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Safety switches are used in electric power distribution systems for isolating a load or a portion of the circuit and interrupting the power connection as overloading so as to protect the device to be in safety condition. The switch mechanism has a number of switchblades mounted along a rotatable switch shaft. The shaft is rotated by a handle mounted at one side of the box and coupled to the shaft by a spring toggle mechanism which assures, by snap action, that the switch opens and closes rapidly. A conventional switch device for a power tool generally includes a trigger which is engaged with a trigger assembly. When pulling the trigger, the circuit of the power tool is activated and the tool is operated. Safety switches for isolating a load or a portion of a power circuit in electronics systems are installed within an electronic device to prevent its housing or the internal electronic elements being touched by an unauthorized third party.

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  • Euchner-USA, Inc.
    Supplier of safety interlock switches, non-contact switches, rotary limit switches, industrial control pendants, joystick controllers, rotary position sensors, linear limit switches, safety relays and control modules, and other safety, man/machine interface, automation, and signal (Werma) products. Products serve the automotive, machine tool, packaging, textile, woodworking, robotics, plastic and process control industries.
  • GE Security Industrial
    Development and manufacture of non-contact safety interlock switches for machine guarding and industrial applications. Manufactures a complete line of CE compliant safety switches and safety relays, as well as industrial interlock switches and position sensors. USA.
  • Kirk Key Interlock
    Manufactures a wide range of mechanical and electro-mechanical keyed safety interlock systems, products include standard brass 7-pin tumbler interlocks, electropolished 316 stainless steel interlocks for high-corrosion, and heavy duty applications. USA.
  • Schmersal Holding KG
    Manufactures safety switch with separate actuator, optoelectronic safety devices, solenoid interlocks, two-hand control panels, position switches with safety funcion, door handle switch, safety switch for hinged guards, pull-wire emergency stop switches, safety foot switches, emergency-stop push button, guard door monitors, multi-function safety modules, fail-safe standstill monitors, output expanders, rotating spindle limit switch, magnetic reed switches, foot switches, and belt alignment switches. Germany.

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