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  • All Magnetics Inc.
    Manufactures alnico button magnets, floor sweeper with release, holding & retrieving magnets, latch magnets, magnetic bases, magnetic floor sweeper, push-type sweeper, tool holders, magnetic bulk lifter, handle magnets, demagnetizer, magnet maker sheeting, pickup tool with locking hinge, classic horseshoe magnets, flexible magnetic tape, ceramic blocks, ceramic discs, ceramic rings, flexible magnetic sheeting, magnetic sheeting with adhesive, printable magnetic sheeting, magnetic photo frames, horseshoe magnets, colorful ceramic magnet shapes, cow magnets, white magnetic hooks, knife & utensil holders, magnetic wreath holder, and flexible magnetic shapes. USA.
  • Axestone Industry Inc.
    Specializes in producing rare earth magnets and magnet assemblies. Products include NdFeB magnet, magnet button, magnetic filter, SmCo magnet, pot magnets, magnetic triangle fixer, AlNiCo magnet, magnetic badge attachment, magnetic attractor, cow magnet, magnetic toy, magnetic catcher, olivary magnet, and magnetic lifter. China.
  • China Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Ltd.
    Magnet manufacturer that specializes in producing rare earth neodymium, sintered and bounded, samarium cobalt, alnico magnet. Products include sintered NdFeB block magnets coated with nickel and zinc, sintered NdFeB ring magnets coated with zinc and gold, sintered NdFeB tegular magnets coated with colored zinc and zinc, sintered NdFeB tegular magnet coated with gold, bounded NdFeB small ring or other shaped magnet coated with colored zinc used in sound solution devices, bounded NdFeB columnar magnets coated with epoxy and plastic, sintered NdFeB columnar magnets coated with zinc and nickel, alnico abnormal shaped magnet coated with nickel, and samarium cobalt magnet with various shape without coating. China.
  • Countis Laboratories
    Manufactures materials used in the microwave industry. The product lines consist of ferrite material (garnet, spinel, and hexagonal), dielectric material, and magnetic material. These materials are precision machined for use in microwave components for applications in space, defense, commercial telecommunications, cellular, automotive, and medical fields. USA.
  • Dailymag International
    Manufacturer and exporter of permanent magnets, intelligence toys, and dental instruments. Specializes in NdFeB magnet, SmCo magnet, ferrite magnet, AlNiCo magnet, flexible rubber magnet, magnetic assembly, magnetic equipments, refrigerator magnets and magnetic toys. China.
  • Electron Energy Corporation
    Manufacturer of high performance rare earth permanent magnets and magnet assemblies for industrial, medical, aerospace and defense applications. Specializes in the production of samarium cobalt magnets including samarium cobalt and neodymium iron boron as both sintered magnets and bonded magnets, and high temperature samarium coba. USA.
  • Eneflux Armtek Magnetics, Inc.
    Supplies magnets and magnetic assemblies including alnico, bonded ferrite, ceramic magnets, flexible magnets and magnet components for electronics and actuating devices. Manufacturing capabilities include advanced magnetic modeling and characterization software to provide optimal support and engineering for sintered rare earth magnets, injection molded magnetic assemblies, rare earth magnets, samarium cobalt magnets, and technical magnets. USA.
  • Flair Electronics
    Manufactures magnetic contacts (recessed, surface mount, high security balanced magnetic switches and other specialty switches), single and multi-zone annunciators and graphics, waterguard sensors, fence sensors, proximity switches, single and multi-zone annunciators, and accessories including magnets, collars, spacers, pre-wire plugs, brackets, ANSI plates, armored cable, double stick tape and other hardware items. USA.
  • Hangzhou Permanent Magnet Group
    Specializes in the development and manufacture of cast and sintered alnico, sintered and bonded NdFeB, sintered and bonded SmCo, magnet assemblies, permanent magnet motors and other related products, in various forms such as ring magnet, rectangle magnet, bar magnet, arc-segment magnet, and magnet powder. China.
  • Kanetec USA Corp.
    Manufacturer of electromagnetic chucks, chuck controllers, permanent magnetic chucks, electro permanent magnetic chucks, permanent magnetic lifts, electro magnetic lifts, electro magnetic holders, electro permanent magnetic holders, steel sheet separator, permanent magnetic holders, rectifier, promelta system, magnetic base, magnetic blocks, chip and sludge transporters, magbore and tap, and tesla meter.
  • Magnet City
    Manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of magnets, including magnetic materials, ferrite, NdFeb, alnico, smco, magnetic assembly, industrial permanent magnets and mechanical seals. Products include magnetic lifters, neodymium pots, water magnets, magnetic catchers, magnetic filters, refrigerator and craft magnets, magnetic knife bars and tool holders. USA.
  • Magnum Magnetics Corporation
    Manufactures thermoplastic permanent magnet, flexible magnets, magnetic inkjet paper, magnetic sheets,adhesive magnets, refrigerator magnets, magnetic signs, permanent magnets, magnetic tape, magnetic strip, magnetic materials, magnetic photo frames, magnetic car signs, ferrite magnets, rubber magnets, magnetic white boards, and craft magnets. USA.
  • MMC Magnetics
    Specializes in manufacturing and supplying engineered permanent magnetic materials, components and assemblies. Products include sintered NdFeB magnets, bonded NdFeB magnets, sintered SmCo magnets, bonded SmCo magnets, cast alnico magnets, sintered alnico magnets, bonded ferrite magnets, bonded NdFeB magnets, bonded SmCo magnets, sintered ceramic magnets, bonded ceramic magnets, low energy flexible strip, low energy flexible sheet, high energy flexible sheet, magnetic inkjet sheet, magnetic couplings, ceramic holding magnets, and alnico assembly parts. USA.
  • Ningbo Vastsky Magnetic & Plastic Tech
    Manufactures rare earth permanent magnet, including NdFeB magnet, ferrite magnet, AlNiCo magnet, SmCo magnet, flexible magnet, rubber magnet, speaker magnet, electomotor magnet, servo magnet, step magnet, seperator magnet, ring magnet, radiaton magnet, disk magnet, tile magnet, therapy magnet, neodymium magnet, neodymium ferrite boron permanent magnet, sintered NdFeB magnet, and bonded NdFeB magnet. China.
  • Precision Magnetics AG
    Manufactures and supplies rare earth magnets for Servo motors, magnetic couplings, relays, sensors, and stepper motor applications; and magnetic assemblies for the automotive industry as well as small series of "High Tech" aerospace products and individual large assemblies for electrical machines. Germany.
  • Technomag, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures cast alnico magnets, sintered alnico magnets, bonded rare earth magnets, ferrite magnets, neodymium rare earth magnet, samarium cobalt rare earth magnet, ferrite core magnet, magnetic badges, magnetic buttons, round magnetic bases, magnetic hooks, teaching magnets, rubber magnets, magnet hematite, and therapy magnets. USA.
  • Tesla Engineering Limited
    Manufactures resistive and superconducting electro­magnets for particle accelerators of all types, and produces specialised gradient coils for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners. Also supplies electromagnets for emerging applications, such as fusion research and the semiconductor industry. UK.
  • Yuxiang Magnetic Materials Ind. Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures and supplies permanent magnets, NdFeB magnets, AlNiCo magnets, SmCo magnets, rare earth magnets, fridge magnets, ferrite cores (hard ferrite arc or segment, ring magnets, rectangular magnets), magnetizer, injection bonded magnet, felexible magnet, magnetic material, tesla meter, presintered ferrite powder, bonded ferrite powder, NdFeB powder, and alnico powder. China.

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