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Electrical fuse assemblies having a fuseholder for insertion into a fuse housing are in widespread use. Fuses for electric circuits are of numerous types and employ a fusible element which is enclosed in a suitable housing. The fuse housings are constructed of various sizes and shapes to be readily received in or removed from receptacles provided in the circuits with which the fuses are to be used. A fuse housing is typically a molded plastic casing or housing containing internal fuse-receiving terminals connected to the various circuits by one or more bus bars. A fuse holder comprise electrically isolated contact terminals and a conductive metallic bus forming a common terminal and mounted on an insulating base with an insulating cover releasably secured to the base. The fuse holder has another group of contacts which may be put into electrical connection with respective power consuming devices. The outer surface of some fuse boxes is provided with fuse sockets to allow the fuse terminals to be inserted into electrical engagement with the circuit terminals.

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  • Atlee of Delaware, Inc.
    Manufacturer of spring clips, horizontal crystal clips, vertical crystal clips, tab mounted clips, no-twist clips, locking clips, transistor clips, fuse and resistor holders, industrial component holders, power distribution busing, and printed circuit board holders. USA.
  • Bulgin Components PLC
    Manufactures PCB, panel mounting and in-line fuseholders for 5x20 and 6.3x32mm fuses; battery holders for 1/2AA, AAA, C, D, and PP3 size batteries; IP68 environmentally sealed circular connectors for harsh and hostile conditions; 3, 4, 6 and 8 pole connectors in a wide variety of configurations; mains rated inlet and outlet connectors to IEC and EN60 320; mains power inlet modules with snap to panel or flange fixing options; panel mounting LED indicators; ultrasonically welded cord sets with IEC male, IEC female or UK BS1363/A connectors; vandal resistant security switches; terminal strips and connectors for current applications from 10 to 45 A; screw and spring terminal blocks. UK.
  • Che Yen Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of fuse link, blade fuse, mini fuse, glass tube fuse, fuse clips, fuse blocks, panel mount fuse holders, electronic fuse, fuse holders, fuse boxes, circuit breakers, and auto power audio systems. Taiwan, China.
  • Cooper Bussmann, Inc.
    Manufactures industrial power fuse, disconnect switches, box cover units for plug fuses, PC board mount fuseholders, panel mount fuseholders, in-line fuseholders, PC board fuseclips, rail mount fuseholders, overcurrent protection modules, power distribution blocks, cable limiters and welder limiters, supplementary fuses, and potential transformer fuses. USA.
  • Groupe Carbone Lorraine
    Supplies industrial fuses, fuse holders, switches (especially for very high voltage circuits), bus-bar connection circuits, panels, power defect indicators on the medium-voltage networks, permanent magnets for small electric motors, brushes and brush-holders for industrial applications, brushes and brush/brush-holder assemblies for auxiliary motors for automobiles, pantograph contact strips, trolley bus inserts, docksides cranes and unloaders. France.
  • Sumi Motherson Group
    Provides fuse holders for automotive applications and fuse holders/fuse holder systems for electronic applications, wiring harness, lead wire, battery cable, flat cable harness, terminals, connectors, clamps & binders, sunroofs, paint coating equipment and industrial air compressors, rear vision systems, tooling and molding services. India.
  • Trayer Engineering Corporation
    Manufactures fuse holders, submersible vacuum switchgear, padmount switches, replacement for live front air-insulated switchgear, liquid-insulated vacuum switchgear, tri-phase visible disconnect vacuum switchgear, automatic transfer system, automated switch controller, and primary loop protection. USA.

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