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Liquid level sensing devices are often used to indicate the level of liquid in a vessel or other container and/or to operate flow control devices that control the liquid level. The level detection is based on different principles. There are known mechanical, electromechanical and hydrostatic level switches, ultrasonic level switches, capacitive and conductive level switches, microwave level switches, optical and radiometric level switches. Mechanical and electromechanical level switches are suitable for liquids only. Mechanical and electromechanical level switches usually incorporate a float buoy for sensing the fluid level, the float buoy being operatively connected to a switch device. The electrical switch is actuated upon physical movement of the portion of the float switch device containing the electrical switch or upon physical movement of another portion of the float switch device. A capacitance point level switch is operable to sense a specific level of the material in the vessel and provide a discrete output, such as with a relay contact, when the material is at a sufficient level to cause the capacitance between the probe and the reference to exceed a reference value. The capacity of the measuring capacitor within a sensor varies according to the surface level displacement of the material contained in a tank.

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  • Arjay Engineering Ltd.
    Manufactures a complete line of level monitors and controls for both liquid and solid applications. Products include single and multiple point switches, level monitors, oil in water monitors, liquid spill and leak alarms, interstitial tank leak alarms, dry run monitors, plugged chute detectors, open channel flow monitors, gas transmitters, and portable gas detectors. Canada.
  • Babbitt International
    Supplies RF point-level switches with no moving parts for liquids and bulk solids, multi-point float level switches, magnetostrictive level transmitters, ultrasonic level transmitters, liquid level gauge, dust emission flow switch, dust emission flow transmitter, bag house and dust collector differential pressure sensor. USA.
  • Bourdon-Haenni Group
    Manufactures level transmitters, level switches for hygienic applications, pressure transmitters, sensors and transducers with mV output, process seals with threaded connections, tubular seals with flanged connections and compression fittings, diaphragm seals with flange connections, pressure gauges, pressure switches, temperature transmitters, infrared pyrometers, temperature switches, bimetallic thermometers, gas-filled thermometers, DIN-rail converters, digital displays, inductive conductivity sensor, portable calibrators, and reference temperature probes.
  • Fluid Components International LLC.
    Offers flow meters, flow and level switch products for industrial process and plant applications and on-board aircraft installations. Specializes in proven flow technologies such as thermal dispersion and coriolis that provide direct mass flow measurement with wide turndown ratios with superior accuracy and repeatability. Produces a broad range of air flow meters, gas flow meters, mass flow meters, flow sensors, flow transmitters, liquid flow switches, liquid level sensors and flow conditioner products suitable for even the most demanding environments. USA.
  • Hamilton Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
    Engaged in the manufacturing of switches & sensors for security alarm systems, magnetic door contacts, magnetic security switches and host of other sensors and accessories for security alarm systems apart from premium quality reed relays, proximity switches (magnetic / inductive / photo-electric, capacitive) and magnetic float switches. India.
  • John C. Ernst Co., Inc.
    Manufacturer of sight flow indicators, flow indicators, flow meters, liquid level gauges, water meter, mechanical and digital flow meter, digital totalizer, tubular gauge valves, magnetic level gauge, flat glass gauge, try cocks and drain cocks, flat plate glass, glass cutters, weld pad windows, level switches and sensors, flow switches and sensors. USA.
  • Kobold Instruments Inc.
    Develops and engineers area flowmeters, paddle wheel flowmeters, turbine flowmeters, vortex flowmeters, oval gear meters, target flowmeters, magnetic flowmeters, float level switches, optical level switches, ultrasonic level switches, conductive level switches, mechanical pressure switches, electronic pressure switches, mechanical pressure gauges, electronic pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, temperature switches, temperature gauges and temperature transmitters. USA.
  • KROHNE China
    Manufactures level switches, mechanical level meters, level radar, limit switches, pressure regulators, vortex flowmeters, flow controllers, EMF / magmeters, ultrasonic flowmeters, mass flowmeters, pressure sensor, conductivity sensor, microprocessor-controlled instrument amplifier, electrodes for pH measurement, Immersion fittings, and batching system.
  • Orange Research Incorporated
    Manufacturer of industrial instrumentation, supplying differential pressure, flow and level instruments in the form of gauges, switches and transmitters. Products include differential pressure gauges, differential pressure switches, differential pressure transmitters, flow switches, flow transmitters, flow meters and level switches. USA.
  • Sierra Instruments, Inc.
    Manufactures digital mass flow meters and controllers, analog mass flow meters and controllers, economical mass flow meters and controllers, light industry thermal mass flow meters, heavy industrial thermal mass flow meters, transit-time ultrasonic flow meters, NEMA 6/IP67 industrial mass flow controllers, primary standard gas flow calibration systems, transient partial flow emissions sampling systems, heavy industrial volumetric vortex flow meters, heavy industrial multiparameter mass flow meter, heavy iIndustrial flow and level switches. USA.
  • Sitron Usa, Inc.
    Design, manufacture and sales of instruments for measuring, controlling and regulating flow, level, pressure and temperature. Products include thermal dispersion flow switch, flow transmitter, conductive level switches, capacitive point level detection, vibrating tuning fork for level detection, radio frequency level sensors, pressure transmitters, and submersible pressure transmitters.
  • SOR, Inc.
    Manufacturer of pressure and level-measuring instruments including flanged chamber level switches, sealed chamber level switches, top mounted displacer switches, top mounted float level switches, side mounted level switches, sSteam trap level switches, single point vibration switch, single point ultrasonic switch, single point RF switch, multipoint RF switch, level transmitters, pressure switches, differential pressure switches, pressure transmitters, vane operated flow switch, thermal differential switch, vacuum switches, and temperature switches. USA.

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