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Keylock switches are employed to actuate electrical devices in applications requiring security measures where it is desired to limit control of an electrical circuit to a keyholder. Keylock switches are increasingly fitted to electronic equipment in order to prevent unauthorized access or to maintain control. A key switch is typically operated by a cylinder lock comprising a cylinder housing and a cylinder core arranged to be rotatable within the housing, which is coupled with a non-conducting switch rotor, and a switch casing base. Generally, an authorized key is inserted into the keyway of the plug in the lock mechanism only in the release position of the plug so that it may be rotated to actuate the switch by the key.

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  • Elma Group
    Global manufacturer of products for housing electronic systems, including coded switches, mechanical and optical encoders, rotary switches, keylock switches, audio switches, knobs and accessories, LED arrays, universal terminals, test and switch sockets, ISA/PCI backplane with PCI bridge, cPCI backplanes for telecom application, VME backplane for GPS application, 12U VME64x for WarShip application, cPCI based backplane with bridge, ETSI CompactPCI backplane, system platforms, enclosures and components. Switzerland.
  • GAMA Electronics, Inc.
    Manufacturer of electromechanical and electronic controls, including rocker switches, toggle switches, push button switches, keylock switches, battery disconnect switches, snap action switches, membrane switches, capacitive switches, rotary switches, relays, remote controls, and panels. USA.
  • Oslo Switch and Edward Owen Company
    Manufacturer and supplier of Single Pole Keylock switches, double pole keylock switches, momentary action keylock switches, single pole keylock switches, sub-miniature rocker swiches, miniature rocker switches, full size rocker switches, toggle switches, miniature switches, board mount switches, weatherproof switches, and dust tight switches. USA.
  • Shogyo International Corp
    Supplies dip switches, key switch, mini push switch, miniature rocker and paddle switches, miniature slide switches for PC board, miniature toggle switches, power rocker switches, pushbutton switches, slide switches, tact switches, audio indicator, magnetic transducer, piezo audio indicator, piezo ceramic audio transducer, piezo siren, piezo speaker, piezo telephone ringer, battery holders, connectors, jacks, speakers, and cable assemblies. USA.
  • Yueqing Huili Locks Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of a wide range of locks applicable to computers, vehicles, electronics, machinery, communications, furniture and security systems. Products include switch locks, cam locks, furniture locks, cabinet lock, computer locks, and safety locks. China.

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