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Many types of machinery are operated by switches adapted to be actuated by the foot of the machine operator. Foot operated switches for controlling the application of electrical power to external electrical circuits are widely employed in industry. For example, foot switches are often used to trigger the delivery of laser energy in a medical laser system. Foot actuated pneumatic switches are often used in the food equipment industry to obtain precise hands-free operation of the desired food equipment, such as a meat mixer-grinder. The conventional type of foot switch generally comprises a pressure-contact switch disposed in a vertical position and directly controlled by a pressure cap to connect or disconnect electricity. Foot operated switches generally use mechanical or pneumatically actuated switches. Mechanically actuated foot switches are typically either of the plunger or push button type, or the tumbler type. Pneumatically actuated foot switches usually comprise a deformable pneumatic bulb, or air cushion, which is deformed by the foot of the user to operate a remotely located switch mechanism. When depressed, the actuator creates a burst of pressurized air which passes through a hose, tubing or other path to flip a pressure operated switch thereby initiating operation of a piece of equipment. A typical foot switch comprises a base carrying a switch having at least one electrical contact which is capable of moving between an open position and a closed position upon depression of a pedal member pivotably mounted on the base. The switch contacts receive conductors which pass externally of the base for connection to an external circuit.

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  • Camsco Electric Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of foot switch, foatless switch, time swich, terminal blocks, AC solenoids, auto lighters, bells, buzzers, sirens, bus bar insulators, bus bar supports, fuse links and bases, magnetic contactors and overload relays, push button control components, relay sockets, snap switch, and Din rails. Taiwan, China.
  • Herga Electric Limited
    Manufacturer of pressure switches, vacuum switches, footswitches, footpedals, differential switches, air bellows, air switches, fibre optic sensors, printed circuit board switches, safety switches, safety mats, bumpers, infra red remote control switches, pneumatic switches and pendant switches. UK.
  • Kinesis Corporation
    Manufactures revolutionary ergonomic computer keyboards and offer innovative input accessories for personal computer users, products include USB foot switches for mouse clicks or key actions, touchpads, trackballs, wireless optical mice, keyboards, keypads, connectivity devices, and workstation accessories. USA.
  • Linemaster Switch Corporation
    Manufactures a complete range of electric, air, pneumatic and variable speed foot switches for the industrial, medical and commercial applications. Products include heavy duty foot switches, European type foot switches, dolphin foot switch, foot operated airvals, clipper airval, air-seal foot switch, potentiometer foot control, and standard stock molded pug cordset. USA.
  • Spohn & Burkhardt GmbH & Co.
    Manufacturer a diverse range of additionals, handles, controllers, synchrotransmitter, potentiometer and encoders, portable control stations, pendants, operator control units, pedals, foot switches, on deck controller, resistors, starters, and spare parts. Germany.
  • Tapeswitch Corporation
    Manufactures presence sensing industrial switching mats, cushioned sensing edges and bumpers, press-at-any-point ribbon switches, interface controllers, photo-electric safety light curtain systems, foot and hand switches, touch pads, road and vehicle sensing switches and passenger signaling switches. USA.

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