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  • Ashcroft Inc.
    Offers analog pressure gauges, digital pressure gauges, pressure transducers and transmitters, bimetal thermometers, gas-actuated thermometers, digital thermometers, RTD thermometers, thermowells, pressure switches, temperature switches, differential pressure switches, panel meters and pneumatic transmitters, diaphragm seals/instrument isolators, digital pressure indicators, hand actuated controllers and pumps, hydraulic testers and comparators, analog test gauges, digital test gauges. USA.
  • Data Track Process Instruments
    Produces digital panel meters, PID controllers, signal conditioning units, remote data acquisition systems and large digit displays, for applications in temperature indicators and PID temperature controllers, pressure and weighing, process inputs, injection moulding and extrusion, PID control, signal re-transmission, remote data acquisition, alarm outputs, fill and trickle feeder control, filling by loss of weight, automatic in-flight compensation, automatic zeroing band function, melt pressure transducers, and LVDT transducers. UK.
  • Daytronic Corporation
    Offers a comprehensive hardware family from transducers and single-channel benchtop or machine-dedicated conditioner/indicators to high-speed PC/PLC front-ends and factory-wide distributed networks. Typical applications include production line automated testing, remote safety monitoring, prototype evaluation, "real time" process control via closed-loop servo systems, and statistical analysis of both "real time" and "historical" data. USA.
  • Devar Inc.
    Manufacturer of alarms, mini-source signal calibrator, force main pressure recorder, controllers, data loggers, loop powered indicators, isolated signal converter, current loop isolator, level and pressure transmitters, panel meters (PH indicator/controller, thermocouple/mV strain gauge, process signal indicator/controller, LED display), pH transmitters, power supplies, pump controllers, signal converters, telemetry, temperature transmitters, and totalizers. USA.
  • Fox Meter Inc.
    Manufactures standard panel instrumentation including 1/8 DIN panel meters, hand held electrical testers, 1/8 DIN 4-20mA loop powered LCD process meter, bargraph process meters, large tricolor displays, industrial quality score board displays, and custom products for the OEM and systems integrator. USA.
  • Gayatri Control
    Manufacturer of digital control panel meter product range including digital temperature controller, tachometer, rate meter, mpm counter, time preset counter, weighing and batching system. Other products includes thyristor controlled DC Drives up to 200 HP, microprocessor based and push button type DC panel meter for plastic machinery, road construction machinery and auto burners. India.
  • Lascar Electronics Ltd.
    Provides a wide range of panel instruments. Standard meters include voltmeters, loop powered, thermometers, timers, counters and dot matrix displays. Data loggers include direct to USB interface data loggers that measure temperature, humidity, voltage or 4-20mA loop current. Produces a range of linear power supply that features a fully encapsulated transformer and screw terminal connections. Many models also offer a 120/240V input selector. UK.
  • Nippen Electrical Instruments Co.
    Manufacturer of electrical measuring and testing instruments like ammeters, voltmeters, wattmeters, power factor meters, kVA/kVAr meters, frequency meters (read and indicating type), synchroscope, phase sequence meter, insulation testers (analogue and digital), transducers, earth testers, kWh meter, smart load manager, shunts, current transformers and total energy management system. India.
  • Non-Linear Systems
    Manufacturer of miniature digital voltmeters, 1/8 DIN/NEMA digital panel meters, short-depth digital panel meters, panel mount digital counters, frequency meters, interval timers, line-powered frequency monitors, digital current loop-powered meter, signal conditioners, and temperature meters. USA.
  • OTEK Corporation
    Designs and manufactures process measurement and control instruments, digital panel meters (V/A DC LCD, V/A DC LED, V/A RMS, process LCD, process LED, process bargraph, srain-gage, temperature control, resistance temperature detection, remote display, mil-spec, counters and timers) as well as wireless (RF) transceivers. USA.
  • Temp, Inc.
    Manufactures digital panel meters, electrical transducers, SCR units for D.C. field control of large, digital DC current indicators, three phase AC voltage monitor/relay, synchronous machines and temperature monitoring of winding and bearing temperature of large, temperature monitors and motor controls, AC current transducers, AC voltage transducers, and active power watt transducers. USA.

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