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Transformers are electrical devices which transfer electrical energy from one part of a circuit to another through magnetic field coupling. Transformers are commonly employed in electrical circuitry for coupling electrical energy from one circuit to another, and to perform transformations of voltage or current, as well as impedance or power matching functions between the coupled circuits. Transformers are used in many different electrical devices. For example, power transformers are used to transmit or distribute power in ratings larger than distribution transformers. A current transformer monitors a current that passes through an electrical apparatus such as a power transformer, a generator, or a circuit breaker. A transformer is typically constructed from two or more coils, or windings, of wire in close proximity such that electrical characteristics may be transferred. Typical characteristics transferred through a transformer include voltage magnitude, current magnitude, phase, and impedance level. There're two forms of transformers are in common use: core-form transformers and shell-form transformers. In a core-form transformer, the magnetic circuit takes the form of a ring encircled by two or more groups of primary and secondary windings distributed around the periphery of the ring. When the primary and secondary windings take the form of a common ring which is encircled by two or more rings of magnetic material distributed around its periphery, the transformer is termed a shell-form transformer. Wound core transformers are generally utilized in high volume applications, such as distribution transformers, since the wound core design is conducive to automated, mass production manufacturing techniques.

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  • Coils Unlimited Inc.
    Manufactures audio transformers, coils, current transformers, filters, inductors, power transformers, pulse transformers, RF & IF transformers, step up/step down transformers, toroids, band pass filters, and surface mount coils and transformers, for medical, telecommunications devices, radar systems, computers, lasers, avionics, audio/visual equipment, industrial controls, consumer products and power supplies. USA.
  • EDCOR Electronics Corporation
    Provides speaker transformers, amplifier transformers, auto transformers, bidirectional transformers, matching transformers, printed circuit board mounted signal matchers, push-pull output transformers, power transformers, single ended output transformers, interstage matching transformers, multi matching transformers, ribbon microphone transformers, audio attenuators, audio pre-amplifiers, audio mixers, headphone amplifiers, audio combiners, audio splitters, stereo couplers, mono matchers, stereo matchers, single PCB matchers, and dual PCB matchers. USA.
  • Inductive Technologies, LLC
    Offers a complete line of standard and application specific transformers, inductors, pot core transformers, toroidal and pot-core inductors, drum core power inductors, primary transformers, surface mount toroids, surface mount power inductors, shielded surface mount, power inductors, common mode chokes, current sensing transformers, serving a number of major markets including switching power supply, electronics, computer, industrial, and telecommunications. USA.
  • Jerome Industries Inc.
    Manufactures external power supplies for the international industrial and medical markets. Product offerings include wall plug-in and desktop style power adaptors, medical grade power supplies, battery charger power sources, open frame switchmode power supplies, battery chargers, transformers, linearmode power sources, switchmode power sources, unregulated power supplies, NiCad chargers, NiMH chargers, gel cell chargers, low leakage switching power supplies, military grade power supplies and custom power supplies. USA.
  • Magnetic Specialties
    Produces electrical control components, subassemblies and devices for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of industrial equipment, products include control transformers, medium voltage three phase potential transformer, rectifier transformer, transformer enclosures, nstrument transformers, specialty transformers, toroids, inductors, filters, magnetic amplifiers, ferroresonent transformers, switchmode/high frequency components, and current limiting reactors. USA.
  • Neeltran, Inc.
    Manufacturer of power distribution transformers, saturable reactors, high frequency transformers, furnace transformers, UPS power transformers, grounding transformers and reactors, buck-boost auto transformers, water cooled transformers, oil cooled transformers, shielded and drive isolation transformers, rectifier/drive transformers, choke, reactors, inductors, cast coil transformers, VPI dry type transformers, custom controls and power factor, and power supplies. USA.
  • Pauwels Group
    Manufacturer of liquid-filled distribution transformers, cast resin distribution transformers, single phase transformers, autotransformers, multiple voltage transformers (mostly dual voltage transformers), medium voltage/medium voltage transformers, transformers feeding a static converter (rectifier transformers), transformers fed by a static converter, phase-shifting transformers, earthing transformers, special transformer connections, transformers feeding two (or more) separate systems, transformers with core in amorphous metal, medium and large power transformer, test-bay transformers, and traction transformers.
  • PCA Electronics Inc.
    Manufactures integrated transfer molded Gigabit isolation transformer, power over Ethernet (PoE/powered devices) transformers, photoflash flyback transformers, high voltage trigger coils, 500mW unregulated DC-DC converters, power factor correction (PFC) boost inductors for use in CCM or DCM modes, power input/output inductors, switching transformers, power input and output common mode filter/chokes, current sense transformers, low power push-pull transformers for DC-DC converters, surface mount and thru-hole power inductors, and SMPS flyback transformers. Applications include computer networking equipment, high speed telecommunications, custom and standard power magnetics for aerospace, automotive, medical equipment and many other electronic systems. USA.
  • Prem Magnetics, Inc.
    Manufactures low profile printed circuit power transformers, chassis mount power transformers, switchmode power transformers, telephony/coupling transformers, high speed data transformers, low profile surface mount and through-hole inductors, wide band shield bead ferrite chokes, economy high current inductors, standard adjustable linearity coils, dynamic linearity coils, instrument/current transformers, PC-mount economy audio transformers, custom designed magnetic components, and transformer accessories. USA.
  • Variable Voltage Technology Ltd.
    Produces general purpose laminated transformers and chokes, ferrite and air cored transformers and chokes for switched mode power supplies, mains transformers for high tension valve power supplies, mains transformers dedicated to filament and heater applications, output transformers for valve applications, push-pull transformers for triode or ultra linear circuits, transformers for microwave generation using magnetrons, and a range of single and dual output anode driven grid coupling transformers for valve applications. UK.

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