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An electromagnet is a low-voltage electric apparatus for converting electrical energy to mechanical energy, and is widely used in industrial fields and various products. An electromagne is magnetized by a current-carrying coil round it, and can produce much larger magnetic field than permanent magnets. An electromagnet has a stator core on which a wire coil is wound, and a movable core faced with the stator core via a gap. When the exciting coil of its excitation system is powered to form a magnetic field incorporating with the iron core, the magnetic field attraction force attracts the armature with mechanical load towards the coil and the iron core so that the electromagnet starts to work. The magnetic field disappears when the current ceases. Electromagnets have a wide range of application. Such magnets are widely used in industrial installations and automated systems. Electromagnets are employed in automatic transmissions of vehicles. The electromagnet is used in the steel industry for material handling purposes. A release electromagnet is used to constrain or release a movable member such as is used in an electrical shutter assembly of a camera. A septum electromagnet is conventionally used to introduce particle beams into and extract particle beams from a charged particle accelerator.

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  • AEC Magnetics
    Manufactures electromagnets for automation, electromagnet controllers (110 volt rectified power cords and manual power supply, automatic power supply and battery back-ups, heavy duty manual power supplies), lifting magnets (scrap magnets, rectangular electromagnets, circular electromagnets, parallel pole electromagnets, permanent magnetic lifts, battery powered lifts), sheet handlers and fanners, permanent magnetic sweepers, forklift magnetic sweepers, heavy duty retrievers, magnetic rails, cup & horseshoe assemblies, tapped alnico assemblies, two & three pole assemblies, alnico rotors & button magnets, and flexible magnetic strip. USA.
  • Alpha Magnetics, Inc.
    Specializes in the design and manufacturing of specialty electromagnet and power supply systems, conventional and superconducting; provides various high precision klystron air and water-cooled focusing solenoids utilized in applications for military, commercial radar tracking systems and FAA terminal Doppler weather radar (TDWR), maintaining accurate axial field plot specifications; supplies magnets for 150mm, 200mm, and 300mm crystal growing furnances. USA.
  • Dings Magnetic Group
    Manufactures suspended overhead magnets, eddy current separators, large drum magnets for scrap and recycling, small drum magnets for processing, magnetic head pulleys, magnets for pneumatic conveying, grate magnets, plate magnets, perma chute magnets, magnetic hump, round pipe separator, scrap lifting magnets, magnetic sweepers (light-duty floor sweepers, magnetic floor sweeper, and road sweeper). USA.
  • Magnet-Schultz of America Inc.
    Manufactures standard electro-magnets, fully custom electro-magnets, custom magnetic latching solenoids, custom magnetic latch mechanisms, C-frame, D-frame and tubular solenoids, solenoid actuators (coils and tubes), spool-lock solenoid, VR032 pressure control valve, and pressure control valve. Provides electromagnetic product design, electro-mechanical engineering and product design, value added design and assembly services.
  • Magnetool, Inc.
    Manufacturer of magnetic handling equipment including flat faced and bipolar electromagnets, manually operated and automation compatible rectifier/controllers, custom built electro-magnets, multilifts, magnetic sweepers, magnetic filters, magnet material, rectifier controllers, demagnetizers, permanent magnet chucks, electromagnetic chucks, magnetic coolant cleaners, magnetic sine plates, custom built devices, and permanent magnet sheet steel floaters. USA.
  • Ohio Magnetics, Inc.
    Produces standard and specialized circular, bipolar and rectangular lifting magnets as well as power supplies, including rectifiers, power takeoff, hydraulic-driven generators and magnet controls. Manufactures magnetic separation equipment, including standard and alternating pole magnetic drums for auto shedders, electric or permanent over-the-belt magnets, magnetic pulleys, and specialized wet or dry magnetic separators. USA.
  • Rochester Magnet Company
    Supplies flexible magnetic sheets, flexible magnetic strips, inkjet printable magnetic sheets, ceramic magnets (ferrite), neodymium magnets, samarium cobalt magnet, aluminum/nickel/cobalt magnets, round and rectangular flat-faced electromagnets, bi-polar magnets, round lifting electromagnets, rectifier controllers, battery operated lifts, multi lifts, retrieving magnet, sweepers, permanent magnetic lifts, field indicator, magnetic pole viewing paper, grate magnets, plate magnets, and magnetic assemblies. USA.
  • Dortronics Systems, Inc.
    Supplies electromagnetic locks (pedestrian gate locks, security cabinet locks, fail-safe operation, exterior applications, universal control), totally protected circuitry, automatic battery charger, fail-safe fire alarm input, LED status indicators, auxiliary alarm outputs, actuating controls, motion detector, emergency pull station, annunciators, and keypad controls. USA.
  • Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd.
    Designs and manufactures magnetising systems capable of magnetising permanent magnets and assemblies containing permanent magnets; demagnetising systems capable of reducing the existing flux in magnets, ferrous material, magnet housings and equipment; vibrating sample magnetometers and permeameters, magnetising and demagnetising coils, and magnetic instrument. UK.
  • Hypernetics Limited
    Dedicated to the development and manufacture of innovative electromechanical and electromagnetic devices, including electromagnetic digital indicators, electromagnetic flag failure indicators, electromagnetic rotary solenoid indicators, electromagnetic wheel speed transducers, fiber optic harsh environment wheel speed transducers, and flow control valves. Canada.
  • Livonia Magnetics Company
    Designer and manufacturer of metal scrap conveyor systems, conveyor components and permanent holding magnets. Products include conveyors, permanent holding magnets, electromagnets, magnetic coolant filters, magnetic sweepers, magnetic rollers, demagnetizers, magnetic sheet fanners, magnetic lifts, magnetic materials, and magnetic welding fixtures. USA.
  • Ningbo Yinzhou Electromagnet Factory
    Specializing in production of AC and DC electromagnets for valves, including pilot type solenoid valve, pilot type programmed irrigation controller, proportional electromagnet, security-purpose electromagnet, control solenoids for energy-saving pilot type valves, water and air valves, self-rectified electromagnet for wet-pin type valves, dry-pin type pushing electromagnet, inserting electromagnet for valves, and manual pumps for machine oil lubrications. China.
  • S. G. Frantz Co. Inc.
    Manufacturer of electromagnetic separators (fluids and slurries, dry materials, rectifiers), permanent magnet separators (standard, strainer, specials), laboratory separators (barrier, isodynamic, low field control, canister), and electromagnetic separators for industrial processing of liquids, slurries, gases, dry granular materials and powders. USA.

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