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A toggle switch is a switching device comprising a plurality of terminals and means operated by a projecting leve for making and breaking electrical connections between pairs of those terminals. Toggle switches of various types have long been used to control power in domestic, commercial, industrial, and military applications for operating various electrical devices and equipment. Toggle switches typically are manufactured with a dielectric housing that contains electrical contacts and is fitted with a manually operable handle to switch power to externally mounted terminals. Toggle switches typically provide a manually accessible member which has metastability in a first position and a second position. A toggle switch includes a toggle lever that is mounted to a cover or housing so as to pivot about an axis or the like. A spring is placed in contact with the toggle lever to exert a biasing force to maintain the toggle lever in one or more stable positions, in addition to maintaining or assisting in the maintenance of a force on electrical contacts that are being switched into contact.

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  • Eaton Aerospace
    Designer, manufacturer and integrator of fluid power generation and conveyance, electromechanical actuation and motion control, electric distribution and control, cockpit controls and displays and fluid monitoring and sensor products and systems. Products include Pressure switches, pressure transducers, debris monitoring sensors and liquid level sensors, relays, toggle and rocker switches, miniature switches, limit switches, push-button switches, remote control circuit breakers, cockpit controls and displays, engine-driven hydraulic pumps; electric motorpumps, power transfer units, ram air turbine pumps, and actuation systems. USA.
  • Electronics China
    Manufactures and exports rotary potentiometers, slide potentiometers, semi-fixed potentiometer, rotary encoders, tactile switch, toggle switch, rotary switch, and multilayer chip inductors. China.
  • Elite Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures sealed subminiature toggle switches, miniature toggle switches, sealed rocker & paddle switches, sealed sub-miniature rocker switches, sealed snap-action momentary pushbutton switches, snap-action momentary pushbutton switches, slide switches, dip switches, tact switches, key lock switches, and detector switches. China.
  • Jietong Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures sub-miniature toggle switch, sub-miniature rocker and lever handle switch, miniature toggle switch, miniature rocker and lever handle switch, medium toggle switch, sub-miniature rocker switch, miniature rocker switch, single-pole rocker switch, circuit-breaker switch, double-poles rocker switch, push-button switch, car switch, micro switch, slide switch, and rotary switch. China.
  • OTAX Electronics
    Manufacturer and exporter of DIP switch, power switch, terminal blocks, toggle switch, rocker switch, level switch, push button switch, slide switch, rotary switch, PCMCIA card connector, cell phone cover, sound box shell, connectors, memory cards, and CPU sockets. China.
  • Rixin Electronic Element Factory
    Produces sub-miniature toggle switch, miniature toggle switch, miniature rocker and lever handle switch, medium toggle switch, miniature rocker switch, miniature luminated rocker switch, slide switch, single-pole rocker switch, single-dole luminated rocker switch, double-pole rocker switch, double-pole luminated rocker switch, push-button switch, rotary switch, automobile switch, and other switches. China.
  • Zhongxin Eectric Appliances Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of toggle switch, rotary switch, knife switch, push button switch, pedal switch, universal changeover, mini circuit breaker, contactor, earth leakage circuit breaker, thermal relay, magnetic starter, mould case circuit breaker, fuses, pushbutton, wall switch, lamp holder, flexible metal conduit, plug and socket, wire and cable, timer and counter, distribution box, and other low pressure of electrical components. China.

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