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Magnetic products have been widely used in such applications as automobiles, aircraft, reprographics equipment, telecommunications, computer and peripherals, and electronic security systems. These products often call for magnets having various characteristics such as high magnetic field strength, magnetic field uniformity, flexibility, durability, and low cost. Permanent magnets, magnets which exhibit permanent ferromagnetism (the ability to maintain magnetism following removal from a magnetizing field), are developed for several important magnetic characteristics including high maximum energy content, high resistance to demagnetization, and high induction, and have long been useful industrial materials, finding extensive applications in such devices as meters, inertial instruments, travelling wave tubes, loudspeakers, DC motors and generators, magnetic bearings, brakes and clutches, as well as actuators and sensors. The permanent magnets include sintered magnets prepared by the powder metallurgical techniques and cast magnets by casting a molten alloy into a mold. Bonded magnets are manufactured from mixtures of magnetic powders and binding resins by pressure-molding the mixtures into desired magnet shapes. Electromagnet is a type of magnet made of a core of iron or steel wrapped in an electrically conductive coil through which the current is passed to produce the magnetic field in the material.

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  • Adams Magnetic Products Co.
    Manufactures magnetic strip, magnetic sheet, precut flexible magnets, high energy strip and shapes, inkjet magnet & magnetic receptive materials, cardholder / C-profile, write-on / wipe-off strip, sidemag and matched pole strip, ceramic magnets (for DC motors, magnetic separators, MRI, automotive sensors, craft projects, refrigerator magnets), alnico magnets, rare earth magnets (neodymium-iron-boron and samarium cobalt), and magnetic assemblies. USA.
  • Arnold Magnetic Technologies Corporation
    Manufacturer and supplier of magnetic materials including permanent magnets (cast and sintered alnico, hard ferrite, and a full range of bonded magnets), bonded magnets (flexible extruded sheet and strip, calendered flexible magnets, injection molded, and compression bonded), soft magnetic materials, electromagnets, precision rolled strip and foil products, and magnetic assemblies. USA.
  • Babcock Noell GmbH
    Development and fabrication of super-conducting magnets and magnet systems (e.g. dipoles and quadrupoles), cryostats and vacuum vessels, and special-purpose tools for fabrication of magnets. Design and construction of flue gas desulfurisation plants for power plants, flue gas cleaning systems for waste and bio mass incineration plants and industrial processes, and packed bed filter plants. Planning and execution of decommissioning, dismantling and disposal of nuclear facilities. Supplying remote handling systems, manipulators and handling systems for fuel elements. Germany.
  • Bunting Magnetics Co.
    Offers a broad line of permanent magnets and magnetic equipment for industrial use. Products include magnetic conveyors, conveyor components, low-profile conveyors, magnetic metal separators, flexible magnetic strips and sheets, magnetic separators for plastics processors, electromagnetic and permanent magnetic holding assemblies, magnetic lifters, magnetic workholding and maintenance tools, magnetic sweepers, magnetic sheet fanners, magnetic printing cylinders and bases. USA.
  • Danfysik A/S
    Developing, designing, manufacturing and integrating components and systems for the research, healthcare and industrial markets by exploiting our competencies in accelerator technology. Products include accelerator magnets, spectrometer magnets, precision magnet power supplies, precision current transducers, ion implanters and ion sources, insertion devices for synchrotrons, beam diagnostic instrumentation, field measurement equipment, pre-injectors for synchrotrons, turnkey ion accelerator systems, turnkey boosters for synchrotrons, and X-ray beamlines and components. Denmark.
  • Hitachi Metals America, Ltd.
    Global supplier offering a complete line of permanent magnets (cast alnico, ceramic, samarium cobalt and neodymium-iron-boron magnets), amorphous metal ribbon and components used in the production of electrical distribution transformers, high frequency magnetic components, ferrous and non-ferrous castings, ceramics, cutting tools, gas piping components, optical components and materials, permanent magnets, RF and microwave components, rolls, sensors, soft ferrites, and specialty steel.
  • Industrial Magnetics, Inc.
    Designs, engineers and manufactures magnetic assemblies and magnetic separation devices including industrial magnets (for stacking, destacking, conveying, lifting and transferring), cup magnets, cylindrical magnet assemblies, demagnetizers, electro magnets and power supplies, flexible magnetic strips and magnetic sheeting, lift magnets, magnetic chucks, magnetic retrievers/hand tools, magnetic sheet separators / fanners, magnetic sweepers, manhole cover lift, raw magnet materia, rectangular magnet assemblies, magnetic inspection tools, magnetic tubes and grates, magnetic pull test kit, plastic processing magnets, slide-gates, T-traps, and testicks for metal detectors. USA.
  • MK Magnetics, Inc.
    Specializes in the production of custom and standard tape wound soft magnetic cores, configurations include cut cores (C-cores and E-cores), toroidal shaped cores including cased units (aluminum, nylon), epoxy coated cores, cut-in-half cores (current clamps), and gapped cores, manufactured from a broad range of materials, including grain-oriented silicon steels, 50% and 80% nickel alloys, amorphous material, cobalt alloys, and nanocrystalline. USA.
  • Puritan Magnetics Inc.
    Manufactures a complete line of magnetic products in permanent and electromagnetic design, including plate magnets, suspended belt magnets, tube and grate magnets, vertical spout magnets, hump magnets, head pulley magnets, angled spout magnets, rotating drum magnets, drawer magnets, liquid plate and trap magnets, blank fanners, hand tools, magnetic rails and pulleys, lift magnets, floor & road sweepers, electromagnets and power supplies, electronic equipment, filter magnets, and parts separator. USA.
  • Storch Magnetics
    Provides permanent magnetic holding assemblies, magnetic materials, custom engineered magnets, magnetic slide conveyors, magnetic conveyor belts, hinge drag conveyors, vibratory transporters, sheet handling conveyors and components, magnetic rails and rollers, magnetic separator chip coolant filter, chip coolant separator filters, magnetic drum separators, magnet grate and drawers, sheet separator magnet, magnetic sweepers, round electromagnets, rectangular electromagnets, bipolar electromagnets, DC power supplies, demagnetizers, laser cutting, CNC sheet metal fabrication. USA.
  • Walker Scientific, Inc.
    Manufacturer and supplier of capacitive discharge magnetizers / conditioners, DC magnetizers, demagnetizers, hysteresisgraphs, hard metal magnetometer, gaussmeters, fluxmeters, magnetometers, field monitors, reference magnets, magnetic pole finder, laboratory electromagnets, solenoid systems, helmholtz coil systems, precision current, voltage and field regulated power supplies, and alloy thermo sorter. USA.

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