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Audio transformers are typically used to match impedances in audio systems with vacuum tube amplifiers. Amplifiers of this type of the known art usually include one or several stages of amplifying components based vacuum tubes having passive components such as resistors, capacitors and transformers forming the amplifying circuits. In a push-pull amplifier circuit, one output vacuum tube amplifies the positive half of an input signal, while another output vacuum tube amplifies the negative half of the input signal. The output vacuum tubes of the amplifier circuit drive the primary winding of the output transformer, while the secondary winding provides power to the speaker load typically at high currents and low voltages. A conventional push-pull output transformer comprises three windings wound around a magnetic core, a half primary winding for each half of the input signal, and a secondary winding for the speaker load. Most audio output transformers utilize a balanced push-pull primary winding and an unbalanced secondary winding which matches the high impedance output of a push-pull amplifier circuit to the low impedance of the ground referenced speaker load. However, audio transformers are usually the factor that limits bandwidth, efficiency and causes phase shifts at high and low frequencies which may result in instability of an amplifier utilizing negative feedback.

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  • AlfaMag Electronics
    Specializing in switching power supplies and high frequency magnetic components including magnetic components including surface mount inductors, common mode chokes, power inductors, toroidals, chokes, audio transformers, ac dc switching power supply equipment, inductors, current transformers, ac dc power supply equipment, switching power supply equipment, and coils. USA.
  • Antrim Transformers Limited
    Offers a large range of toroidal transformers from 1.6VA to 5KVA, medical isolation transformers designed to provide an additional barrier between the mains supply and a medical electrical system, toroidal transformers for valve (tube) amplifiers, international power switch, toroidal capacitor iInput filter chokes, customed designed Inductors, chokes and current transformers, transformers for use in power amplifiers, audio amplifiers, PA systems and induction loop equipment. UK.
  • Best Windings Ltd.
    Manufactures line match transformers, HDSL transformers, ISDN transformers, pulse transformers, current transformers, line pick off transformers, hybrid transformers, low profile transformers, data over mains transformers, power transfer transformer, switch mode transformer, signal transformer, step-up switched mode transformer, audio transformers, loop control transformers, transducer driver transformers, intrinsically safe transformers, SMPT flyback transformers, braid breaker transformer, chokes, ferrite components, and filters. UK.
  • BLS Electronics Ltd.
    Manufactures mains transformers ranging from 1VA to 3KVA in single phase and 5KVA in three phase, audio transformers from bias oscillators in tape recorders to output transformers for valve amplifiers as well as transformers for 100v line distribution for music and PA systems, inductors for line conditioning units and HT chokes for valve amplifiers, and special coil windings. UK.
  • EA Sowter Ltd.
    Manufacturer of high performance transformers (for recording studios, broadcasters, public address etc), low power transformers (for repairers or constructors of pre-amps, studio equipment etc), multi tapped transformers and autoformers for switched attenuators; tube power amplifiers; electrostatic loudspeaker transformers; tranformers for single ended and ac coupled headphone amplifiers; and phono cartridge transformers. UK.
  • Lundahl Transformers AB
    Manufactures general purpose audio transformers for ground isolation, for splitting and for low turns ratio microphone input; microphone input transformers for impedance matching between microphone unit and amplifier input; line input audio transformers for bridging input or for Zero Field input circuits; line output audio transformers with silicon iron C cores; output transformers, interstage transformers, mains transformers; AES/EBU digital transformers, video isolation transformers, and telephone hybrid transformers. Sweden.
  • Oxford Electrical Products Ltd.
    Manufactures low voltage PCB mounting mains transformers, encapsulated mains transformers, low profile encapsulated transformers, chassis mounting low voltage mains transformers, international voltage converters, miniature PCB mounting transformers, miniature encapsulated audio input transformer, microphone input transformer, low profile audio transformers, digital audio transformer, 56 kbit modem transformers, ADSL transformers, PCB mounting encapsulated line transformer, surface mount line isolation transformers, pulse transformers, ferrite cored transformers and inductors, and toroidal transformers. UK.
  • Rhombus Industries Incorporated
    Designer and manufacturer of common mode choke, magnetic amplifiers, power line chokes, air coils, data communication transformers, differential mode choke, common mode choke, current sense transformers, output power inductor, magnetic amplifiers, flyback transformers, uni-polar transformers, bi-polar transformers, passive (analog) delay lines, active (logic buffered) delay lines, logic buffered delay line, ADSL transformers, HDSL transformers, power magnetics, audio transformers for telecommunications, filters and other magnetic components. USA.
  • Zxel, Ltd.
    Manufacturer of miniature pulse transformers for electro-medical patient connected products, miniature switch mode transformers for lighting applications, magnetics for SMPS, hi-fi audio transformers and chokes, miniature high voltage transformers, low audio noise magnetics, miniature incapsulated line power transformers, miniature coils, inductors, chokes, and ballasts. USA.

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