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A thermostat is temperature sensitive switch that controls automatically the operation of heating or cooling devices by responding to changes in temperature by sensing the ambient temperature, and changes of ambient temperature are sensed by a temperature sensor (a bimetal disk). The temperature sensor is displaced in its curvature state when its temperature exceeds a first set temperature, and later returns to the initial curvature state when the temperature of the heat sensing element drops below a second set temperature, and the on/off state of the switch contact is shifted by making use of this property. Thermostats are used to control a variety of heating and cooling systems. A variety of thermostats have been developed for use with the various types of heating systems. Mechanical thermostats employ an expanding, temperature-sensitive mechanical member connected to a switch to turn an actuating device on or off. Pre-selection of temperatures is often accomplished by plugging or unplugging a series of small pins into receptacles on a clock driven wheel. Programmable thermostats allow a user to save energy by automatically controlling ambient temperature to different user pre-selected values during various times of a day.

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  • Danfoss Randall Ltd.
    Supplies a complete range of radiator thermostats for both domestic and commercial applications, including sensors, valves and lockshield valves; programmable and non-programmable devices to suit all standard applications, including timeswitches, mini-programmers and time controls; thermostats from basic room thermostats with setting dials or non-programmable thermostats with LCD displays; motorised valves; underfloor heating controls; and other commercial products including climate controls, auto bypass & differential pressure controls, thermo-hydraulic actuators and small seated valves. UK.
  • George Ulanet Company
    Engineering and manufacturing cartridge, hermetically sealed, miniature, capsule, industrial and appliance thermostats, thermal time delay relays, immersion, tubular, miniature strip, bolt hole and cartridge heaters. Specializes in the production of screw plug and over-the-side immersion heaters for use in industrial, commercial, and laboratory applications. USA.
  • Hunter Fan Company
    Designs and manufactures programmable thermostats, digital thermostats, mechanical thermostats, ceiling fans, air purifiers, humidifiers, vaporizers, portable fans, ceiling fans, and bathroom fans. USA.
  • Invensys Controls Americas
    Manufactures a vast array of products encompassing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, thermostats, valves, actuators, zone controls, timers, electronic components, commercial and building control systems for applications in HVAC, refrigeration, safety, water heating, food equipment and transportation industries across residential and commercial markets.
  • Jackson Systems, LLC
    Manufactures, distributes and stocks private-labeled thermostats, touch screen thermostats, internet-based thermostats, communicating thermostats, zone control products, smoke detectors, smoke and fire dampers, media air cleaners, UV lights, humidifiers, carbon monoxide alarms, relays and power supplies. USA.
  • Lux Products Corporation
    Manufactures electronic programmable thermostats, electronic digital non-programmable thermostats, low voltage mechanical thermostats, short ring timer, extended ring 60 minute timer, long ring electronic timer, talking timer, designer timers, keypad timers, teacher timer, and multifunction timer. USA.
  • Rising Instrument Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures air conditioner thermostat, refrigerator freezer thermostat, temperature controllers, immersion thermostat, pressure gauge, thermomanometer, thermometer, gas regulator, pneumatic component, refrigeration gauge combination and parts, pressure transmitter, cylinder valve, fire extinguisher,auto gauge, pressure switch, tube fitting, valve, and stainless steel tube. China.
  • Selco Products Company
    Manufactures and supplies disc thermostats, thermal protectors, thermal fuses, probe thermostats, PCB thermostats, capillary thermostats, adjustable controls, NTC thermistors, PPTC thermistors, pushbuttons, slider knobs, push-on knobs, collet knobs, transmitters, thermo meters, remote monitors, strain gauges, digital comparators, analog meters, voltmeters and ammeters. USA.
  • Teddington Controls Ltd.
    Manufacturer of pressure and temperature measurement and control devices including fire valves, gas appliance controls, panel mounted thermometers, pressure controllers, pressure switches, pressure transducers, solenoid valves, temperature controllers, temperature switches, temperature transducers, thermostats, genset controllers, and engine controllers. UK.
  • Therm-O-Disc
    Supplier of temperature sensors, temperature controls and electrical switches to the global appliance, HVAC, automotive and commercial industries. Product line includes bimetal disc thermostats, thermal cutoffs (also known as thermal fuses or thermal links), motor overload protectors, PTC and NTC thermistors, electric switches and special purpose temperature controls.

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