and hi-frequency power transformers for switchgear, electronic equipment and panel indicators, high-frequency transformers for DC/DC converters, pulse transformers for voltage and current transformation, isolation, polarity reversal, and impedance matching. India.
  • Electronic Craftsmen
    Specializes in low through high voltage magnetics and power supplies, designs and manufactures a wide range of high quality transformers and inductors including single and three phase power transformers, ferro-resonant transformers, current transformers (instrument control and monitoring, switch mode power supply control, and current monitoring for equipment protection), pulse transformers, audio transformers, toroidal power transformers, inductors and switching power supply components. Canada.
  • Excel-Par Electronics
    Designer and manufacturer of electronic and electrical components for current sensing, electrical and electronic instrumentation applications. Product range includes current transformers used in electronic energy meters for measurement purposes. These belong to the 0.2, 0.5 and 1 accuracy classes ranging from 2.5 A to 100 A using ferrite cores or amorphous cores in any package. Also manufacture power transformers for special instrumentations purposes upto 1000 VA with special features like isolation of the order of 33 kV. Other products include pulse transformers used in firing thyristors for industrial drives, A.C drives, inverters and thyristors of high and low current ratings. India.
  • Global Power
    Manufactures products utilized for common area metering, sub-metering, power projects, performance contracting, data profiling or revenue metering. Products include split core current transformers, solid core current transformers designed for indoor use, surface mount-meter, portable generator interconnection device, solid-state residential energy meter, solid state multifunction watt-hour meter, and automated system for electricity and billing. USA.
  • Holt Instrument Laboratories
    Manufactures precision broad band current transfomer designed specifically for calibrating instruments, accurate shunts for the measurement of alternating current, thermal voltage converter, coaxial thermal converters (AC-DC transfer devices), low voltage thermal converter for true NIST traceable calibration of digital multimeters in the range from 2 millivolts to 200 millivolts. USA.
  • National Meter Industries, Inc.
    Manufacturer of solid core current transformers, split core current transformers, current adding transformers, surface mount meters, din rail meters, single phase 2 or 3 wire watt-hout transducer, AC and DC voltage transducers, AC and DC current transducers, resistance transducers, temperature transducers, frequency transducers, active and reactive transducers, power factor transducers, digital instrumentation, portable kilowatt hour power analyzer, portable power analyzer. USA.
  • REO-USA Inc.
    Develops, manufactures and sells high quality power conversion components to the power electronics industry. Products include vibratory controllers, soft starters, chokes, current transformers, braking resistors, variable transformers, variable resistors, inductive components, emc filters, sinusoidal filters, motor chokes and voltage stabilizers.
  • Stangenes Industries, Inc.
    Manufactures high-power klystron pulse transformers, klystron/gun pulse transformers, magnetron/gun pulse transformer assemblies, tanked pulse transformer assemblies, pulse charging transformers, wide band current transformers, pulse current transformers, charging transformers, high-voltage isolation transformers, epoxy cast isolation transformers, capacitance-type pulse voltage dividers, wire wound electromagnets , foil wound electromagnets, hollow tube electromagnets, tape wound cores, constant voltage transformers, and charging reactors. USA.
  • Triad Magnetics
    Manufactures current sense transformers for switching power supply applications, common mode EMI suppression inductors, common-mode choke coils for prevention of electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference, toroidal inductors, high current rod core inductors, gate drive transformers, output filter inductors, wall plug-in power supplies, PC mount power transformers, chassis mount power transformers, flat pack power transformer, split pack split bobbin transformer, autotransformers, isolation transformers, filter reactors (chokes), audio transformers, and surface mount power inductors. USA.

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