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Emergency stop switches are a mandatory safety equipment for snowmobiles, multi-purpose vehicles, motorcycles, personal watercraft, exercise apparatus (e.g. treadmill, oval-track exercise device), and other recreational vehicles. An emergency stop switch for emergency stop of the machinery is necessarily provided in order to ensure the safety of an operator in cases such as where a fault occurs during operation of machinery. Emergency stop switches are typically mounted either as a separate module adjacent the throttle handle or other handle bar control, or mounted on the same module with the throttle handle or other control. It is important to maintain a consistent and predictable position for the emergency stop switch so that the switch is easily activated in an emergency situation.

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  • Conveyor Components Company
    Manufactures safety stop control, safety stop control with cable break detection, compact safety stop control, damaged belt detector, remote monitoring module, belt alignment control, belt alignment control, bucket elevator alignment contro, zero speed control, bulk material flow control, PC pullcord switch, belt cleaner, paddle level control, tilt level control, aeration pad, noncontact motion contro, zero speed control, and tachometer motion control. USA.
  • Craig & Derricott Limited
    Manufacturer of grabwire switches (available in combination with pulleys lamps and other accessories to provide complete safety systems), isolators (switch disconnectors), rotary switches, pushbuttons and indicator lamps, limit switches, footswitches, emergency stop station, multi- enclosure assembly containing pushbuttons, terminal blocks and ammeters. UK.
  • EAO Switch Corporation
    Provides a full range of expertly designed high-reliability products for human machine interfaces, from keyboards and industrial switch controls to custom-built switch panels. Products include indicators, illuminated buttons, pushbuttons, keylock switches, buzzers, emergency-stop switches, selector switches, flush-mount switches & indicators, printed pushbuttons, PCB miniature tact switches, keypads, toggle switches, mechanical keyboards, and touch sensitive keyboards. USA.
  • EJA Ltd.
    Manufactures safety switches, industrial safety guards, monitoring relays, pneumatic switches, trapped key interlocks, pressure sensitive mat, pressure sensitive edge, tongue operated safety switches, safety interlock switch, push button emergency switch, safety trip switch, motion detection products, safety monitoring relay, safety light curtains, non contact switches, hinge and lever operated switches, interlock switches with guard locking, and machine guarding systems. UK.
  • Moeller Group
    Supplier of systems and components concerned with power distribution and automation in industrial, infrastructure and residential building applications. Offers emergency-stop button, emergency-stop switch, door safety switch, safety-/position switches, safety relay, contactors, contactor relays, signal tower, acoustic indicators, control circuit devices, position switches, pressure switches, float switches, electronic timing relays, electronic safety relays, rotary switches, switch-disconnectors, motor-protective circuit-breaker, fuseless motor-starter combinations, circuit-breakers, switch-disconnectors, MCB enclosures, fuse enclosures, transformers, chokes, and insulated enclosures.
  • Omron Electronics Pty Ltd.
    Manufactures emergency stop switch, safety sensors, safety door switches, safety limit switches, application controllers, presence detection sensors, enabling switches, relays with forcibly guided contacts, net safety system, programmable controllers, programmable terminals, motion contro, IT/software products, wiring and connection systems, temperature controllers, timers, counters, digital panel meters, switching power supplies, photoelectric sensors, optical fiber sensors, photomicro sensors, and vision sensors. Australia.
  • Rockford Systems, Inc.
    Manufactures ergonomic touch palm buttons, electrical power disconnect switches, motor starters, safety interlocking switches, safety mats, danger and warning signs, perimeter and auxiliary safeguarding, spring-loaded turnover bars, grinder shields, universal chip/coolant shields, electrical power gisconnect switches, motor starters, electronic motor brakes, lockout/tagout devices, and emergency-stop buttons. USA.
  • Schmersal Inc.
    Specializes in the design and manufacture of industrial switches, machine safety products, position sensors and related control accessories. Products include safety light curtains, safety light beams, safety pressure mats, emergency cable-pull switches, keyed interlock switches, solenoid-latching interlocks, hinged interlock switches, non-contact safety sensors, safety limit switches, sSafety edges, safety relay modules, safety foot switches, and enabling devices. USA

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