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A time delay relay is used to provide a mechanism for turning a device on or off after a predetermined amount of time. For example, in order to avoid damage to equipment and/or ensure safe operation of certain equipment due to electrical power interruptions, time delay relays are utilized to ensure equipment stabilization by provide a waiting period after restoration of power of a duration in excess of some critical interval of time to prevent immediate supply of relatively high operating voltage to the equipment. Time delay relays use a variety of components including solid-state, electromechanical, thermal, and pneumatic devices to establish a delay period. Time delay relays may be operated in two modes, "on delay" and "off delay." In the "on delay" mode, the time delay in actuating a set of switch contacts occurs after the energization of the associated electromagnet. In the "off delay" mode, the time delay occurs upon the de-energization of the electromagnet, so that the return of the delayed action switch contacts to their normal state, either normally open or normally closed, lags movement of the electromagnet.

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  • Automatic Timing and Controls
    Manufacturer of industrial timers, time delay relays, industrial electronic controllers, sensors, indicating and tower lights, counters, thermistors, calibrators, multi-channel process controllers, temperature switch relay, expandable alternating relays, fuse status indicator, AC panel meters, universal phase monitor/relay, transmitters, and devices for instrumentation and control of automated machinery. USA.
  • Crouzet Automatismes SAS
    Manufacturer of logic controllers, control relays, safety relays, temperature controllers, electronic DIN rail-mounted timed relays, panel-mount electronic timer relays, DC motors, brushless motors, synchronous motors, stepper motors, linear motors, proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, snap-action switches, limit switches, solid-state relays, human-machine interface components, position detectors, pneumatic logic components, and man-machine interface.
  • Macromatic Industrial Controls Inc.
    Manufactures plug-in time delay relays ( timing relays or timers, with 5 or 10 ampere, SPDT or DPDT output ratings and pin configurations), phase monitor relays (3 phase monitors, phase loss relays, protective relays, motor protection relays or phase failure relays), alternating relays and accessories, over/under voltage relays, voltage band relays, current monitor relays, fixed time delay, and remote adjustment time delay relay. USA.
  • North Atlantic Industries
    Manufactures time delay relays, solid state flasher, COTS and custom power supplies, DC/DC converters, power monitors, frequency monitors, phase monitors, voltage monitors, angle position indicators, digital analyzing voltmeters, simulation instruments, limit switches and encoders, potentiometer, synchro booster amplifier, embedded boards and board level Instruments. USA.
  • Pencom Design, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures RS232 serial controlled relay cards, miniature PIR sensors for automation or animation, multi-channel programmable event control timers / recycle timers, microprocessor controllers for the water treatment industry, programmable event control timer, used in many different applications ranging from simple remote control to more elaborate industrial control applications. USA.
  • Precision Timer Co, Inc.
    Manufacturer of electromechanical solid state industrial control timing modules, electro/mechanical motor driven timers, programmable timers, switch timers, industrial time delay relays, mechanical sequencer timers, electronic timers and precision timers, sequencers and microcontroller solutions. USA.
  • Taihua Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of digtal time delay relay, super time delay relay, electrical time delay relay, accumulating timer, digital timer, counter, solid-state relay, micro computer time controlled switch, sound light-operated switch, miniature electromagnetic relay, large power relay, and leakage circuit breaker. China.

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