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A pushbutton switch is a manually actuated switching device which employs a button or similar structure which is depressed to select among successive switch positions. Conventional pushbutton switches are provided with a dielectric housing in which pins are mounted. A spring-biased actuator is movably mounted in the housing and it carries contact members thereon for electrical engagement with the pins to perform switching functions. A pushbutton switch having more than one switch position is known as a multistep switch. A low profile pushbutton switch is one that has a minimal side profile to save space in the vertical dimension. Illuminated-type pushbutton switches is designed to enable an operator to easily recognize such an indication symbol and to provide input for an apparatus with reliability during the night or in dark places. Pushbutton switches are employed in many types of electronic equipment, including keyboards for typewriters, computers, and other similar devices. Multiple pushbutton switches have been used in great numbers as appliance switches in electric ranges so as to control the circuitry thereof. Two position pushbutton switches are used in many applications, including the window lockout switches used in an automobile.

Listings on Electronic components : Switches : Pushbutton switches

  • Arcolectric Corporation
    Manufactures push button switches, push button snap action switches, momentary push button switches, safety cut-out switches, thinline rocker switches, round rocker switches, splashproof rocker switches, hi inrush switches, slide switches, rotary switches, refrigerator door switches, toggle switches, indicators lights, IEC sockets, and fuseholders. USA.
  • SwitchLab Inc.
    Professional manufacturer of pushbutton switches including rectangular head pilot indicators, round head pilot indicators, socket type emergency off switch, socket type pushbutton switch, solder type pushbutton switch, and soldering type emergency off switch, other products include barrier type terminal block, euro type terminal block, and interface products. Taiwan, China.
  • Aerospace Optics, Inc.
    Manufacturer of high performance electro-optical displays, LED switches, mil-spec incandescent and LED lighted pushbutton switches and annunciators serving the military and civilian avionics industry. The company's programmable/multi-function switches, LED dedicated legend illuminated pushbutton switches and indicators are night vision goggle (NVG) compatible, night vision imaging system (NVIS) compliant and NVIS compatible, are environmentally sealed and have sunlight readable displays for aircraft cockpit and aviation crewstation use. USA.
  • Carling Technologies, Inc.
    Manufacturer of hydraulic magnetic and thermal circuit breakers, electrical switches and assemblies (rocker switch, toggle switch, push button switch, miniature and sub-mini switches, and rotary style switches), and advanced systems including power distribution centers, digital switching systems, and electronic controls. ALso designs and builds precision tools, dies, fixtures and gages. USA.
  • CIT Relay & Switch
    Manufacturers a broad array of automotive, telecom, security, industrial, and audio thru-hole and surface mount switches and relays. Switch products include illuminated tactile switches, illuminated pushbutton switches, toggle switches, rocker switches, and miniature slide switches. USA.
  • EnRwey Co., Ltd.
    Produces tack switches, push switches, hook switches, detector switches, micro switches, rocker switches, push button switches, toggle switches, DIP switches, rotary switches, EMI filters, in-outlet sockets, slide switches, circuit breaker, fuse, fuse holder, DC jack and phone jack, metal dome switches, power cords, quartz crystal, reed switch, and pilot indicator light. Taiwan, China.
  • George Risk Industries
    Manufactures pushbutton switches (illuminated or non-illuminated, incandescent lamp, LED, dry reed, or mechanical), recessed magnetic contacts, roller ball switch, plunger switch, surface mount magnetic contacts, overhead door magnetic switch sets, pull apart magnetic switch sets, high security switch sets, pool alarm, liquid detection sensors, temperature and humidity variation sensors, low voltage raceway, barrier bar, data entry peripherals, custom engraved keycaps, and proximity sensors. USA.
  • Judco Manufacturing, Inc.
    Manufactures push-button switches, rocker switches, slide switches, toggle switches, tact switches, custom switches, and keypads. Provides complete design, layout and production of printed circuit boards, wire harnesses, metal stampings, injection molding, and assembly services. USA.
  • McGill Electrical Product Group
    Manufacturer of momentary contact pushbutton switches, industrial-duty pendant pushbutton switches, low cost pendant pushbutton switch, indicator lights, rocker switches, toggle switches, shorting switches for low-voltage gasoline engine ignition systems, HID temporary lighting fixtures, portable wide-beam floodlights, ground fault circuit interrupters, sensing-safti-gard motor controls, electrical plug lockout, incandescent utility lights, lamp changers, cord reels, extension cords, pin and sleeve products. USA.
  • Nihon Kaiheiki Kogyo
    Manufacturing miniature and illuminated switches including DIP, illuminated pushbutton switches, illuminated rocker switches, illuminated slide switches, illuminated tactile switches, illuminated toggle switches, keylock switches, LCD programmable switches, pushbutton switches, rocker switches, rotary switches, slide switches, surface mount switches, tactile switches, tilt switches, and toggle switches. USA.
  • Sorenson Lighted Controls, Inc.
    Manufacturer of push button switches (round pushbuttons, square pushbuttons, rectangular pushbuttons, teardrop pushbuttons, soft line curved pushbuttons, rectangular rocker style, unimec standard legends), variable height switches, right angle switches, toggle switches, vario support system, front panel sealed aquamec, multimec navimec switch, round Indicator lights, rectangular indicator lights, LED products, and rear mount indicators. USA.
  • Toneluck International Industrial Ltd.
    Manufacturer of power switch, push button switch (slide double contact), miniature switch, vertical push switch, illuminating switch, telephone hook switch, detector switches, switch buttons and knobs, sub-miniature micro switch, thermosetting plastic micro switch, basic miniature micro switch, light force miniature micro switch, high temperature miniature micro switch. Hong Kong, China.

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