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The utilization of electronics (such as control devices, information devices and audio devices) in automotive vehicles has increased significantly. Most automotive vehicles have an engine control module to optimize the performance of the engine with regard to fuel efficiency and environmental emissions. Inflatable restraints have been added to enhance occupant safety in a crash situation. Advanced braking systems, such as anti-skid braking and traction control further enhance safe operation of the vehicle. Automotive relay devices are imporant components for these electronic applications. A relay is an electrical switch that opens and closes automatically under control of another electrical circuit.  An automotive relay is mainly used to control a high-current circuit with a low-current signal, such as in the starter solenoid of an automobile. Interior automotive switches have typically comprised an assembly including a switch housing, terminal, a pushbutton actuator, conductive extensions and a relay. The relay is typically composed of a relay module mounted to a circuit board. An electromechanical relay for a motor vehicle which has a plug contact part and an encapsulated structure represents an independent component part which can be electronically and mechanically coupled via a corresponding oppositely engaging contact part on a desired place of a motor vehicle. A relay device may be arranged on a power supply line for connecting a battery and an on-board load like a circuit in a vehicle relay box, and used for switching contacts on the power supply line.

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  • Ningbo Forward Relay Corp., Ltd.
    Specializes in the research, development and mass production of electromagnetic relays (telecom relays, automotive relays, power relays, general purpose relays, PCB relays and latching relays), used in communication, automobile, automatic control and household electrical appliances. China.
  • Ningbo Shenle Relay Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of general purpose relays, auto relays, high power relays, signal relays, automotive relay, pc board relay, general relay, frame relay, open relay, contact relay, electrical relay, reed relay, control relay, power window relay, electronic relay, electromagnetic relay and reed relays. China.
  • Ripca BV
    Manufacturer of auto-electrical connector products such as single/multicore/ignition and starters cables, pre-insulated and cord end terminals, connectors, ripcaseal and ripcasolder terminals, non Insulated terminals and covers, iIgnition terminals and covers, starter terminals, battery/starter and earthing cables, battery terminals and covers, booster cables and clips, fuses, fusesholders, fuseboxes, cable ties, bases clamps, blanking plugs, tapes, waterproof junction box , sleeving and tubing, switches and warning lights, caravan and trailer equipment, relays, sockets and flasher units, products for PCB-mounting, automotive bulbs and lighting, modular fuse, relay holders, mini container system/retail packs, plastic boxes and kit boxes. Holland.
  • Song Chuan Precision Company Ltd.
    Manufactures miniature PCB relay, PCB automotive relay, flat pack miniature PCB relays, miniature PCB power type relay, octal general purpose 10 amp relay, ultra-miniature 280 terminal style plug-in automotive relay with high current/in-rush capabilities, high senstivity miniature PCB relay, and sub-miniature automotive relay. Taiwan, China.
  • Tyco International Ltd.
    Manufactures and supplies aerospace, ground power and industrial high performance contactors, automotive relays & modules, communication/signal PC board relays, circuit breakers, definite purpose contactors, high performance solid state relays and power controllers, high performance time delay relays, high voltage relays latching, impulse, rotary and special application relays, low signal high performance relays, mid-range high performance relays, mid-range PC board relays, plug-in/panel mount general purpose relays, power PC board relays, power relays, relays with forcibly guided contacts (safety relays), sensors, monitors & protective relays, solid state relays & input/output modules, time delay relays and timing modules, sockets and accessories. Electromechanical, solid state and hybrid types range from SMT PC board mount devices to large panel mount units. Features expansive sets of options for enclosure, termination, input, contact arrangement and rating. Electromechanical, solid state and hybrid types range from SMT PC board mount devices to large panel mount units.

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