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Solid state relays have been widely utilized in replacement of mechanical or electromechanical relays because of their many advantages including miniaturized configuration, elimination of contact bounce, low-energy consumption, decreased electrical noise, compatibility with digital circuitry, and high-speed switching performance. A solid state relay provides isolation between a control circuit and a switched circuit and may replace an electromechanical device such as a reed relay. There are many kinds of solid state relays available now. Most have triac thyristors that act as main switches which are triggered by diac semiconductors to provide a controlled on and off function. A typical solid state relay consists of a light emitting diode (LED) optically coupled across an electrically isolating gap to a photodiode array. The photodiode array is electrically connected to a output device such as a field effect transistor (FET). Light from the LED creates a voltage across the photodiode array and activates the output FET. A solid state relay has all its components made from solid state devices and involves no mechanical movement. An input circuit and an output circuit are electrically isolated from each other by a photo-coupler, and a load is selectively connected and disconnected to the output circuit according to a signal supplied to the input circuit. They are compatible with digital circuitry and have a wide variety of uses with such circuits.

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  • Solid State Optronics, Inc.
    Manufactures solid state relays and associated products for telecommunication and microprocessor control industries, including MOS output solid state relays, SCR output solid state relays, multifunction telecommunications switch, triac drivers, transistor output optocoupler, AC input-quad channel optocoupler, darlington output optocouplers, and high linearity optocoupler. USA.
  • Assemtech Europe Limited
    Manufacturer of solid state relays, reed switches, and reed relays. Also sells shock and acceleration switches, tilt and tip over switches, movement and vibration sensing switches, electronic tilt/tip over switch, proximity switches, shock and acceleration switches, magnets and float switches and silicone rubber keyboards. UK.
  • Bright Toward Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of open type and DIP, SIP reed relays (for telecom, testers, secureity system), PCB relays, power relays for electric power switching, automotive relays, latching relay, photo DMOS relay, solid state relays, delay-on relay, reed switches (for reed relays, automotive applications, cellular phone, proximity switches, game and toys, security system). Taiwan, China.
  • Broyce Control Ltd.
    Designer and manufacturer of industrial process control equipment, products include earth leakage relays, three phase relays, control relays, hours run meters, interface modules, level control relays, level control relays, timers, and sockets. UK.
  • CAL Controls Ltd.
    Designer and manufacturer of temperature and process controllers for industrial, medical and scientific machinery and equipment, including solid state relays for use with our controller for high speed load switching Product options, thermocouples and resistance thermometers, temperature and process controllers. UK.
  • celduc relais
    Manufactures solid state relays for industrial heating and temperature control and industrial and/or public lighting control, reed switches and mercury tilt switches, reed relays range in DIP enclosure, mercury wetted relay, high voltage relays, proximity detectors monitoring or controlling levels, clearances, movement, position and as a tachometer to record speed of rotation. France.
  • Crydom Corp.
    Specializes in solid state relays including DIN Rail Mount solid state relays, panel mount solid state relays, PCB Mount solid state relays, auxiliary modules, discrete semiconductor components, I/O modules, liquid level / flow, power modules, and high voltage reed relays, widely used in the food equipment industry as replacement to mercury contactors and electromechanical relays, as proportional controllers for varying power to resistance type heaters, in high power dimming systems, motor control, refrigeration, and temperature control. USA.
  • Dold Industries Ltd
    Produces motor brake relays, pump control and monitoring relays, soft start and soft stop, solid state relays, current monitoring relays, voltage monitoring relays, frequency, load monitoring relays, resistance monitoring relays, temperature monitoring relays, impulse / latching relays, interface & misc relays, coded magnetic safety switches, emergency stop relays/safety gate monitors, extension modules, release delayed safety timer modules, safety gate monitors, two hand safety relays, standstill & speed monitors, positive guided PCB relays, text displays, annunciators, and timers. UK.
  • GEFRAN spa
    Manufacturer of modular power controller, temperature controllers, alarm units indicators, panel-mounted timers and counters, solid-state relays, operating panels, complete automation systems, pressure transducers for high temperature, rectilinear and rotative displacement transducers, humidity sensors, resistance thermometers, and electronic actuators for regulating motor speeds. Italy.
  • Opto 22 Corp.
    Manufactures optically isolated solid state relays, analog, digital, and serial input/output (I/O) modules, I/O processors (brains), mounting racks, power supplies, programmable automation controllers (for remote monitoring, control, and data acquisition), operator terminals, adapter cards, and cables. USA.
  • Payne Engineering Company
    Manufacturer of single phase solid state relay, three phase solid sate relay, variable voltage control, zero-fired control for constant resistance loads, soft start controller for OEM and industrial spplications, solid state reversing motor starter, and solid state contactor. USA.
  • Power-io
    Specializing in SSR, SCR, mosfet, IGBT, alternistor and I/O products, including solid state relays, SCR thyristors, solid state contactors, mosfet based solid-state relay switching, din rail heat sinks and other automation I/O products, for power control, heater contactors, solid state motor starters, lighting contactors, robotics, PLC interface i/o, and network i/o. Industrially hardened for commercial, military, aerospace, test equipment, HVAC and similar applications. USA.
  • RKC Instrument Inc.
    Manufacturer of multi loop and single loop temperature controllers, solid state relay, process controllers, indicators, control systems and level meters as well as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, level sensors, pressure transducers and recorders, for a wide range of markets such as semiconductor, plastics, extrusion molding, injection molding, scientific, food industries and heat treat industry or thermal process. Japan.

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