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Limit switches are widely used in various industrial applications, specially for automatic and semi-automatic control purposes. Limit switches are designed to control the movement of a mechanical part in order to stop a moving element driven by a motor when a predetermined deflection or end position has been reached. Limit switches can detect a limit of movement of an article and passage of an article by displacement of an actuating part such as a pivotally supported arm or a linear plunger. A conventional limit switch generally has an actuator of a lever type rotatably supported by a hinge. Normally, a limit switch assembly is provided at a stationary position along the path of reciprocation of the part for actuation by limit stops or cams projecting from the part. One type of limit switches serve the function of connecting and disconnecting circuits in a fashion that is related to a given set of inputs. The inputs typically are mechanically derived positions that are linked to the device that is being protected by the limit switch.

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  • Electro Cam Corp.
    Designs and produces a full line of programmable limit switches, electronic cam switches, encoders, resolvers and accessories for increased productivity in a variety of position sensing and control applications including packaging, converting, food processing, and automated assembly. USA.
  • Highly Electric Co.
    Manufacturer of proximity switch, photo-light switch, micor switch, limit switch, rocker switch, toggle switch, lighted pushbutton switch, photoelectric switch, snap action push button switch, slide switch, rotary switch, keylock switch, low torque switch, leaf switch, subminiature switch, and foot switch. Taiwan, China.
  • Kinetrol USA
    Manufactures universal limit switch units, quarter turn pneumatic vane actuators, AP positioner, solenoid valves, electro-pneumatic positioners, geared manual overrides, new kinetrol damper drive, 3-stop pneumatic positioners, manual failsafe spring units, all stainless steel pneumatic actuators, spring fail-safe electric actuators, spring units, and mounting hardware.
  • Max-Air Technology Inc.
    Designs and manufactures technopolymer limit switch box, aluminum limit switch box, valve positioners, positioner limit switch box, aluminum actuators, solenoid valves, spacer plate, wire connectors, speed control mufflers, pre-loaded spring cartridges, DSQ drive reduction adapters, and sleeve adapters. USA.
  • NGT Controls, Inc.
    Manufacturer of energy efficient automatic controls for home appliances such as microwave ovens, coffee makers, portable heaters, dryers, etc. Specializes in limit swtches including phenolic thermostat, ceramic thermostat, viro glass thermostat, moisture resistant thermostats, manual reset thermostats, and single operation devide thermostats. Japan.
  • Snaptron, Inc.
    Specializes in the design and manufacturing of metal dome switch contacts and complementary equipment for the membrane switch and related mechanical switch industries. Products include membrane switches, momentary push button switches, snap action switches, tactile switches, momentary limit switch, and snap action micro switches. USA.
  • Switchtec Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of limit switches, weatherproof Isolating switch, push buttons, circuit breakers, distribution boxes, contactors, relays, fuses, LED displays, panel meters, energy meters, capacitors, circuit boards, electrical outlets and plugs, energy saving lamps, terminal connectors, cable clips and ties. China.
  • Vasto Taiwan Co., Ltd.
    Supplier of push button switches, selector switches, neon lamp, molded case circuit breakers, cable ties and markers, micro and limit switches, CAM switches, timer switches, wiring ducts, temperature controllers, buzzer and alarm bells, AC solenoids, pilot lamps, key switches, contactors, thermal relays, motor starters, panel meters, current transformers, foot switches, hoist push button switches, power relays and relay sockets, busbar insulators and porcelain insulators, knife switches, warning light and siren horns, emergency light, and halogen lamp.
  • Yamatake Sensing Control, Limited
    Manufactures safety limit switches, safety interlock switches, seal connectors, basic switches, liquid level Sensors, liquid leak detectors, photoelectric sensors, fiber optic cables, proximity sensors, laser sensors, process controls, power controls, mass flow products, communication converters, system solutions, HMI/touchscreens, chart recorders, and heaters. USA.
  • Yueqing Weiben Group Co., Ltd.
    Produces molded case circuit breakers, air circuit breakers, contactors, relays, fuse links and fuse bases, limit switches, rotary switches, LED pilot lamps and push buttons, instrument and meters, multimeter, capacitors, controllers, current transformers, power transformers, voltage stabilizers, voltage regulators, inverters, sockets, plugs, lighting fixtures, lamps, welding inverter, generator, wires and cables. China.

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