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A relay is an electrical switch that opens and closes electrical contacts under control of another electrical circuit. A relay provides isolation of control signals from switched signals. Relays are known in the widest possible number of configurations and are used in various commercial and industrial applications. Relays are used to control a high voltage circuit with a low voltage signal, to control a high current circuit with a low current signal, to perform time delay functions, to perform logic functions, and to provide transient surge protection. Electromagnetic relays are commonly used as switching components for controlling current flow in load circuits in response to control signals. Time delay relays are used to provide a mechanism for turning a device on or off after a predetermined amount of time. Protective relays come in a variety of types. Distance relays are very popular devices for transmission line protection. A current (or voltage) relay is used to protect a power system, or a power transmission line based on the principle of current differential.

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  • Aleph America Corporation
    Produces reed relays (mercury wetted, high power, high voltage, high insulation resistance, low thermal EMF, RF relays, and surface mounted relays), reed switches (general applications, high power, high voltage, high insulation resistance, low thermal EMF and mercury wetted), opto sensors (interrupter, reflective and actuator type), magneto resistive, inductive, thermal (reed switch), magnetic proximity (reed switch) and deceleration/crash type sensors, passive infrared detectors, photoelectric beams and magnetic contacts. USA.
  • Amperite, Co.
    Manufactures time delay relays, flashers and controlling devices, general purpose, pcb, automotive and signal relays, panel mount bracket, DIN rails, power relays, miniature intermediate power relays, miniature solid relays, ballast, hold down spring, female qucik connect terminals, 11-pin spade terminal socket, surface mount octal socket, chassis mount octal socket, thermal cutoff switch, solid state thermal cutoff switch, and VPR voltage protection. USA.
  • Coto Technology
    Manufactures small signal switching products for the automatic test equipment, data acquisition, instrumentation, process control, telecommunications, medical and security markets. Specializes in the manufacture of custom relays. Non-standard package sizes and pinouts, custom coil and shielding designs, and multi-pole configurations are common variables. Also produces a variety of reed switches. USA.
  • Daquan Electric Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of general purpose relays, power relays, time delay relay, hour meter, solid state relays, relay sockets, temperature controller, counters, panel meters, circuit breaker, indicator, pushbutton switch, monolever switch, electronic energy-saving lamps, panel box, insulated connector, high voltage compound insulators, transducer, meters, fuse link and base. China.
  • Delixi Group Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of thermal overload relays, time delay relays, star-delta starter, fuses, converters, capacitors, power supplies, circuit breakers, AC contactor, instruments and meters, indicators and pushbutton switches, single-phase inductive meters, current transformers, medium voltage components, isolating switches, panel meter, pressure gauge, and temperature indicating controllers. China.
  • Leach International Corporation
    Manufactures AC/DC primary power distribution assemblies, secondary power distribution assemblies, lighted panels and keyboards, relays and junction boxes, advisory panels, contactors, solid state relays, power contactors, voltage regulator devices, miniature relays and sockets, time delay relays and sockets, power monitors and sensors, solid state power controllers, electronic relays, and aircraft switches. USA.
  • Omron Electronic Components
    Manufactures space-saving power plug-in relay, minature relay, power relay, maximum DC switching relay, heavy-duty relay, square base relay, octal base relay, hermetically sealed relay, industrial solid state heavy-duty relays / contactors, high frequency SPDT relay, low signal delay, MOS FET solid state relay, single pole PCB relay, single in-line package relay, general and special purpose switches, snap action switches, tactile key switches, miniature switches, sub-miniature switches, thumbwheel switches, DIP switches, component micro-sensors, optical switches, photomicrosensors, and optical devices. USA.
  • Relpol S.A.
    Manufactures products for industrial automation, which include power relays, interface relays, PCB signal relays, automotive relays, relay sockets, contactors and thermal relays, time relays, control relays, motor protection circuit breakers, ighting and overvoltage protection devices, interface relay modules, softstarters, power factor correction systems, push-buttons and switches. Poland.
  • Space Age Electronics, Inc.
    Manufactures fire alarms, fire alarm systems, fire alarm products, fire alarm detection systems, graphic annunciators, tabular annunciators, wire guards, notification, strobes, sounders, terminal cabinets, battery cabinets, smoke control annunciators, security and suppression, and carries a complete line of relay products. USA.

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