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A reed switch is a mechanical electrical switch having a pair of ferromagnetic contacts in either a normally-open or normally-closed configuration. Reed switches are a low voltage switch, generally in the one watt range. A reed switch comprises confronting contact points including magnetic wire members and a glass tube enclosing those points and performs open/close operations of the contact points by applying a magnetic field from the outside of the glass tube. The contacts are normally spaced apart when they are in close proximity to a magnet and they are moved toward each other to close the switch when the magnet is moved a certain distance from the switch. In a reed switch, two lightweight metallic rods are hermetically sealed through opposite ends of an elongated hollow glass tube in such a manner that they extend substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis of the tube. In the presence of a magnetic field, the contacts of a normally-open reed switch will close, while the contacts of a normally-closed reed switch will open. Reed switches are commonly used for sensing the position of a mechanism the movement of which is to be monitored, by providing a switched output in response to the passage or approach of an actuating magnet carried by the mechanism. Reed switches are used in a variety of devices, including relays of the electromagnetic and electromechanical type, as well as motion and proximity sensors.

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  • Arun Electronics Ltd.
    Manufacturer of sensors, reed switches (heavy duty magnetic reed sensor and actuator magnet, miniature heavy duty reed sensor and actuator magnet), safety interlock switches, coded safety interlock switches, floor pressure mats and key operated switches. UK.
  • Barksdale, Inc.
    Manufacturer of controls for industrial applications, specializing in the control and measurement of fluids. Products include pressure switches, temperature switches, pressure transducers and transmitters, level control, valves and regulators, and solid state switches. USA.
  • Crydom Magnetics Ltd.
    Manufacturing reed switch based and wound component products including horizontal plastic level sensors, horizontal stainless steel liquid level sensor, liquid level switches, flow switches, high voltage relays, RF relays, dip/sip relays, sub miniature and tiny switches, standard and niniature switches, changeover switches, reed operating coils, permanent magnets for reed switch operation, and solid state relays. UK.
  • Hamilton Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
    Manufactures magnetic door switches (recessed mount switches, surface mount switches, overhead mounted switches, special type switches), magnetic float switches (vertical float switches, horizontal float switches), magnetic proximity switch, inductive proximity switch, capacitive proximity switch, photoelectric proximity switch, vibration sensors, and reed relays. India.
  • Hermetic Switch Inc.
    Manufactures reed switches which are small enough to fit inside a heart pacemaker as well as proximity sensors which meet tough military standards for installation on aircraft engines and controls. Additional applications include the International space station, golf and turf equipment, hearing aids, valve controls, military radios, aircraft, and hospital defibrillators. USA.
  • Innovative Components
    Manufactures liquid level switches (stainless steel, brass and buna, PVC & polypropylene, Teflon, external bottle, blge level, low water conductive sensor, battery operated water level alarm, high temp/slurry, sump pump switch), liquid level indicators / tank gauges (pressure transmitters, ultrasonic transmitters, mechanical and electrical float type), flow sensors, temperature sensors, and accessories. USA.
  • Kurz-Kasch, Inc.
    Manufacturer of conventional and encapsulated coils and stators, engineered composite components and subassemblies, magnetic / electrical / electronic sensing devices (encapsulated sensors, reed switch, variable reluctance, giant magneto resistive, hall effect), and high performance solenoids. USA.
  • MEDER electronic
    Manufacturer of reed relays (all purpose reed relays, low thermal reed relays, high voltage reed relays, miniature high frequency reed relays ), reed sensors (surface mount reed sensors, ferromagnetic metal detection reed sensors, cylindrical reed sensors, screw fastening reed sensors, hirschmann connector reed sensor, harsh conditions mounting reed sensors), reed switches, level sensors, magnets, opto couplers, and OKI switches.
  • Reed Relays and Electronics
    Manufactures precious metal plated, inert gas filled, non-pressurized dry reed switches, SMD, and PCB mountable reed sensors in normally-open, normally closed, change over, and latching types, magnetic proximity sensors, thermal reed switches and sensors, level sensors and flow sensors. India.
  • Reed Switch Developments Corp.
    Specializes in the development and packaging of custom and off-the-shelf reed sensor total solutions for a variety of OEM industries. Offers application engineering, terminal and connector application and switch integration services, custom development of sensor solutions. USA.
  • Shanghai Pubang Sensor Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of inductive sensor, namur sensor, analog output, socket sensor, capactive sensor, photoelectric sensor, light curtain, fiber optics, hall effect, reed sensor, textile sensor, gear sensor, digital meter, mark sensor, and solid state relay. China.
  • SRC Devices, Inc.
    Designing and building flat bladed, square reed switches, reed relays, general purpose relays, electromechanical relays, firecracker proximity sensors, flange mount proximity sensors, miniature flange mount sensors, flush mount sensors, vertical liquid level sensors, horizontal liquid level sensors, gas discharge tubes, and surface mount tubes. USA.
  • Standex Electronics, Inc.
    Manufacturer of electronic components and subassemblies including, inductors, chokes, transformers, antenna coils, standard reed switches, surface-mount reed switches, reed relays, proximity sensors, fluid-level sensors, connectors, progressive die stampings, insert-molded plastic components, and custom products combining many of the above components. USA.

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