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Rotary switches are a type of switch having an actuating member that when turned in a given direction completes a circuit in which the rotary switch is connected and when turned in an opposite directions or further in the same direction interrupts the same circuit. Rotary switches are switched on and off by the rotational movement of a rotary handle. Rotary switches are generally comprised of a cylindrical body housing metal contact segments which can be manipulated to open and close circuits connected to the rotary switch. Rotary switches are in the form of at least two parts and have a rotatable switching means arranged in a housing and a rotary knob having a coupling element which can be pushed into or onto the switching means. Rotary switches are used in various fields to provide multi-circuit control capability, and are commonly found in such applications as aircraft, medical equipment, computers, industrial controls, communication, ordnance, and ground support equipment. Rotary switches are primarily utilized in small appliances to regulate the application of power to the appliance through the rotation of an actuation shaft.

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  • Carson Manufacturing Company, Inc.
    Manufacturer of rotary switches (commercial building fan controls, industrial fans, farm fans, sports fans, floor polishers, portable heaters, blowers and dryers), emergency sirens, speakers and switch boxes, console mount sirens, remote sirens, light control sirens, and other emergency vehicle products. USA.
  • Cole Instrument Corporation
    Manufactures precision rotary switches (subminiature switches, subminiature shaftless switches, half inch enclosed switches, inertia switch, multi deck enclosed switches, miniature multi deck switches, open frame instrument rotary switches), keylock switches (spring return industrial keylock, industrial keylock), illuminated switches, optical and rotary encoders, solid state relays, and custom switches. USA.
  • Digtran Division of EMRISE Electronics Corporation
    Specializes in rotary switches (single deck less than 0.167 Inch, choice of 15? 30? 36?, 45?indexing angles, header pins, solder tabs, PCB pins, flex circuit, or edge connector, performance proven gold on gold contact designs), digital switches (thumbwheel, lever actuated, push button), and keypads. USA.
  • Electro Switch Corporation
    Rotary switch manufacturer offering a complete line of rocker and toggle switches, enclosed frame switches, open frame switches, specialty switches, military switches, lever switches, sensitive (snap-action) pushbutton switches, subminiature toggle switches, standard & washable miniature switches, maintained/momentary pushbutton switches, high current rotary switches, optical encoders, and solenoids. USA.
  • Elma Electronic Inc.
    Global manufacturer of products for housing electronic systems. The company provides modular enclosures, cabinets and backplanes and standard or custom system platforms. Aalso manufactures precision rotary switches, LEDs & opto electronics, knobs & accessories, surface mount components, lightguide systems & SMD LEDs, front panel components, terminals and sockets. USA.
  • FineTek Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures magnetic float level switches, magnetic float level indicators, side mounted level switches, solid level switches (rotary paddle type, capacitance type, vibrating probe type), solid level indicators (capacitance type, electromechanical type), pressure level transmitters, dust collection solenoid valves and controllers, pneumatic bridge knockers (vibrators, air hammers, air blasters). Taiwan, China.
  • Ningbo Liming Relay Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures miniature & miniatue Illuminated rocker switch, single-pole & single-pole Illuminated rocker switch , double-pole & double-pole Illuminated rocker switch, sub-Miniature toggle switch, sub-Miniature and lever handle toggle switch, miniature toggle swith, miniature rocker and lever handle switch, middle toggle switch, push-button switch, automobile switch, micro switch, rotary switch, slide switch, gamemachine switch, PCB relays, power relays, telecom relays, and automobile relays. China.
  • PHD, Inc.
    Manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic industrial automation actuators, designed to help companies across all industries optimize their manufacturing processes. Products consist of a full line of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, escapements, grippers, linear slides, rotary actuators, clamps, multi-motion actuators, switches (solid state, reed, hall effect, proximity) and sensors. USA.
  • SMK Corporation
    Manufacturer of rotary switch, power push switch, dip switch, power rocker switch, key lock switch, slide switch, detector switch, jacks/plugs, screw terminal, power supplies, RF units, connectors, wireless input devices, remote control units, control panels, keyboards, touch panel, and electret condenser microphone. Japan.
  • United Electric Controls Co.
    Manufactures solid-state and electro-mechanical pressure switches, temperature switches, temperature recorders, thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors and other tmperature sensors, compact cylindrical pressure switch, pressure transmitters and transducers. USA.
  • Xindali Industries Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures plate switch, light plate switches, signal lamp, push button, relay switch, touch switches, rocket switch, micro switches, rotary switch, 3 way switches, router switch, pressure switches, push button switch, pushbutton switches, leading economic indicators, key performance indicator, dial indicator, switch, light switches, switch foot, electrical switch, will smith switches, toggle switch, bait and switches, wall plate switch, and Metal cable rotate pack. China.

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