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The pressure switch closes or opens an electrical contact in response to changes in sensed pressure in a cavity. Pressure responsive switches sense a change in pressure and respond to such changes by alternately making and breaking an electrical connection. A pressure responsive switch basicallycomprises a diaphragm responsive to a pressure change, a rigid ring for securing the diaphragm, and a pair of electrically conductive contacts. The diaphragm is resiliently biased and preloaded by a spring. Many pressure switches are electromechanical devices. Such devices typically include a Bourdon tube connected to the pressure source, which tube activates a snap action microswitch. A differential pressure switch employs a diaphragm that is driven in one direction or the other based upon the pressure differential existing across the diaphragm. Pressure-sensitive switches are used in a variety of applications where it is desired to switch apparatus on or off at predetermined pressures. Pressure switches employing a flexible diaphragm for sensing pressure are commonly employed in household washing machines for sensing pressure in a tube connected to the bottom of the washing machine receptacle. Pressure switches are widely used for controlling electrically operated devices by switching an electrical contact between open and closed circuit positions based on a preset fluid pressure threshold. Relatively complex pressure switches have been used for specific applications such as in automobile engines, refrigeration systems, industrial equipment, etc.

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  • Air Logic
    Manufacturer of miniature precision snap-acting switches (low differential pressure switch, solid state pressure switch, solid state vacuum switch, pilot operated valves), precision pressure regulator, preset precision pressure regulator, modular manifold, miniature quick disconnects, plastic fittings, assortment kits, test point indicator, vacuum generator and subminiature pressure gauges. USA.
  • Almeg Controls
    Manufactures level sensors (including magnetic or flag type, continuous, multi-level, side mount, high level and many other custom and off the shelf controls), microprocessor with four programmable relays, latching relays, temperature controls and temperature probes, stainless steel flow switch, dwyer flotect flow switch, and mechanical pressure switches. USA.
  • Ashcroft Inc.
    Manufactures process gauges, industrial gauges, stainless steel case gauges, sanitary gauges, commercial gauges, digital pressure gauges, pressure transducers and transmitters, bimetal thermometers, gas-actuated thermometers, digital thermometers, RTD thermometers, thermowells, temperature switches, pressure switches, differential pressure switches, panel meters & pneumatic transmitters, digital pressure indicators, hand actuated controllers & pumps, hydraulic testers & comparators, analog test gauges, and digital test gauges. USA.
  • FIPA GmbH
    Supplies vacuum generators, vacuum conveyors, vacuum pumps, vacuum units, vacuum valves, vacuum controllers, vacuum switches, vacuum filters, vacuum accesories, vacuum lifting cylinders, pressure switch, vacuum suction cups, vacuum-clamping devices, end-of-arm tooling, gripper system, air nippers and blades. Germany.
  • Gems Sensors Inc.
    Manufacturer of liquid level sensors, flow sensors and pressure sensors for use in a broad range of fluids across the industry. Products include liquid level sensors, continuous level transmitters, paddle wheel and turbine sensors, flow switches, pressure transducers, flow switches, temperature switch, solid-state relays and zener barriers. USA.
  • Herion USA, Inc.
    Manufactures solid state pressure switch, electromechanical pressure switch, pneumatic directional valves, poppet valves, base ported valves, proportional pressure valves, proportional flow valves, diaphragm valves, solenoid internally piloted piston valves, motorized proportional fluid control valves, pneumatic double press double valve, and dust collector valves.
  • Hydac Technology Corporation
    Manufactures pressure tranducers, pressure switches, temperature transducers, temperature switches, flow sensors, proportional control module, bladder, piston, diaphragm, pulsation dampeners, shock absorbers, mounting components, flow control, check valves, compact power units, coolers and conditioning units, cartridge valves, manifold assemblies and controls, hydraulic and lubrication filters, and clogging indicators. USA.
  • Index Sensors & Controls Inc.
    Manufacturer of switches, sensors, and controls for the commercial truck, engine, agricultural, off-road and industrial equipment markets. Specializes in temperature, pressure, and control logic applications. Products include pressure switches, embedded control modules, mechanical temperature switches, electronic temperature switches, and air conditioning controls. USA.
  • ITT Aerospace Controls
    Designing, developing, and manufacturing fluid control devices, and linear and rotary actuators for the aerospace industry. Provides standard and custom switches for the industrial, chemical process, and energy markets. Products include general purpose switches, hazardous pressure switches, vacuum switches, differential switches, temperature switches, sanitary switches, thermowells, and junction boxes, USA.
  • Lefoo Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Developing and manufacturing standard pressure control devices (such as air compressor pressure switch, water pressure switches , differential pressure switches) for applications in pneumatics, HVAC, food & beverage processing, packaging systems, hydraulics, house hold appliance, and industrial automation. China.
  • Micro Pneumatic Logic
    Designs and manufactures miniature electro-mechanical pressure, vacuum and differential switches which control fill level, monitor venting, guard operating cycles, indicate dust bag or filter status, and control pumps, lights, blowers and burners, and for a wide range of applications in appliances, automotive systems, and medical equipment. USA.
  • NOSHOK Inc.
    Manufactures mechanical pressure switch, electronic pressure switch, pressure gauges, dual input digital indicator, digital pressure transmitter, diaphragm seals, manifold valves, needle valves, sanitary pressure measurement products, differential pressure gauges, pressure snubbers, and pigtail (or coiled pipe) steam syphons. USA.
  • Precision Sensors
    Designs and manufactures electromechanical and solid state pressurel switches, vacuuml switches, liquid level switches, temperaturel switches, altitude (absolute) pressure switches, flow and altitude/airspeed switches for commercial and military aerospace, and semiconductor process markets. USA.
  • Solon Manufacturing
    Manufactures a complete line of industrial pressure switches such as vacuum, differential, hydraulic, bellows actuated, diaphragm actuated, piston actuated, explosion proof, gauge indicating and temperature compensated pressure switches. USA.
  • tecsis GmbH
    Manufactures mechanical miniature pressure switch, mechanical compact pressure switch, mechanical block type pressure switch, compact pressure switch with display, mechanical pressure switch for OEM-applications, mechanical pressure switch with low leakage rate, electronical pressure switches, differential pressure switches, temperature switches, and force switches. Germany.

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