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Electrical fuses are metal fusible links which carry the current in the circuit being protected. Over-current protection may be provided by fuses as well as by circuit breakers, switches, relays and other devices. Fuses generally present the most cost-effective means for providing automatic high-voltage current protection against a single over-current failure. Most types of fuses are designed to minimize damage to conductors and insulation from excessive current. Fuses are widely used as overcurrent protection devices to prevent costly damage to electrical circuits. Fuse terminals typically form an electrical connection between an electrical power source and an electrical component or a combination of components arranged in an electrical circuit. The current path within a typical fuse is through the end caps or ferrules to a metallic fusible element. The resistance of the fusible element develops heat that causes a portion of the metal to melt or disintegrate upon reaching the melting temperature of the metal. These fuse links melt or vaporize at a given current level to open the circuit being protected. The basic fuse construction consists of a fusible element, a core to support this element, filler for enhancing the interruption of fault current at high voltages, and a housing to house the above components. The fuse housing materials may consist of glass, ceramic, porcelain, and glass-filament-wound epoxy tubing. Low energy fuses are employed in aerospace and other applications for transferring an explosive signal from one location to another and in providing precise delays or timing relationships between different energetic reactions which are initiated by the explosive signal. A time delay fuse is a type of fuse that has a built-in delay that allows temporary and harmless inrush currents to pass through the fuse without opening the fuse link or fuse links, yet is designed to open upon sustained overloads or short circuit conditions. Solid state fuses are known in which transistors and thyristors are placed in series with the load and turn off in response to a load fault condition.

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  • Airpax Corporation
    Products include hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers and protectors, thermal circuit protectors, bimetal thermostats, temperature sensors, speed and position sensors, fuses, switches, modular distribution systems, protected battery disconnects, and E-Plex multiplex monitoring and control systems and modules. Applications include telecommunications, industrial, recreational vehicles, HVACR, marine, military, medical, information processing, electronic power supply, power generation, over-the-road trucks, construction, agricultural, and alternative energy applications. USA.
  • Beeco Motors & Controls
    Supplies motor circuit protector, thermal magnetic circuit breakers, dual element fuses, medium voltage fuses, glass tube fuses, hi-cap time delay, fuse blocks, digital counters, panel mounted counters, disconnect switches, electrical enclosures, solid state relays, miniature relays, PCB relays, electric motors, selector switches, capacitive proximity sensors, coded-magnet sensors, limit switches, gear units, couplings, torque limiters, multi-mode timers, programmable timers, terminal blocks, and transformers. USA.
  • Bel Fuse Inc.
    Manufactures electronic components for the computer, networking and telecommunication industries, including a range of complementary products from circuit protection devices to power conversion modules, fuses and delay lines, transformers and connector modules to integrated line interface products, for use in network applications (LAN/WAN), telecommunications, high-speed data transmission, computer and power supply applications, as well as automotive and consumer electronic markets. USA.
  • Eaton MEM
    Manufacturer of domestic, commercial and industrial circuit protection and control equipment incorporating both fuse and circuit breaker based technology. Products include MV and LV cubicle switchboards, packaged substations, transient voltage surge suppression, power factor correction, busbar trunking system, industrial switch and fusegear, circuit breaker systems, modular panelboard system, motor control products, and air circuit breakers. UK.
  • Ferraz Shawmut Canada, Inc.
    Manufacturer of power fuses, semiconductor fuses, medium voltage fuses, international fuses, midget fuses, electronic fuses, resettable positive temperature coefficient devices, fuse blocks and holders, disconnect switches, non-metallic industrial enclosures, power distribution blocks, and generator transfer dwitches.
  • Hi-Tech Fuses, Inc.
    Manufacturer of oil-submersible backup type current-limiting fuses for distribution transformer protection, backup type current-limiting fuses for "K-matching" pole-mounted transformer and capacitor protection with cutout expulsion fuses or liquid-submerged expulsion fuses, full-range type current-limiting fuses for distribution transformer protection, in clip mounts on live-front transformer and switchgear equipment, or in rubber molded canister for dead-front/submersible applications. USA.
  • Interpower Corporation
    Manufactures fuses and fuseholders, international cords, north American and international cable, plugs, sockets and connectors, high powerpin and sleeve devices, strain reliefs, terminal blocks, IEC 60320 inlets, power entry modules, accessory power distribution, switches, circuit breakers and voltage selector, transformers and voltage changers, international socket strips, testing and safety equipment, and hospital-grade products. USA.
  • Norberg~IES
    Produces high voltage fuses, potential transformer fuses, capacitor, ultra rapid fuses, sub-miniature fuses with radial leads, fuse holders and clips, electronic fuses, neozed and diazed fuses and bases, power distribution blocks, finger safe fuse holders, junction boxes, starters, cast circuit breaker assemblies, UL listed control panels, and medium voltage switchgear. USA.
  • Raychem Circuit Protection
    Manufactures resettable devices, thyristor surge protectors, ROV metal oxide varistors, protected power switches, slow blow surface-mount fuses, harness components, temperature measurement, wiring and leak detection systems, TMS sleeves, labels, cable markers, wraparound markers, touchscreens, insulated wires, coaxial, databus and multicore cables, molded parts, adhesives, shielded one-piece solder contacts, box couplers, crimp splices, coaxial cable terminators, adaptors and interconnection devices.
  • S&C Electric Company
    Designs and manufactures switching and protection products for electric power transmission and distribution. Products include fuse cutouts, fuse limiter, alduti-rupter switches, omni-rupter switches , SM power fuses, fuse links, automated switching systems, regulator bypass switches, pad-mounted switchgear, SM and SML power fuses, electronic power fuses, modular metal-enclosed switchgear, capacitor controls, circuit-isolator II disconnect, and high-voltage epoxy components. USA.
  • Schurter Group
    Global manufacturer and supplier of non resettable fuses, resettable fuses, surge tolerant fuses, fuseholders, switches and pushbuttons, keyboard systems, power entry modules, block filters, cord connectors and cordsets, circuit breakers for equipment, data and signal connectors, audio, DC and DIN connectors, indicator lights, test jacks and probes, voltage selectors.
  • Siba LLC
    Specializes in semiconductor fuses, medium and high voltage, standard European, miniatures , electronic fuses, and a wide range of DC rated fuses (6000 V DC +) for protection of Transformers including submersibles, motors and medium and high voltage switchgear, compacts substations, cable feeders and high voltage, capacitors circuits. USA.

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