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Magnetic separators are widely used to separate magnetic from non-magnetic materials. Magnetic separators can be arranged to effect a separation of more magnetic particles from less magnetic particles. In many applications in the manipulation of charged particle beams, the separation of the constituents of the beam by their mass, energy or charge can be achieved by magnet separators. Such magnet separators are used in mass and energy spectrometers. These magnet separators employ uniform fields perpendicular to the incident charged particle. High gradient magnetic separation (HGMS) is a form of magnetic separation device which functions by magnetizable particle entrapment. High gradient magnetic separation is known as a process for selectively retaining magnetic materials in a chamber or column disposed in a magnetic field. A HGMS comprises a liquid-permeable, cylindrical canister containing liquid-impermeable packing elements of magnetizable material between the canister inlet and outlet. The packing material may be paramagnetic or ferromagnetic and may be in particulate or filamentary form.

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  • Action Equipment Company, Inc.
    An application solutions provider with vibratory equipment in sawmills, foundries, quarries, power plants, and recycling facilities. Products include vibratory screeners, vibratory feeders, vibratory conveyors, free wire re-claimer, magnetic separators, permanent plate separator magnets, powerful magnetic trap, metal detectors, abd stroke control unit. USA.
  • Eriez Manufaturing Co.
    Designs, develops, manufactures and markets magnetic separation, metal detection and materials feeding, screening, conveying and controlling equipment for process and metalworking industries. Products include magnetic plates, grates, and traps, rolls and tubes, drum separators, ferrous traps, magnetic pulleys, magnetic sweepers, non-ferrous eddy current separators, electromagnetic separators, metal detector, vibratory feeders and conveyors, vibratory screeners, bin vibrators, magnetic equipment for metalworking, minerals and materials processing (MMP) equipment (includes wet drum, rare earth roll, superconducting magnetic, electrostatic, and electrodynamic separators; dry vibrating filters, magnetic flocculators), resource recovery equipment, ceramic magnets, demagnetizers, round and rectangular flat-faced electromagnets, fluid line filters, magnetic claws and multilifts, and specialty magnetic sweepers. USA.
  • Goudsmit Magnetics Groep BV
    Designs and manufactures metal separation of products in free fall, metal separation of products for belt conveyors, metal separation of products in air conveyors, metal separation of liquids, magnetic rails & rollers, magnetic conveyors for sheets & blanks, slidebed conveyors for scraps & parts, magnetic belt conveyors for nails & fasteners, magnetic elevators for empty & filled cans, magnetic conveyors for crown corks, lids & caps, magnetic grippers & combi grippers, electro & permanent lifting magnets, magnetic sheet separators, palletising magnets & machinery, sheet feeders & handling machinery, demagnetising tables & tunnels, ferrite magnets, samarium-cobalt magnets, alnico magnets, plastic bonded magnets, pot magnets, magnetic tools, electro magnets, mMagnetic clamping devices, magnetic testing equipment, concrete magnets, office magnets, magnetic attachments, magnetic coat hooks, flexible magnets, promotional magnets, and memoboards and strips. Netherlands.
  • Huate Electromagnetic Equipment
    Produces powder equipment, electromagnetic separator, permanent-magnetic separator, magnetic selector, magnetic roller, lifting electromagnet, metal detector, vibrating feeder, electric roller, for uses in metallurgy, power generation, coal, mining, building materials, cement, bricks and tiles, chemical, refractory, foodstuff, paper making and glass industries. China.
  • Magnetic Products Inc.
    Designs and manufactures digital signal processor metal detector, conveyor tunnel metal detector, micro processor control metal detector, single surface metal detector, primary magnetic separator, secondary magnetic separator, finishing magnetic separator, total metal control systems, magnetic conveyors, shaker conveyors, electromagnetic sheet separator, stack tracker sheet separator, adjustable fanner magnet, pneumatic magnetic parts lifter, magnetic brooms and sweepers, numa shaker conveyors, and vibratory feeders. USA.
  • MonlanGroup Inc.
    Manufactures a complete range of standard and custom designed engineered coolant filtration / recycling systems and equipment, including tramp oil separators, coolant recycling systems, magnetic separators, paper bed filters, vacuum filters, paper bed filter, ultrafiltration systems, centrifuges, magnetic slide conveyors, and liquid waste evaporators. USA.
  • Quadrant Magnetics Group
    Manufactures standard and custom alnico, ceramic, and rare earth products, magnetic rubber products, magnetic lifting products, workholding devices, off-the-shelf magnetic assemblies, food-grade separation systems and components, ferrous material separators for the chemical, petroleum, and plastics industry, motor arcs, security sensor products, VCM magnets, actuator magnets and assemblies, speaker magnets, generator and magneto magnets, plasma containment magnetrons, linear and rotary magnetic couplings, and positioning and sensing assemblies. USA.
  • Shields Company
    Offering a full line of industrial magnets, magnetic separators, magnetic sweepers, lifting magnets and tow-behind magnets, including load-release all-terrain magnetic sweeper, auto release magnetic sweeper, load-release tow-behind magnetic sweeper, magnetic tow sweepe, road/airfield magnetic sweeper, multi-surface magnet, magnetic broom, magnetic nail sweep, grate magnets, plate magnets, shields type CM3 super strength conveyor magnet, stationary separator, overhead separators, bullet magnets, magnetic head pulleys, underwater retrieving magnet, and lifting magnets. USA.
  • Spherotech, Inc.
    Manufactures and supplies uniform microparticles for biomedical and diagnostic applications, including flow cytometry particles, flow cytometry multiplex bead assay particles, flow cytometry grade fluorescent particles, fluorescent particle slides, pollystyrene particles, silica particles, colored particles, magnetic separators, magnetic particles, and ferromagnetic particles. USA.
  • Wang NMR Inc.
    Manufactures ulltra high field magnets, high resolution NMR magnets, field open-air superconducting MRI magnet, functional MRI system, MHD magnet, magnetic separators systems, superconducting magnet systems, copper magnet, cryostat and cryogentic instrumentation, superconducting bend magnets, supercon filter and front end receiver. USA.

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