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A printed circuit board (PCB) is a circuit board fabricated by densely mounting a plurality of parts on a plate made of phenol resin or epoxy resin and densely forming curtailed circuits on the surface of the plate to connect the respective parts to each other. A printed circuit board is typically produced by alternately stacking a plurality of substrates with conductive circuits formed thereon and prepreg sheets, bonding them under heat and pressure, forming holes to allow electrical parts to be mounted on the insulating plate, and plating them with copper or other metallic materials to provide an electrical connection between the surface and inner layers. Printed circuit boards have a variety of electric or electronic parts soldered to their circuit patterns which are formed by labyrinth-like copper foils, each having electric or electronic parts soldered to lands with their terminals inserted in the terminal holes, which are made in the lands. Printed circuit boards are classified into single-sided PCBs, double-sided PCBs and multi-layer PCBs depending the number of wiring circuit surfaces. A multi-layer PCB provides a plurality of electrically conductive layers separated by insulating dielectric layers. A typical multi-layer PCB includes many layers of copper, with each layer of copper separated by a dielectric material. Multi-layer printed circuit boards are commonly used in electronic devices to connect electronic components such as integrated circuits to one another. Printed circuit boards used in various types of data processing systems (especially in computers) are typically mounted within a plastic or sheet metal housing structure, and are conventionally referred to as motherboards and daughterboards. A motherboard is the main circuit board containing the primary components of a computer system. A daughterboard is a circuit board that attaches to a motherboard, or other type board, and provide additional or enhanced functions to a motherboard.

Listings on Electronic components : Printed circuit boards

  • Ambitech International Inc.
    Provides high technology rapid prototyping services to the electronics industry. Customers include original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) engaged in designing and fabricating electronic assemblies, subsystems, and complete systems. Products and services include: printed circuit board design services, printed circuit board manufacturing, mechanical assemblies (using the stereolithography process, molding, casting), board-level assembly, box-level assembly, and both electrical and functional testing. USA.
  • American Circuits, Inc.
    Manufactures single sided, double sided and multilayer boards, total gold, high temperature and flex boards, offers complete reverse engineering services for both bare and populated circuit boards, provides assembly of thru hole and SMT circuits, complete unit assembly, including wiring, hardware, housings and final testing. USA.
  • Bivar Inc.
    Designs, manufactures and markets products to facilitate the assembly of components onto circuits boards, as well as the packaging of printed circuit boards. Supplier of LED mounts, holders and assemblies. Products is used for computers and computer peripherals, instrumentation, telecommunications, aerospace, commercial and industrial electronics, safety, industrial, automotive and architectural lighting applications. USA.
  • Capital Electro-Circuits, Inc.
    Designs, manufactures and assemblies printed circuit boards, including multilayer boards, double-sided boards, single-aided boards, teflon boards (PTH), buried and blind vias, SMT, fine-line & high density boards, hot sir leveling for SMOBC, photoimageable soldermask, UL approved (94V-0) curcuit board, nickel-gold plating, and carbon ink. USA.
  • Falconer Electronics Inc.
    Contract manufacturer specializing in single sided, double sided thru hole plated printed circuit board and electro-mechanical assemblies. Contract manufacturing services offered include circuit board assembly with surface mount placement, thru-hole insertion, electro-mechanical assembly, electronic design engineering services, PCB layout and prototype capability. USA.
  • Horizons, Inc.
    Specializes in membrane switch design and printed circuit board assembly solutions, including membrane switches, artwork, commercial membrane switches, industrial membrane switches, medical membrane switches, aluminum backpanels, surface mounted LED's integrated metal backpanels, printed circuit boards, Elastomer rubber keypads, and flexible circuits. USA.
  • PEMEA, Inc.
    Contract manufacturer specializing in low to medium volume assembly of single sided, double sided and multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCB) with through-hole technology (THT), surface mount technology (SMT), and mixed type boards. Also offering cable, ribbon, and harness assemblies which include cut-to-length, stripping and thermal stripping, terminated wires, ground wire, cables with various connector assemblies, and ribbon cables with various connector assemblies. USA.
  • Quartz Technical Services Ltd.
    Manufacturer of printed circuit boards (single sided, plated through, multi-layer). Provides assembly of PCB's both surface mount and conventional components, panel and cubicle wiring (including creating cables for clients needs), and Electronic Design services from schematic to Gerber data, or from concept to manufacture. UK.
  • Saline Lectronics Inc.
    Specializes in electronic manufacturing services concentrating on mid-volume, multi-layer, high-mix electronic PCB assembly. Provides electronic contract manufacturing services ranging from electrical design engineering, including DFMA, BGA repair, through hole assembly, printed circuit board assembly, circuit board assembly testing and product assembly (box builds). USA.
  • WAGO Corporation
    Manufacturing for electronic products, including surface mount circuit board assembly for I/O modules and wiring termination devices. Site includes product catalog and customer references.

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