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An insulator typically comprises an insulating core that extends between two electrodes which are maintained at significantly different electrical potentials. Insulators have been made with various materials. High voltage electrical insulators for use at voltages in excess of about 1 kV, and typically at 24 kV, can be made from porcelain, glass fibre, or solid polymeric material. Porcelain has good electrical properties but is heavy and brittle, thus having low resistance to vandalism. Glass fibre rod impregnated with an epoxy resin is of lighter weight but generally has inferior electrical performance to porcelain in outdoor applications, or must be environmentally sealed. A composite insulator comprises a structurally strong core or rod typically made of fibreglass, a series of electrically insulating sheds, and two metal end fittings crimped onto the exposed ends of the electrical insulator. Electrical polymer insulators are used in power transmission and distribution systems to provide mechanical support for the conductors and provide electrical insulation between the high voltage conductors and grounded tower structures. Polymer insulators are each constituted by covering the outer periphery of a core member made of an FRP with shed portions made of silicone rubber. Solid polymeric material, which combines the advantages of light weight and good electrical performance but has poorer load bearing properties. Polymeric tubing and/or sheds (annular extensions) may be added to porcelain or glass fibre rods, or incorporated into polymeric insulator, for enhanced performance. High voltage suspension insulators are used to suspend power transmission lines from overhead supports on poles and towers. Suspension insulators used to be made of strings of porcelain insulators having a size and shape required of that material to provide the necessary mechanical strength, dielectric strength and creepage distance. Nowdays, most suspension insulators are formed of a fiberglass reinforced polymer rod and an external protective housing forming the weathersheds. The weathershed housing is usually made of an elastomer or an epoxy material. Elastomer or epoxy weathershed housings are designed to protect the fiberglass reinforced rods from weather and electrical activity.

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  • Austin Insulators Inc.
    Manufacturer of insulators and transformers used in MF (medium frequency) to VLF (very low frequency) antenna systems, including guyed tower base insulators, self supporting base insulators, safety core guy insulators, fail safe guy insulators, high voltage fail safe guy insulators, egg "Johnny ball" guy insulators, ANSI standard (closed end) guy insulators, isolation transformers, rod and standoff insulators, RF bushing and feed-through insulators, digital dataport, static drain resistors and chokes. Canada.
  • Bihar Ceramics
    Produces 12, 17.5 KV porcelain transformer bushings, 0.66, 12 KV porcelain transformer bushings, 24 KV porcelain transformer bushings, 36 KV porcelain transformer bushings, 12, 17.5 KV porcelain heavily polluted atmospheres transformer bushings, 36 KV porcelain heavily polluted atmospheres transformer bushings, 12 KV porcelain cable box bushings, 1.1 KV porcelain transformer bushings, 11 KV porcelain pin insulators, 11 KV procelain post insulators, porcelain C.T. bushings., 11 KV porcelain lighting arrestoe, porcelain low tension shakle insulators, porcelain low tension shakle, and porcelain guy strain insulators. India.
  • Biname Insulators
    Design and production of composite electrical insulators for low, medium and high voltage, including stand-off insulators, spacing insulators, cylindrical insulators for indoor use, indoor and outdoor pulsadis insulators, epoxy post insulators for indoor use, rodholders, cylcoaliphatic post insulators for outdoor use, passing insulators, indoor and outdoor bushings, micaver insulators, and porcelain insulators. Belgium.
  • CJI Porcelain Pvt Ltd.
    Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of ceramic Insulator, porcelain insulator including hollow insulator, over head line insulator (pin Insulators, disc Insulators, post Insulators), solid core insulator (cap and pin type insulator, station post insulator, busbar insulator, special application solid cores), high voltage transformer bushings, and high voltage hollow bushings. India.
  • Dalian Tucheng International Trading
    Manufacturer and exporter of insulators, metal fittings and bushings for power transmission lines and substations. The insulator products range from line porcelain insulators (shackle insulator, disc suspension insulator, line post insulator, pin insulator, strain insulator, spool insulator), station post insulator, apparatus insulator, cutout insulator, bushings, to composite insulators. China.
  • ECI group
    Manufactures TR type post insulators for 15kV to 35kV, apparatus insulators for indoor use up to 38kV, custom insulators for varied applications, rotor pole insulation for new and refurbish work for hydroelectric rotor poles, military tactical masts, military tactical antennas, solid insulation type bushings for power transformers, circuit breakers, reclosers, regulators, and rectifiers. Canada.
  • LAPP Insulator Company LLC
    Design and manufacture of high voltage insulators, including distribution post insulators 15 kV through 35 kV, upright mounting line posts 20 kV through 115 kV, horizontal mounting line posts, ANSI suspension insulators, IEC suspension insulators, strut insulators, and standard sation post insulator. USA.
  • NGK Insulators Ltd.
    Manufactures porcelain insulators, polymer insulators, line arrester, diesel particulate filters, gas analyzer, ceramic membrane filter, ceramic pump and vacuum pump, high-temperature dust collector, glasslining maxblend, home-use water purifier, roller hearth kiln, tunnel kiln, silicon carbide refractory, mullite refractory, lightweight setter, far infrared ray heating system, hi-cycle regenerative combustion system, aeration equipment, oxidation ditch, belt press, pyrolysis furnace, high-pressure compaction system, urban environmental systems, optical fiber connector, and oOptical power monitoring array. Japan.
  • S.C. Electroceramica S.A.
    Manufactures low and medium voltage overhead airlines insulators, post insulators for medium voltage electrical apparatus, high voltage cylindrical post insulators, hollow insulators (for measuring transformers , circuit breakers, lightning arresters and bushings), bushing for electrical stations, insulators for electrical railways and locomotives, insulators for electrofilters, and heating elements with resistive wire. Romania.
  • Sun Electric Insulator & Apparatus Ltd.
    Manufacturer of a wide range of low and medium voltage porcelain insulators, such as cutout insulators, porcelain bushings for transformers, circuit breakers, lighting arresters, overhead line post, indoor and outdoor post insulators etc. China.
  • Victor Insulators, Inc.
    Manufactures ANSI standard distribution, transmission and substation insulators, as well as special insulators such as fused cut out porcelains, arrester housings, bushings, non ceramic dead end insulators. The manufacturing process produces insulators ranging in weight from a few ounces to hundreds of pounds and application voltages from hundreds of volts to hundreds of thousands of volts.Insulators are manufactured from standard strength silica porcelain, high strength alumina porcelain, EPDM rubber and silicone rubber. USA.
  • Lviv Insulator Company Ltd.
    Manufacturer of suspended, lock and pin insulators having varying shapes and electromechanical strength from 40 to 400 kN for insulation and fixing the overhead power lines, power station and substation distribution devices for direct and alternating current and for frequencies up to 1000 Hz, and electrification of railways. Ukraine.
  • Nemtek Group
    Manufactures and distributes intelligent, electronic security and perimeter control systems, including security electric fence energizers, electric fencing wire, electric fence energizer accessories, electric fencing wall-top brackets, electric fencing freestanding brackets, electric fence earth loops, electric fence lightning protection, electric fence high tension cable, electric fencing insulators, and electric fence sliding gate contacts. South Africa.
  • Rajeev Industries
    Manufactures pin insulators, disc insulators, post insulators, cable box bushings (cable box bushings outdoor & indoor type), transformer bushings, anti-fog transformer bushings, current transformer bushings, lighting arrestors, solid core insulator, lighting arrestor insulator, and low tension insulators (shackle type insulators,| spool type insulators, reel type insulators, pin type insulators, guy strain insulators). India.
  • Synthane-Taylor (Canada) Ltd.
    Manufacturer of fabricator and distributor of electrical, mechanical, and thermal insulating materials including laminated sheets, tubes, and rods, glass polyester sheets, pultrusions, angles, channels, moulded glass polyester standoff insulators, vulcanized fibre, fishpaper, technical and specialty insulating papers, cast epoxy insulators. Canada.

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