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A membrane switch is a multilayered switch device that is touch activated to make or break the electrical connection of a particular switch element. Membrane switches have become popular for use in industrial controls, home appliances, office equipment and automotive applications. Most often, membrane switches are designed for intended use as keyboard, key pad, or front panel interfaces to provide instructions from a user to operate various items, such as computers, manufacturing equipment and vending machines. Membrane switches normally employ a pair of stacked flexible membranes having opposed contacts printed on their facing surfaces. An intermediate layer is disposed between the outer two layers and acts to isolate the switch circuit patterns from each other. Electrical conductors, also printed on the facing surfaces of the membranes, communicate electrical signals to and from the contacts. Finger pressure applied to the switch pushes a conductive pad on the membrane into contact with a similar pad on the substrate. Contact between the pads closes the switch and completes the electrical circuit. Membrane switches are particularly well-suited for use in certain environments wherein it is desired to seal an electronic system against moisture, dust etc. Membrane switches have recently come into wide use for the keypads of cellular phones or portable personal computers or the various control panel switches of household electrical appliances.

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  • ClickTouch NV
    Manufacturer of custom-built and standard electronic interfaces, products include membrane switches, vandal-proof keyboards, contact layers, clicktouch force sensors, flexible heating films (LCD-heating, keyboard heating, cameras, condensing elements for mirrors), touch screens, silicone rubber keypads and electroluminescent lamps. Belgium.
  • Douglas Corporation
    Provides custom design, single source manufacturing, precise print registration, screen printing, and reliability testing of membrane switches and graphic overlays, chrome or gold plated attractive and distinctive product graphics for plated plastic nameplates, and flexible circuits. USA.
  • Fine Cut Graphic Imaging Ltd.
    Specializes in the low to medium volume manufacture of flexible and rigid membrane switch panels (including membrane switches, touch screen, silicone rubber keymats, dome arrays, flexible flat PCB/cables, LCD and component heaters), provides bookbinding equipment, labels and nameplates, as well as hot foil printing, tooling, precision engraving services. UK.
  • GGI International
    Specializing in the design and manufacture of membrane switches, customized interface assemblies and graphic overlays, providing customized interface solutions in the electronic, medical, transport, industrial equipment, aerospace, military, telecommunications and instrumentation industries. Canada.
  • KEYTEC, Inc.
    Offers a full-line of touch screen solutions, which includes add-on touch screen kits, built-in touch screen kits and integrated touch monitors. Products and services include membrane switches, conductive rubber keypads, keyboards, injection molding and contract design/manufacturing. USA.
  • Memtron Input Components
    Specializes in the design and manufacture of membrane switches (tactile feedback, non-tactile membrane switches, printed circuit board switches), flex circuits, passive and active PC board-backed switches, elastomeric keypads, and touch screen integrated panels. Offers material enhancements like high bond adhesives and high temperature overlay materials to insure input devices perform well in adverse conditions, also provides value-add options like fiber optic back lighting and digital printing. USA.
  • Memtronik Innovations inc.
    Manufactures membrane switches (tactile membrane switch, non-tactile membrane switch, nembrane switch with integrated LED) designed for applications in electrical and electronic apparatus, electroluminescent lamp, and graphic overlays. Canada.
  • Printec Electronics Corporation
    Producing non-tactile and tactile membrane switches, SMT/LED embedded membrane switches, flexible printed circuits, SMT LED arrays on flexible printed circuits and conductive dome arrays, for use in consumer electronics, industrial equipment, cell phones and medical and biomedical devices. USA.
  • SSI Electronics, Inc.
    Designer and manufacturer of custom membrane switches, conductive rubber keypads and graphic overlays. membrane switches may be incorporated with a multitude of features including metal dome tactile membrane switch, plastic dome tactile membrane switch, die and print emboss keypads, static, RFI and EMI shielding, embedded LED's, fiber optic backlighting, electroluminescent backlighting, hybrid switches, PCB integration, keyboard assemblies, multiple connector options, fabricated metal subpanels, integrated lenses, custom plastic enclosures, and halftone screen printing. USA.
  • Sytek Enterprises Incorporated
    Manufacturer of custom printed products, membrane switches, graphic overlays, labels, elastomeric keypads, back panels, fiber optic panels, and circuit boards. Provides full design and consultation, prototypes through to full production runs (with roll-to-roll capability), yielding a quality turn-key product. Canada.
  • The Bergquist Company
    Manufactures membrane switch assemblies, membrane labels, membrane keyboards, graphic overlays, membrane key pads, custom membrane switches, thermal management materials, thermal clad insulated metal substrate, wire assemblies, ground clamp assemblies, cordage assemblies, and touch screens. USA.
  • Miller Dial LLC
    Manufacturer of graphic identification products including metal and plastic nameplates, overlays, decals, signs and escutcheons, and two types of non-mechanical electronic switches: membrane switches and silicone rubber keypads. Also manufacture rulers, locks, and provides complete engineering support services for turnkey assemblies which include: rigid and flexible printed circuits, plastic injection molding and software development. USA.
  • Nelson Nameplate
    Designs and manufactures polyester and stainless steel membrane switches, prototype membrane switches, aluminum, stainless steel, and brass nameplates, encapsulated nameplates, graphic overlay, control panel overlays, keyboard overlay, acrylic overlay, windows and lenses, etched aluminum nameplates, and screen printed nameplates. USA.
  • Pannam Imaging
    Specializes in printed circuit board assembly as well as the design and manufacture of small to medium volume quick-turnaround custom membrane switches. Provides medical switch assemblies, commercial and industrial switch assemblies, electronic switch assemblies, surface mounted LED's integrated metal backpanels, and PCB keypad assemblies. USA.
  • Precision Graphic Systems
    Provides membrane switch assemblies including integrated led and backpaneling, anti-glare window finishes, fiberoptic or electroluminescent backlighting, PCB assembled keypads, tactile feedbacks, EMI/EFI and ESD shielding, als supplies overlays, labels, nameplates and panels. USA.

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