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A rocker switch is a device having a plurality of terminals and means operated by a rocker for making and breaking electrical connections between pairs of those terminals. A rocker switch includes a button that is mounted to a case to pivot about an axis. A spring is typically placed in contact with the button to exert a biasing force that will maintain the button in one or more of the stable positions. The plunger operates a rocker actuator by a force exerted from the spring. The spring also supplies the force that causes the switch to toggle from one stable position to another. In general, the rocker switch is constructed such that its switch components or parts are housed in a square or rectangular housing the top of which is open and an operation button is mounted at the opening space of the box at the top thereof such that it can be moved for seesaw movement. The rocker switches are used in various kinds of OA machines, amusement and game machines, measurement instruments, and medical instruments.

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  • Cherry Corporation
    Design, development, and manufacture of sub-miniature snap switches, miniature snap-action switches, general purpose switches, splash-proof/sealed switches, interlock/push button switches, rocker switches, pushwheel switches, keyswitches, magnetic proximity sensors, speed and direction sensors, automotive modules, and computer keyboards. USA.
  • CW Industries
    Manufactures rocker switches, slide switches, miniature GC-536 pushbutton switch, high current power slide switch, custom switches, IDC connectors, disk drive connectors, military connectors, custom and standard connectors, and special purpose switches. Also provides custom services including design engineering, in-house mold and die tooling, stamping / forming, plating, and highly automated assembly. USA.
  • Dailywell Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Specializes in development and manufacturing of toggle switches, rocker switches, slide switches, pushbutton switches, illuminated switches, dip switches, tact switches, multi function switches, and rotary switches. Taiwan, China.
  • DNA Group
    Manufacturer of rocker switches, trigger switches, slide switches, rotary switches, pushbutton switches, snap action switches, keyboard switches, and toggle switches, electronic PCB assemblies, humidity controls, portable shock protection devices (GFCI, ALCI, LCDI), marine power management devices,definite purpose contactors, digital switching systems, and special function devices such as transformers, ignitors, windings (solenoids, toroids), and rotary encoders. USA.
  • Huali Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of rocker switches, push button switches, toggle switches, rotary band switches, micro switches, circuit breaker switches, protectors, switches of lamps and the fittings of those switches, switches of cars and the fittings of those switches and series equipments of water treatment utensil etc. China.
  • Lamb Industries
    Manufactures rocker switches (single or double pole, water resistant, curved rocker), toggle switches, pushbutton switches, slide switches, snap action switches, rotary switeches, pressure switch, trigger switches, power rockers and toggles, safety switches, electromagnetic switches, float switches, tactile switches, DIP switches, and signal light switces. USA.
  • Legion Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Specializes in the design, development and manufacture of switches including rocker switches, push switches, pushbutton switches, rotary switches, slide switches and voltage selector switches. Taiwan, China.
  • OTTO Engineering
    Designs hall effect switches with digital and analog output options; sealed and lighted, high performance, snap action, rocker, pushbutton, toggle and rotary switches, commercial and military control grips and hall effect technology joysticks. Also designs accessories for the two-way radio market including surveillance kits, wireless accessories, lightweight and heavy-duty headsets, ear hangers, speaker microphones, tactical, fire & HAZMAT communications equipment, racing communications, dispatch headsets, antennas, batteries and carrying cases. USA.
  • Salecom Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Specializes in producing toggle switches, rocker switches, slide switches, pushbutton switches, dip switches and tact switches. The typical applications include telecommunications, instrumentation, medical equipment, telephone and cable modems, computer peripherals and network products, etc. Taiwan, China.
  • Shinden Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of toggle switch, lever switch, slide switch, rocker switch, push switch, rotary switch, pull chain switch, keyboard switch, limit switch, key switch, DC switch, special use switch, consent, intermediate switch, indicator, fuse holder, and P.C. board. Japan.
  • Sigma Switches Plus, Inc.
    Manufactures and distributes dust resistant rocker switches with self cleaning contacts for the appliance, automotive, marine, computer and electronics industries. Switches include high endurance rocker switches, illuminated switches, miniature switches, indicator lights, and heavy duty double pole switches. USA.
  • Strategic Switch and Audio
    Supplier and distributor of toggle switches, lever and rocker switches, push button switches (including miniature switches, industrial switches, and illuminated models), SMT DIP switches, tact switches, surface mount switches, slide switches, thumbwheel switches, trigger switches, speakers, buzzers, piezos, microphones, memory cards, and batteries. USA.

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