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Sensitive electronic equipment, such as audio/visual equipment, personal computers, modems, printers, copiers, facsimile machines, telephone answering machines, programmable logic controllers, solid state motor controllers, variable frequency drives, robotics and microprocessor-based equipment can be severely damaged or destroyed by large variations in the power and transmission line currents and voltages. Surge protection devices protect electronic equipment from being damaged by large variations in the current and voltage across power and transmission lines resulting from lightning strikes, transients, noise, switching surges, incorrect connections, and other abnormal conditions or malfunctions. Surge suppressors are devices that protect sensitive electronic and electrical equipment from high energy voltage transients. Surge suppressor devices are employed to suppress transients of high currents in a power supplies before the transients reach and potentially damage an integrated circuit or similar structure. Metal oxide varistors and silicon avalanche diodes are two products that are frequently used as surge suppressors. Metal oxide varistors, more particularly zinc oxide varistors, have the capability of clamping high transient voltages appearing on unconditioned power lines to a low level for protecting electrical equipment or devices connected to the line. Surge suppressors are typically placed in line with transmission lines and are located near the electronic equipment to be protected.

Listings on Electronic components : Surge suppressors

  • Advanced Electronics, Inc.
    Specializing in surge protection systems for protecting, computers, and electronics from damaging electrical transients. Products include 4-20mA current loop protectors, individual load protectors, panel protectors, coax protectors, data line protectors, residential protectors, and telephone line protectors. USA.
  • American Power Conversion Corp.
    Manufactures on-demand architecture for network-critical physical infrastructure, enclosures, open frame racks and wall-mount enclosures, cooling solutions for the IT Environment, surge protection, TVSS and line conditioning products, stationary PDUs, rack PDUs, and rack automatic transfer switches, integrated power systems, modular power shelves, distribution cabinets, system monitoring, UPS battery replacement and upgrade delector.
  • Atlantic Scientific Corporation
    Manufactures AC service entrance and branch panels surge protectors, computer network surge protectors, wireless surge protection products, RF surge protectors, intelligent transportation systems (surge protection for toll plazas, weather stations, surveillance cameras and signs), and medical products for digital X-ray, CT Scan, MRI, linear accelerator, PET scan, angiography, CATH Lab, UPSs, line conditioners/regulators, transformers, and variable frequency/speed drives. USA.
  • Circuit Components Inc.
    Engineers and manufactures power distribution bus bars and board stiffener products. also manufactures and markets a broad product line of standard and custom transient voltage surge protection products for commercial, residential (whole house surge protection), industrial, data line, telephone and telecommunication applications. USA.
  • CITEL, Inc.
    Manufactures AC surge protectors, RF coaxial lightning arrestors, telecom line surge protection, data line surge suppressors, to protect PBXs, telecom equipment, radio base stations, GPS, wireless systems and cellular sites against lightning surges and electrical transients. They are used to protect PLCs, MUXs, HUBs, RTUs, SCADA, THCs and telemetry systems against power surges. USA.
  • DEHN, Inc.
    Specializes in lightning and surge protection for all 600 V class power systems, measurement and control, instrumentation, communications and information technology. Produces transient voltage surge suppression products designed for application on various conductor configured systems including, single and paired conductors, coaxial; and for protocols such as 4-20 mA loop, Ethernet, CAT 6, RS 485 and 232, and Fieldbus Foundation. USA.
  • Harger Lightning & Grounding
    Manufactures ground conductors, ground electrodes & accessories, ground bars, signal reference grids, prefabricated copper ground mesh, ground bus systems, ground strap numbering system, ground boxes, barrel compression lugs, mechanical compression tools, stainless steel screws, pipe clamps, fence grounding equipment, lightning protection components, air terminal bases, lightning warning system, surge protectors, telco & data protectors, tower grounding components, and lightning arrestor kits. USA.
  • LEA International
    Specializes in surge protection device for all applications from large-scale protectors for broadcast, medical, telecom, data centers, and manufacturing facilities to compact plug-in protectors for home electronics and office equipment. Products include modular, parallel MOV/filtering circuitry protection for service entrance and sub-panel locations, connected surge suppression device with voltage monitoring capabilities in conjunction with an isolation transformer, parallel suppressor for use in commercial and residential facilities, and silicon/gas tube hybrid protection for communications lines. USA.
  • Marway Power Systems
    Provides power distribution supplies, power distribution units PDU (single and 3 phase PDUs), portable power distribution units, rack power distribution units, uninterruptible power supplies UPS (uninterruptible power sources UPS), AC/DC COTS units, military power supplies (military power distribution units, military COTS units, military medical units), custom built rack mounts, universal control panels, power cords, power management control PMC units, PUPS units, backup batteries (SRVLA batteries and Gel batteries), line conditioners, custom cables, wire harnesses, and surge protection and surge suppressor supplies. USA.
  • New Frontier Electronics Inc.
    Offers a complete line of AC power solutions for the protection, filtering, and control of sensitive electrical and electronic equipment, especially those which are computer & microprocessor-based. SurgeX products are offered in stand-alone, rack-mount, and NEMA-style packaging options, intended to fit virtually any application. USA.
  • Northern Technologies, Inc.
    Designing and manufacturing integrated indoor and outdoor power cabinets and power protection solutions, including Integrated power cabinets, branch service protection, service entrance protection, AC hardwired TVSS, rack-mounted surge suppression, dataline surge protection, telephone and dataline TVSS, T1 line protection, coaxial surge protection, RF surge protection, RJ surge protection, and DC surge suppression products. USA.
  • Panamax
    Designer and manufacturer of electronic and electrical protection, filtration and control products to provide AC and telephone/modem protection, AC and coax cable protection (CATV and Satellite), protection specifically for satellite systems, and AC and LAN/data line protection. Offers modular protection systems that address a wide variety of AC and other signal line combinations, allowing customers to expand their protection as needs grow. USA.
  • Sankosha USA
    Specializes in the manufacturing of gas discharge tube surge arresters (gas tubes) used to protect people and systems from abnormal over voltage events.
  • Sola/Hevi-Duty
    Manufactures products to intercept and correct industrial power quality problems such as blackouts and voltage surges. Products include surge suppressor / protection devices, constant voltage transformers, power line conditioning with voltage regulation, power line conditioners, DIN rail mounted line reactors, power supplies, low voltage general purpose transformers, Low temperature rise transformers, and uninterruptible power systems. USA.
  • Spectrum Control, Inc.
    Specializes in the design and manufacture of control products and systems used to condition, regulate and govern electronic performance. Products include filter plates, shrouded latch headers, barrier strip terminal blocks, filtered connectors, surface mount filters, low pass filters, discoidal capacitors, switch mode power supply capacitors, power entry modules, DC circuit breaker panels, power management systems, and integrated microwave assemblies. USA.
  • Surgetech Ltd.
    Designs, supplies and manufactures components for both surface-mount and thru-hole technologies, specializes in the overvoltage surge protection of electrical circuits and telecommunications equipment. Products include surge arresters, spark gaps, varistors, transient voltage suppressors, thermistors, main distruction modules, and power line protection.

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