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Circuit breakers are used to protect electrical circuitry from damage due to an overcurrent condition, such as an overload condition or a relatively high level short circuit or fault condition. A power distribution system often includes circuit breakers in a cascaded configuration that provides coordinated operation such that upon the occurrence of a fault condition or other condition requiring an interruption of power the circuit breaker in the closest upstream location trips. Such a system is provided in order to limit the power interruption in other areas that are unaffected by the fault or other condition. To protect electrical equipment, a circuit breaker is generally used to automatically discontinue the electricity supply when the device abnormally starts to draw an excessive amount of electricity, which is so called over current. A typical circuit breaker has a bimetal element for protecting an electric device from being overloaded. The bimetal is formed from two kinds of metal plates being attached by a rolling method, and the metal plates differ from each other in thermal expansion coefficient. A circuit breaker may include a set of separable contacts that can be separated in certain predetermined circumstances to open a circuit. The separable contacts might include one or more movable contacts that are disposed on a movable arm which, when moved, can separate the movable contacts from one or more stationary contacts to interrupt the circuit. Hydraulic and electromagnetic circuit breakers typically comprise a movable contact, which is mounted on a movable arm, and a fixed or stationary contact. Such circuit breakers have a hydraulic or electromagnetic device which, in response to one or more predetermined electrical conditions, collapses the toggle assembly to a broken state, in order to trip "open" the separable movable and stationary contacts. An electromagnetic circuit breaker is basically a relay that operates to be a switch that is automatically opened when the armature is tripped, as for example when a current or voltage, or the combination of both, exceeds a certain limit. Typically, the automatic operation of such circuit breakers depends on an electromagnetic coil penetrating and a mechanism inside the circuit breaker. A full range of mechanical circuit breakers are available from a variety of manufacturers with voltage ratings up to 550 kV and current ratings up to 63 kA. Mechanical circuit breakers take milliseconds to interrupt current and generate an arc during the turn-off transient. A vacuum circuit breaker is one of the breaker by which the circuit can be broken rapidly by extinguishing an arc in a vacuum chamber when the circuit is opened/closed and when the circuit is broken by a generation of the accident current. Circuit breakers used in residential and light commercial applications are commonly referred to as miniature circuit breakers because of their limited size. Such circuit breakers typically have a pair of separable contacts opened and closed by a spring biased operating mechanism. This trip device includes a bimetal, which heats and bends in response to a persistent overcurrent condition. The bimetal, in turn, unlatches a spring powered operating mechanism, which opens the separable contacts of the circuit breaker to interrupt current flow in the protected power system. Subminiature circuit breakers are used in electrical systems where they not only provide overcurrent protection but also serve as switches for turning equipment on and off. they are subjected to heavy use and must be capable of performing reliably over many operating cycles. They also must be small to accommodate the high-density layout of circuit breaker panels, which make circuit breakers for numerous circuits accessible to a user.

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  • Circuit Breaker Industries
    Manufacturer of electrical distribution and protection components for low voltage electrical distribution systems. Designs and manufactures circuit breakers for equipment, miniature circuit breakers, moulded case circuit breakers, prepayment and flat rate meters and auxiliary products for the protection of installations and equipment against overload and short circuit. South Africa.
  • Carling Technologies, Inc.
    Manufacturer of hydraulic magnetic and thermal circuit breakers, electrical switches and assemblies, and advanced systems including power distribution centers, digital switching systems, and electronic controls, used worldwide in diverse industries including appliance, electronics/telecom, medical, transportation, industrial controls & factory automation, and commercial facilities control. USA.
  • E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH
    Manufactures thermal overcurrent circuit breakers, hydraulic-magnetic and magnetic overcurrent circuit breakers, high performance circuit breakers, thermal relays, door locking systems, electronic circuit breakers and solid state remote power controllers, power distribution systems, level sensors, digital panel instruments, velocity sensors, current monitors and protectors. Germany.
  • Eaton Bill Switchgear
    Manufatures electrical switchgear, controlgear and circuit-protection products including miniature circuit breaker boards, fuseboards, switches, switch-disconnectors, fuse-switches, changeover switches form 4 switchboards and busbar chambers, bolted industrial pattern HRC fuselinks, terminal bars & links, and street lighting cut-outs. UK.
  • Heinemann Electric Canada Co. Ltd.
    Manufactures hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers available in circuit configurations such as the commonly-used series trip, dual rating for tripping at two discrete current ratings, relay trip for remote trip actuation isolated from the line voltage and shunt tap for remote tripping using the line voltage. Applications include computers, healthcare equipment, pleasure boats, and naval vessels, communications systems, electric locomotives and space vehicles.
  • Inter-Cel
    Manufatures thermal circuit breakers, thermal switches, bimetal thermostats, high temperature regulators, thermal protectors and connectors, temperature limiters, multicontact connectors, analogue temperature controllers, temperature controllers with digital read-out, time distributors and start-up relays. Poland.
  • Mechanical Products Co.
    Manufacturer of thermal circuit breakers, circuit breakers for equipment (CBE), and supplementary circuit protection devices, used in in aerospace, defense, factory automation, major appliances, computers, transportation, and medical equipment. USA.
  • Nu-Lec Industries Pty. Ltd.
    Specializes in manufacturing outdoor medium voltage pole mounted auto reclosers / circuit breakers, load break switches / sectionalisers, and distribution system automation (DSA) software and hardware. Optimised for automation, remote control and monitoring, products interface directly into distribution automation and SCADA systems utilising embedded protocols and integral communications capability. Australia.
  • Sasun Enterprise Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures circuit breaker, control station, current transformer, H.R.C. fuse, fuse link, load break switch, panel meter, micro switch, mini circuit breaker, pedal switch, pillow, sound box, magnetic starter, pushbutton switch, thermal relay, relay socket, power transformer, electrical accessories, and pcb relays. China.
  • Trimax Circuit Protectors
    Produces circuit breakers and circuit protectors, thermal circuit breakers including bi-metallic and expansion type circuit breakers, manual and automatic reset circuit breakers, ambient insensitive circuit breakers, for use in many applications including overload protection for industrial controls. Circuit breaker mounting options include snap in, through hole and PCB mountable. USA.
  • Yaohua Electric Group
    Manufacturer of diesel generator, gasoline generator, circuit breaker, gas insulated switchgear, disconnector, surge arrester, transformer, lightning arrester, isolator, switchgear panel, capacitor bank, cutout fuse, control relays indicator lamps, push button indicator lamps, cable wiring accessories, thermal overload relays, centrifugal pumps, and submersible pumps. China.

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