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The basic electrical circuit includes a power switch, and a load connected in series with the power switch, connected across the output terminals of a power source. Typically, the power switch is a mechanical device which makes or breaks an electrical contact. The electrical contact is made or broken by a mechanical force provided either manually or through a magnetic field. Switches are commonly employed as input devices to indicate the presence or absence of a particular condition in a system or process that is being monitored and/or controlled. As the use of electrical equipment in the home and commercial establishments increases, there is a need to increase the number of electrical switches used for controlling or supplying electrical power to such equipment. Switches ordinarily are used to control the flow of electrical current to a variety of devices which operate by electricity. Switches can be designed various forms to respond to any type of applications. It is therefore not surprising that an almost incomprehensible variety of rotary switches, rocker switches, toggle switches, membrane switches, slide switches, key switches and pushbutton switches are offered, in every imaginable shape, color and size. Toggle switches are provided with levers that must be pulled or pushed to release a lock prior to pivoting the lever for switch operation. Rocker switches have a plurality of terminals and means operated by a rocker for making and breaking electrical connections between pairs of those terminals. A reed switch consists of a pair of ferrous metal contacts in a hermetically sealed glass envelope. Membrane switches are touch activated to make or break the electrical connection of a particular switch element. In general, manually operated switches include an actuator that is manually actuatable to cause making/breaking action of switch contacts to energize/de-energize one or more electrical circuits associated with the contacts.

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  • Advance Controls Inc.
    Manufactures cable connectors for proximity and photoelectric switches, cam switches, contactors, starters and industrial control relays, load break switches, fuses and fuse holders, inverter bypass switches, limit switches, mManual motor starters, pendant stations, photoelectric sensors, air compressor and pump switches, pushbuttons, relays and sockets, safety switches, terminal blocks and ferrules, multi-function multi-range multi-voltage timers. USA.
  • APEM Components, Inc.
    Global manufacturer and supplier of switch products and switch panels, including toggle switches, rocker switches, pushbutton switches, tact and key switches, DIP switches, industrial controls, slide switches, rotary switches, keylock switches, pushwheel switches, knobs, snap-action switches, hardware and accessories, membrane switch panels, rubber keypads, and stainless steel keypads.
  • Ark-Les Corporation
    Manufactures electro-mechanical switches, electronic switches, custom user interfaces, encoders, potentiometers, electronic hybrids, quick connects, wire rings and spades, wire splice terminals, stationary tabs, recptacles and adaptors, custom terminals & connectors, actuators / wax motors, cycle signals, dispensers, latches / locks, vent systems, fluid level sensors, clutch switches, proportional valve switches, power steering flow switches, vanity mirror assembly, door handle sensor, motor control, and encoder switches. USA.
  • Boltswitch Inc.
    Manufactures open type switches, fused power circuit devices, no-fuse tie switches, amp fusible pullout switches, heavy duty enclosed switches, large enclosed switches, manual transfer switches, enclosed battery disconnect switches, enclosed pullout switches, enclosed mill switches, shunt trip operators, blown fuse detectors, and ground fault relays. USA.
  • E-Switch, Inc
    Manufactures miniature toggle switches, sub-miniature toggle switches, miniature rocker and paddle switches, sub-miniature rocker switches, illuminated rocker switches, round panel-mount rocker switches, panel mount paddle style rocker switches, tactile feel pushbuttons switches, miniature momentary function input switches, snap-acting push button switches, power pushbutton switches, joystick navigation switch, tactile switches, DIP (dual in-line package) PCB mounted switches, snap-action switches, slide switches, rotary switches, keylock switches, leaf switch, and detector switches. USA.
  • GarrettCom, Inc.
    Manufactures Ethernet LAN products includes more than 100 standard product models divided among 10 Mb, 100 Mb, and Gigabit Ethernet switches, hubs, media converters, repeaters, concentrators, and transceivers. Chassis sizes range from plantwide LAN units capable of controlling up to 40 ports to compact converter switch units that can fit in the tightest of places. USA.
  • Grayhill Inc.
    Designer and manufacturer of rotary switches, human interface optical encoders, machine interface optical encoders, mechanical encoders, keypads, DIP switches, tact switches, toggle switches, rocker switches, slide switches, joystick, control and I/O systems, I/O modules, keylock switches, pushbutton switches, limit switches, knobs, sockets, binding posts, push posts, and test clips. USA.
  • IDEC Corporation
    Manufactures miniature switches and pilot devices, hybrid industrial/commerical grade switch, immensely flexible selector switches, monolever switches, emergency stop switches, interlock switches, enabling switches, annunciator panels, sgnalight towers, IEC contactors and starters, general purpose relays, PCB relays, solid state relays, magnetic latching relays, DIN rail snap-mount sockets, panel-mount sockets, PC board sockets, multirange and multi function timers, operator interfaces, power supplies, circuit breakers, terminal blocks, and sensors. USA.
  • Ifm Eector Inc.
    Manufactures proximity switches, actuator sensors, photoelectric sensors and systems, object detection systems, evaluation systems and power supplies, flow sensors, pressure sensors, level sensors, temperature sensors, diagnostic systems, valve feedback sensors, mobile controllers, I/O modules, dialog modules, sensors for mobile use, signal converters, data matrix code reader, RF identification systems, power supplies, wiring solutions and mounting accessories. USA.
  • Indumart Inc.
    Provides dual pressure indicator, pressure calibrators, pressure gauges, pressure instruments accessories, pressure recorder, pressure seals, pressure switches, pressure transmitters, pressure gauges, circular chart recorders, strip chart recorders, signal conditioners/converters, temperature calibrators, temperature controller, temperature indicators, temperature recorders, temperature sensors, temperature switches, temperature transmitters, thermometers, valves & manifolds, pneumatic controllers, pneumatic positioner, level indicators, level switches, level transmitters, flow switches, flow transmitters, filter regulators and lubricators, pneumatic controllers, electronic calibrator, and analytical instruments. Canada.
  • Schaltbau Electric America
    Manufactures master controllers, cam switcher, limit switches, emergency brake handles, toggle switches, key operated switches, timetable holders, dead man handles, dead man foot switches, electronic buzzers/horns, control panels, switching elements, over temperature protection devices, snap action switches, charging connectors for batteries, military connectors, Disconnecting and earthing devices, high voltage fuses, high voltage sensors, high voltage contactors, high voltage heaters and heating equipment, high voltage flat battery power supplies, DC/DC converters, battery chargers, and AC/DC contactors. USA.
  • Schurter Holding AG
    Manufactures fuses (miniature and ub-miniature, resettable, non-resettable, telecom), fuseholders, integrated AC power components(inlets / outlets, distribution units, cord connectors and cordsets), power entry modules, single phase block filters, three phase block filters, suppression chokes, pulse transformers, power stage driver modules, vandal proof switches, vandal proof keypads, frontpanel switch, printmount switch, printmount switch, voltage selector switches, and indicator lights. Switzerland.

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