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Piezoelectric devices generally consist of a piezoelectric material that deforms when an electric field is applied across it. A piezoelectric device is characterized by generating a force or displacement when a voltage is applied, and generating a voltage when a force is applied, and it has a wide range of application such as various actuators and sensors. Many products make use of piezoelectricity of these piezoelectric materials. Piezoelectricity is the general term to describe the property exhibited by certain crystals of becoming electrically polarized when stress is applied to them. These products include piezoelectric actuators, piezoelectric vibrators in the form of computer oscillators, ceramic filters, piezoelectric transducers, the ignition elements of gas instruments, piezoelectric buzzers, ultrasonic transceivers, microphones, and ultrasonic humidifiers. Small information apparatus, such as HDDs (hard disk drives), mobile computers, and IC cards, and electronic apparatus, such as cellular phones, use a piezoelectric device, such as a piezoelectric vibrator, or a piezoelectric oscillator which includes a piezoelectric vibrating reed contained and sealed in a package. Piezoelectric actuator elements are generally used for volume control, switches, or ink jet droplet control since they expand or contract when a voltage is applied to generate a displacement that is practically proportional to the applied voltage. Piezoelectric resonators are widely used in electric circuits because they are small and light, and more stable in frequency and suffer less change over time than other electric parts. In electronic devices, electronic home appliances, cell phones, and other such electronic devices, piezoelectric electroacoustic transducers have been widely used as a piezoelectric buzzer or piezoelectric receiver for producing an alarm sound or an operating sound.

Listings on Electronic components : Piezoelectric devices

  • APC International, Ltd.
    Global manufacturer and supplier of high quality piezoelectric ceramics and piezoelectric products for customers in a wide range of industries: aerospace, automotive, consumer, engineering and design, industrial, manufacturing, medical products, military, and others. Products include piezoelectric ceramics in standard and custom shapes, bending actuators, disc benders, flow control products, level control products, nebulizers (fluid atomizers), ultrasonic cleaning components, single-crystal elements, stack actuators, buzzers, ignitors, NDT components, ultrasonic air transducers, ultrasonic welding components, and alumina parts. USA.
  • CeramTec AG
    Manufactures actuators, armor plating, ball head, ball mill elements, ball valves, bearings, burner elements, bushings, catalyst carriers, ceramic to metal seal products, chemical applications components, chip resistors, cup insert, cutters, dental ceramics, dipping formers, drawing tools, feedthrough connectors, forming rollers and guide elements, forming tools, foundry applications components, foundry core for piston production, friction disks, fuses, gaskets up to 900mm, glass to ceramic seal products, glove dipping formers, grinding media, heating element, hermetic seal products, hip joint components, inductor cores, industrial fuses, insulating tubes, insulation elements, knee joint components, laboratory porcelain, lasered substrates, LTCC ceramic tapes, metal matrix composites, metalized alumina ceramics, metalized substrates, miniaturefuses, monolithic multilayer actuators, multiholepipe for hot air equipment, navels, nozzles, oxygen sensor, piezoceramic components, porous ceramics, preform for material reinforcement, preform for piston production, protection tubes, regulator discs, resistor cores, revision ball, riser tubes, seal and regulator discs, seal rings, sensor element made from piezoceramics, shroud, slide bearings, substrates, tapes, textile machine components, thermostatelements, thread guides, tubes, vacuum seal products, valve shims, viewports, and welding rollers. Germany.
  • EDO Corporation
    Provides piezoelectric ceramic powder formulations, active piezoelectric ceramic shapes, piezoelectric bender elements, transducers, piezo assemblies and subsystems, piezo actuators, ultrasonic piezoelectric motor, aircraft-weapon interface systems, rugged computers and electronics, composites structures, electronic warfare, sonar systems, pre-flight test equipment, engineering, information technology, training and warfare-simulation support services. USA.
  • Morgan Electro Ceramics
    Supplies a comprehensive range of piezoelectric and dielectric materials, including microwave materials, puck resonators and assemblies, coaxial resonators and profiles, patch antenna components, piezoelectric ceramics (transducers, actuators, sensors, materials, gas ignitors, gas ignitors), RF multilayer capacitors, higher voltage disc capacitors, lower voltage radial capacitors, and silvered mica capacitors.
  • Piezo Solutions
    Specializes in providing Products & Services focused on piezoelectric ceramic, ultrasonic, acoustic and ultrasound technologies. Products include piezoelectric ceramic elements, piezoelectric actuators, piezoelectric blocks, piezoelectric rings, piezoelectric discs, piezoelectric buzzers, piezoelectric ceramic push buttons, piezoelectric pointing devices, piezoelectric guitar pickups, micropositioners, piezoelectric multilayer transformers, high density PZT, medical ultrasound ceramic elements, alumina wearplates, medical ultrasound probe components, ultrasonic ophthalmology surgical devices, ultrasonic scaling units, ultrasonic humidifier elements, nano dispensers, sonar transducers, and backing masses. USA.
  • Piezo Systems, Inc.
    Manufactures piezo materials, piezo transducers and devices, unmounted bending actuators, bending disks 4-layer bending actuators, quick-mount bending actuators, double quick-mount bending actuators, custom actuators, brass reinforced bending sensors, standard quick-mount bending sensors, extending actuators, extending sensors, low voltage piezoelectric stack, piezo linear amplifier, low cost linear amplifier, inverter drive circuit, proportional voltage booster, custom electronics, AC piezo fans, piezo chopper, mirror tilters, and prototyping kits. USA.
  • Piezomechanik GmbH
    Supplier of adaptive piezomechanical structures, open and closed loop high precision positioning systems, high power piezomechanical oscillators and shakers (kW range), piezomechanical fuel injection components, piezomechanical knockers, shockers and pulsers, piezomechanical optics control, high temperature actuators (for 200C), heavy duty piezomechanics, and piezomechanical sound generators. Germany.
  • Mad City Labs, Inc.
    Manufacturer of nanopositioning systems with sub-nanometer precisio, products include integrated solutions, single axis systems, multi-axis systems, active optics, vacuum compatible systems, high speed/large load systems, microscopy applications, alignment applications, control electronics, and custom nanopositioners. USA.
  • PI (Physik Instrumente) GmbH & Co. KG.
    Manufacturer of piezo actuators, nanopositioning and scanning systems, active optics / steering mirrors, capacitive nanometrology sensors, piezo drivers and nanopositioning controllers, high-precision translation stages, elevation stages, rotation stages, tilt stages, actuators, hexapod parallel kinematics systems, automated 6D-alignment systems, hybrid aligners, photometers, servo motor controllers, stepper motor controllers, piezomotor controllers, single channel controllers, automation controllers, ceramic linear motors and stages. Germany.
  • piezosystem jena GmbH
    Specializes in delevopment, design and engineering of piezo electrical actuator based positioning systems, including stack type actuators, high speed positioner, x and z translation stages, xy positioner, xy scanner, xyz positioner, z-axis lens positioning, mirror tilting systems, shutter/slit systems, fiber positioning system, micrometer screw drive, gripper, rotary stage, modular system ENV, digital system d-Drive, piezo controller 1-channel version, piezo controller 3-channel version, optical fiberswitch and multiplexer. Germany.
  • US EuroTek, Inc.
    Manufacturer and distributor of precision positioning equipment including motorized micrometers, piezoelectric actuators, dovetail and crossed roller bearing linear stages, and precision worm gear 360?rotation stages. All systems feature both manual and motorized translation. Also specialize in custom engineered systems to meet single purpose and O.E.M. requirements.

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