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A disconnect switch generally has an external handle which is manually operated to break the connection between the power source and the electrical system. There are two types of power disconnect switches, a temporary disconnect switch and a permanent disconnect switch. The temporary disconnect switch has a relatively safe means for opening and closing the switch while preventing human contact therewith. The permanent disconnect switches are often mounted on a metal plate. The permanent disconnect switches have two conductors secured by screws going through a base of the switch. Disconnect switches are frequently used to switch transformer magnetizing current, low level line or cable charging current, and parallel load currents. Medium duty power disconnect switches are used in power generation, power distribution systems and power transmission. A battery disconnect switch is a bidirectional switch that is used for enabling or disabling a current flow between a battery and a load or a battery and a battery charger. AC disconnect switches are often used for connecting AC current to and disconnecting AC current from air-conditioner compressors. AC disconnect switches operate between on and off conditions by inserting a pullout handle assembly into and removing the pullout handle assembly from a stationary terminal block assembly mounted within the enclosure of the AC disconnect switch. Electrical disconnects typically comprise a disconnect switch assembly and related connecting equipment, such as lugs and ground terminals, housed within a disconnect enclosure. A manual electrical disconnects are located near electrical equipment such as motors, compressors, motor controls or other electrically driven machinery.

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  • Andeli Group Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of DGL disconnect switches, HR fuse disconnect switches, float switch / fluid level controller, cam switches, proximity switches, photoelectric switches, light control switches, push button switch, mini circuit breaker, leakage breaker, thermal relay, AC contactor, magnetic starter, intelect breaker, regulator, stablizer, and distribution box. China.
  • c3controls
    Manufactures non-fused disconnect switches for control panel and motor circuit disconnecting requirements, panel/base-mount and door-mount disconnect switches for use as manual motor controllers per UL 508, rugged fusible disconnect switches, IEC contactors, IEC overload relays, motor protection circuit breakers, human machine interface, terminal blocks, general purpose relays, and proximity sensors. USA.
  • Cooper Bussmann, Inc.
    Manufactures industrial power fuse, disconnect switches, box cover units for plug fuses, PC board mount fuseholders, panel mount fuseholders, in-line fuseholders, PC board fuseclips, rail mount fuseholders, overcurrent protection modules, power distribution blocks, cable limiters and welder limiters, supplementary fuses, and potential transformer fuses. USA.
  • Cooper Industries, Inc.
    Manufactures manual contactors & disconnect switches, industrial specification grade switches, non-fused manual disconnect switches, fused manual disconnect switches, structured wiring networks, mount telephone jacks, flush mount coaxial jacks, category 5e patch cables and wallplates, category 5e patch panels and wall brackets, office boxes and mounting straps, cable management and accessories, 110/66 wiring products, portable corrosion resistant telephone connecting devices, cord sets, corrosion resistant locking plugs and connectors, straight blade plugs & connectors, isolated ground devices, wire mesh grips, pin & sleeve devices, straight blade receptables, and decorator devices. USA.
  • Ferraz Shawmut, Inc.
    Develops and manufactures circuit protection products, including low-voltage disconnect switches, hogh power switches, power distribution blocks, fuse blocks and holders, general purpose fuses, miniature/glass fuses, semiconductor fuses, medium voltage fuses, sepcial purpose fuses, and fuse holders. USA.
  • Kilo Ampere Switch Corp.
    Specializes in the design and manufacture of high current switches and flexible jumpers, designed to perform bypassing and disconnecting operations for high currents at low voltages. Also produces custom high current switches for shorting, disconnect, transfer, isolation, interrupters, load break, multi-pole, pneumatic, used in mining, chemical, refining, rectifiers, busbar, etc. Fixed, portable, outdoors, retrofitting of vacuum switches. USA.
  • Pollak
    Manufactures and supplies master disconnect switches, precision ball actuated switches, push-pull switches, circuit breakers, electrical connectors, door lock actuators, toggle and rocker switches, ignition switches, attention getting display boards, eye-catching banners, miscellaneous switches, momentary push switches, motorized and solenoid fuel tank selector valves, and specialized electrical products for the transportation industry. USA.

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