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A computer typically has a switching system to control the peripheral devices such as a keyboard, a video display and a mouse. The peripheral switch typically responds to control information, provides status information, provides some type of security process, and passes data between user stations and computers. Such a switching system is commonly referred to as a KVM switch or a keyboard/video/mouse switch. KVM switches are well known for allowing a keyboard, workstation and video monitor to interact with a selected one of several computers, and allow the user of the workstation to switch access between various ones of the number of associated computers. KVM switches may take a variety of forms. The KVM switch box will usually have at least one port for the workstation devices to provide and receive signals from the switch, together with a series of computer ports by which each of the associated computers is linked to the switch.

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  • Adder Technology
    Developer of KVM switches, extenders and kvm via IP technology which allows users to control and access multiple computers from a single keyboard, monitor and mouse, locally, remotely or from anywhere in the world. Products include desktop switches, rack mount switches, multi user switches, KVM extenders, KVM-via-IP, power control units, printer sharers, cables and accessories. UK.
  • ATEN Technology Inc.
    Manufactures remote IP KVMs, multi-platform KVMs, multi-user KVMs, LCD consoles, USB KVMs, analog KVMs, dual display KVMs, DVI KVMs, kits/bundles, KVM accessories & adapters, auto switches, data converters, serial interface cards, USB adapters, video splitters, video switches, video extenders, USB KVM cables, PS2 KVM cables, intelligent KVM cables, AT KVM cables, daisy chain cables, USB cables, USB KVM cables, PS2 KVM cables, intelligent KVM cables, and AT KVM cables. USA (Headquarter in Taiwan).
    Manufacturer and distributor for KVM switches, CAT5 extenders, monitor splitters, LCD drawers terminal servers and serial console servers for name brand manufacturers. Products include rRack mount monitor with KVM switch and KVM over IP, SCOUTutp KVM switch over UTP/STP, voyager DVI KVM extender, KVM over IP remote access units, and secure console server.
  • Keyzone Computer Products Ltd.
    Supplies kvm switch solutions covering kvm switches from a 2 port switch to multi-user kvm switch configurations controlling up to 1000 computer; 19 inch data and server cabinet catering for all makes of equipment and are deep enough for the large Dell, IBM, Sun, Compaq, HP server; digital signage; KVM extender solutions; ergonomic mounting arm solutions for LCD / TFT monitors, plasma TV, screens and projectors. UK.
  • KVM Partnership Ltd.
    Designs, installs and maintains KVM management solutions for "lights out" data centres, trading floors, training rooms and multiple branch offices. Products include desktop KVM switches, single user KVM switches for racks, multi-user KVM switches, KVM extenders, remote IP management, remote serial device management, rackmount cabinets and cables. UK.
  • Lanner Electronics Inc.
    Designer and manufacturer of security, storage and applied computing platforms and solutions. Provides a full array of off-the-shelf products including industrial single board computers, backplanes, chassis, embedded single board computers, PC/104 modules, industrial power supplies and KVM switches. Taiwan, China.
  • Minicom Advanced Systems Ltd.
    Provides KVM matrix solutions, remote KVM IP solutions, CAT5 KVM switches and KVM extenders give MIS and network managers secure local and remote BIOS level access to mission critical servers and network hardware. Minicom's range of AV solutions include video splitters, broadcasters and extenders that help create futuristic visual displays, for applications including RS-232. Israel.
  • Phoebe Micro Inc.
    Manufactures and distributes subwoofer speaker, PCI sound card, video grabber, VGA multiplier, KVM switches, enclosures, keyboards, modems, optical mouse, print server, USB hub, USB sharing switches, USB serial converter, USB parallel converter, USB docking ball, USB 2.0 bridge cable, 9-in-1 USB card reader, 10/100 Ethernet PCI adapter, desktop switch, Ethernet cardbus, and wireless router. USA.
  • Rackit Technology Corporation
    Offers an array of expert solutions to mount, manage, control, and protect information technology infrastructure, making network environment effectively manageable, easily accessible, safe, well maintained, and adaptable to changing requirements. Products include enterprise KVM switches over IP, KVM switches over IP, KVM-access-over-IP appliances, matrix KVM switches, CAT-5 KVM switches, KVM drawers, serial console-port switches, legacy KVM switches, KVM switches, guardian emulators, and platform converters. USA.
  • Raritan Computer, Inc.
    Develops, manufactures and markets innovative and advanced microprocessor-controlled remote management and remote control products, including OPMA compliant daughter cards, remote management boards, KVM switches with embedded KVM IP extender, stand alone KVM IP extender, enterprise management solutions, and power management devices. USA.
  • Raritan, Inc.
    Provider of products for managing IT equipment and the mission-critical applications and services that run on it. Supplies KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switches, serial console servers, CommandCenter secure gateway, remote office/remote branch, remote power control, management software and remote connectivity products. Offers a line of DCIM software products.
  • Rose Electronics
    Offers acomprehensive range of local and remote server management products such as KVM access over IP, KVM switches, KVM extenders, KVM drawers, and data switches, used in a wide variety of applications such as accessing, controlling, managing, and monitoring thousands of local and remote multi-platform servers. USA.
  • Server Technology, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures products to reduce downtime and improve data center power management. Products include intelligent cabinet power distribution units (CDU's), that provide remote management via IP, input current power monitoring, environmental monitoring and serial console port access. USA.
  • Thinklogical
    Designs, builds and sells console management devices for computers, including console servers, fiber optic extenders, switches and KVM over IP extenders such as Global-Linktm and Simple-Link. Thinklogical also sells fiber optic camera-link extenders for machine vision, inspection and surveillance applications. USA.

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