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Potentiometers are resistors in which provides variable resistance by adjusting a control device. Digital potentiometers are typically comprised of a resistor array with a plurality of selectable tap points electronically connected to a common terminal. Digital potentiometers can provide a variable impedance as a result of processing a digital sequence. Digital potentiometers are used for integration into electrical/electronic environments since the switching elements can be implemented at least substantially using only electronic/electrical technologies. Digital potentiometers can be used in digital to analog converters, and as replacements for mechanical potentiometers and rheostats. Digital potentiometers often contain digital switching elements which are operated to connect only some of the available resistors to provide a desired resistance value. A typical analog potentiometer contains a resistor which can be tapped at different points to attain a corresponding resistance. Linear potentiometers are devices that measure the relative movement between component parts of a machine, such as an injection molding machine. Potentiometers have a wide range of industry applicatrions such as in systems of control or regulation, in automatic systems of control or regulation, in measuring devices, or in radio technical devices. In an electric power steering system of a vehicle, a potentiometer is linked with a torsion bar spring which receives the steering torque from the steering wheel of the vehicle.

Listings on Electronic components : Potentiometers

  • Altmann Gmbh
    Manufactures precision-rotary-potentiometers with plastic housing, precision-rotary-potentiometers, precision-multiturn-potentiometers, precision-linear-potentiometers with aluminium housing, low-torgue-potentiometers, inductive contactless linear sensors, industrial standard panel-potentiometers, multiturn-potentiometer with analog-knob, linear and rotary conductive plastic elements, and motorized potentiometers. Germany.
  • Betatronix, Inc.
    Manufacturer of precision potentiometers designed for each customer and their specific application, products include linear motion potentiometers, potentiometer switch modules, motor potentiometer assemblies, arc segment potentiometers, gear potentiometer assemblies, multi-turn potentiometers, miniaturized potentiometers, concentric shaft potentiometers, element/wiper assemblies. USA.
  • CTS Corporation
    Designs, manufactures and sells a broad line of electronic components and sensors, and a provider of electronics manufacturing services, primarily serving the electronic needs of original equipment manufacturers. Products include sensors and actuators, fuel sender elements, resistor networks, encoders and potentiometers, piezoelectric ceramic, piezoelectric speakers, ceramic duplexers, crystal filters, frequency generation modules, temperature compensated crystal oscillators, clock oscillators, quartz crystal resonators, resistor networks, application specific resistor networks, chip resistor arrays, commercial back-panels, integrated electronic enclosures, dip switches, rotary and other power switches, potentiometers, encoders, piezoelectric ceramic material and devices. USA.
  • ETI Systems, Inc.
    Offers a full range of linear and rotary potentiometers (linear potentiometers, single-turn potentiometers, multi-turn potentimeters) for position sensing and measurement, and a full line of joysticks for position control applications and electronic valve actuators for fluid control. Other products include turn-counting dials, industrial foot controllers, and valve actuators. USA.
  • NEL Frequency Controls, Inc.
    Integrated manufacturer of frequency, motion and sensor control products used in mission critical applications. Products include redundant clock module, frequency control products, industrial potentiometer, universal encoder, programmable encoder, heavy duty incremental rotary shaft encoder, and heavy duty absolute rotary shaft encoder. USA.
  • Omeg Limited
    Manufacturer specializing in 16mm plastic potentiometers, 16mm metal can and 20mm metal can rotary potentiometers, servo potentiometers, switch potentiometers and associated accessories (KNOBS, LED Lamps, spindle extensions, nuts and spring washers). UK.
  • P3 America, Inc.
    Manufacturer of precision rotary potentiometers, multi-turn potentiometers, single-turn potentiometer, linear motion potentiometers, linear variable differential transformer, incremental rotary encoder, motorized potentiometers, miniature joysticks, finger joysticks, full size joysticks, switch joysticks, and precision electric valve actuators. USA.
  • Pankaj Potentiometers Pvt. Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of single turn wire wound potentiometers, such as single turn wire wound potentiometer, single turn wire wound potentiometer stud & locknut, servo potentiometer, hollow servo potentiometer, spindle & penal sealed potentiometer, and linear motion potentiometer. India.
  • Pavan Industries
    Manufacturer of multi turn wire wound potentiometers, turn indicating dials, solid state and motorised potentiometers, synchronisation cards etc. India.
  • Piher International Corporation
    Manufacturer of electrical angle automotive position sensor / control, incremental encoder with 1.5mm travel rubber push-on switch, incremental encoder with 1.5mm travel rubber push-on switch, plastic shaft encoder, endless rotation potentiometer/sensor, carbon potentiometer, cermet potentiometer, printed circuit resistors, linear position sensor, rotary switches, and variable atenuator. Spain.
  • Pot-Tech Electronics
    Manufacturer of spindle actuated, panel mounted single turn wire wound potentiometer in 1 and 3 watt versions of wide resistance range from 10 Ohms to 100K ohms. Other products are Cermet pre-sets, rotary switches, slide wire resistive element and custom design wire wound potentiometers. India.
  • Servo Instrument Corporation
    Manufacturer of a complete line of precision conductive plastic and wirewound potentiometers, including non-wirewound and wirewound linear motion (translatory) potentiometer, resistance elements (sectors) and matching wiper assemblies, potentiometer switch assemblies, multi-use potentiometers, potentiometers and turns counting dials, standard diameter units, and various potentiometer configurations. USA.
  • Song Huei Electric Co, Ltd.
    Manufactures semi-fixed carbon resistor potentiometers, SMT trimmer potentiometer, metal glaze (ceramic) trimmer potentiometer, metal shaft rotary potentiometers, microminiature slide potentiometers, illuminated series slide potentiometers, low profile master slide potentiometers, rotary encoders, motor faders, manual faders, tact switches & rotary switches. Taiwan, China.
  • Suntan Technology Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures plastic film capacitors, gold capacitor, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, spark capacitor, safety standard recognized capacitor, mica capacitor, ceramic trimmer capacitors, bead, inductor, crystal, ceramic resonator for microprocessors of clock oscillators series, trimming potentiometer, switch, varistor, rectifier and diode. Hong Kong, China.
  • Suntan Technology Company Limited
    Manufactures a full range of trimming potentiometer, plastic film capacitors, polyester, metallized, polypropylene, polystyrene, aluminum electrolytic, ceramic disc, multilayer ceramic chip and multilayer ceramic (mono) capacitors. Also sells many other types of capacitors such as mica, gold, spark, starter and tantalum. China.
  • Wilbrecht Electronics, Inc.
    Manufactures miniature and ultra-miniature volume controls, trimming potentiometers and switches, LED design kit, board mount LEDs, panel mount LEDs, incandescent and neon panel mount LEDs, circular and rectangular connectors, battery covers, headers and feed-throughs, and alloy foil resistors. USA.

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