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Electrical snap action switches operate on the arched elastic sheetmetal member principle, and provide snap actions in response to changes in pressure exerted upon the arch. A conventional snap action switch conducts upon mechanical contact between a metal snap action plate and metal pins (or conductors on a printed circuit board). In such a snap action switch, switch closure is recognized by detecting an electrical short between pins. Pneumatic snap action switches have a diaphragm and two or more electrical contacts arranged inside the switch body and sealed by the diaphragm so that upon a particular pressure being applied the internal contacts close and the switch performs its desired function. A subminiature snap action switch is characterized by an actuator lever which causes a coil spring in a pivot bracket assembly to open or close a pair of electrical contacts. Single pole snap action dome or oil can switches have been used to provide reliable electrical switch contacts in relatively low-current apparatus, for example electronic calculators or computers. Such switches have typically utilized a dome-shaped switch element to make and break electrical contact with an associated underlying conducting contact.

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  • Control Products, Inc.
    Manufacturer of snap action thermal switchesh, bimetal thermal switches, rod and tube thermal switches, waterproof hand actuated switches, limit switches, mobile linear position sensor for hydraulic cylinders, signal conditioning module, smart cylinders, and evaluation kit. USA.
  • Dongnan Elctronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of snap action switches, button power switch, conversio switch, electric rice cooker switch, gating control switch, and voltage select switch, for uses in TV, computer, micro-oven, display, electric cooker, electric device and family appliance. China.
  • Saia-Burgess USA Inc.
    Manufacturer of panel mounted switches, pushbutton switches, rotary and slide switches, rocker switches, proximity switches, positive-action switches, keylock switches, momentary switches, snap-action microswitches, rotary & slide switches, stepper motors, hour meters, totalising counters, differential electronic counters, preset counters, tachometer, control relays, and linear actuators.
  • Schaltbau GmbH
    Manufactures snap-action switches (used as limit switches for material-handling equipment and cranes, for machinery and industrial plants and for controlling doors in public transport vehicles), industrial connectors, connectors for audio and communications engineering, charging connectors, connectors for railway and traffic engineering, aingle- and multipole DC and AC contactors for railway and industrial applications, cam contactors cam-operated switching elements, high voltage contactors, emergency stop switches, terminal bolts, fuse holders, spacer sleeves, and tie bars, master controllers, toggle switches, kKeylock switches, emergency brake handles, driverís safety device, control and indicating devices, high voltage switchgear cabinets for underfloor mounting, disconnecting and earthing device, sensors for detecting and signaling high voltage, high voltage controlgear for electric equipment, high voltage fuses for use in railway vehicles, voltage transformers for panel mounting or as integrated unit, customized heating equipment for railway rolling stock and tripping devices against overheating. Germany.
  • Xi'an Schaltbau Electric Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures cam-operated switch, snap-action switch, electro-magnetic contactors, double pole high voltage DC contactor, high-voltage DC contactor, auxiliary contactors, auxiliary relays, master controllers, electric-pneumatic controllers, failure adjuster, universal changeover switches, foot switch, toggle switches, and key lock switch. China.

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